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Study on Related Characteristics in the Breeding of a Long Ear Strain of Medicago Sativa

Author: ZhangWenXu
Tutor: CaoZhiZhong
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Grassland
Keywords: Alfalfa Long Spike Agronomic Quality Analysis ISSR markers
CLC: S541.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Long spike alfalfa breeding new lines selection method is the application of several plant and choose the good ear length 8cm above plants and take cuttings to establish asexual reproduction asexual strains produce seeds, a species comparison test, the nutritional value of research and genetic diversity ISSR molecular marker tests. Variety Test results show that filter out long spike (Long Ear) and the control strain growth period Telford (Defl) and Gannon One (Gannong No.1) consistent. Long spike strains plant height, stem diameter, internode length, number of branches, leaf ratio, Telford and Gannon were higher than the first, fresh and dry ratio is higher than Telford, less than Gannon One, long ear strains and Telford plant type structure is better than Gannon 1st. Long Spike strains renewable strong performance in Telford and Gannon One, long ear strains grass yield and seed yield than the control and Gannon One Telford, Telford lower long spike and grain weight strains Gannon One. Alfalfa on long spike spike length, number of flowers, pods and seeds survey, based on a statistical analysis, the results showed that: long spike alfalfa plant population spike length and frequency, number and frequency of flowers, pods and its frequency, and the frequency of seeds showed a near normal distribution; analysis of variance showed that: long spike alfalfa and Telford, Gannon One of spike length, number of flowers, pods and seeds difference reached a significant level ( p lt; 0.01). Correlation studies showed that: forage yield related traits with correlation coefficients in the order of leaf ratio, height, stem diameter, internode length, leaf area, number of branches, fresh and dry ratio. Associated with the actual agronomic seed yield correlation coefficients in the order of spike length, number of pods, number of florets, yield per plant, number of seeds, plant height, stem length, stem diameter, early maturity, number of branches, single branch inflorescence number, the number of single branch ear, grain weight. Quality analysis showed that: three alfalfa varieties (strains) of the nutrient content in the dynamic changes during the development of the same trend. First crop quality in different alfalfa varieties (strains) and among the differences between the different growth stages have reached a significant level (p lt; 0.01). CP, EE, CASH and P content decreased with the growth period, ADF, NDF, NFF and Ca content increased gradually with the growth period. Early flowering, long ear strain CP, ADF, CASH ranged between Telford and Gannon One, EE, and Ca than Telford and Gannon One, NDF, NFE and P content than Telford and Gannon One, with significant differences between them. Nutrients and yield dynamics studies have shown that early flowering bud stage and has a relatively high yield and good quality, this period is the optimal utilization of alfalfa. By ISSR technique material alfalfa 26 genetic polymorphisms were analyzed. From 30 random primers were screened seven polymorphic primers amplified a total of 39 DNA bands, of which 33 were polymorphic, accounting for 84.6%, the average of each primer amplified DNA bands was 5.6 . Alfalfa varieties (strains) polymorphism information index ranged from 0.45 to 0.83, while the long spike alfalfa strain polymorphism information index ranged from 0.50 to 0.83. There are in the same position on migration recorded as an amplified band, strapless constructed of 0 ISSR phenotypic data matrix, with NTSYSPC2.02 software alfalfa 26 materials UPGMA cluster analysis to calculate the genetic material 26 similarity coefficient between 0.2774 ~ 0.6296, and on this basis to establish a dendrogram, alfalfa 26 material will be divided into two large clusters base. Long spike on the findings about the performance of alfalfa, alfalfa aimed at breeding new varieties of long spike to provide a scientific basis.

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