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The Determination of the CODcr and Proteins by Flow Injection-Chemiluminescence Methods

Author: XiongYangHui
Tutor: HuYongGang
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Chemiluminescence(CL) Flow Injection Analysis(FIA) Flow Injection Analysis Chemiluminescence(FIA-CL) Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) Proteins
CLC: O657.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Flow Injection Analysis Chemiluminescence(FIA-CL) is an analytical method by combining the automatic technique of the Flow Injection Analysis with the determination method of the Chemiluminescene (CL). Therefore, the advantages of FIA-CL included the above two. For one thing, it has the merits of the CL such as the high sensitivity, the wide linear range, simple instrument and apparatus and so on; for another, it has the advantages of FIA, for example, the only small capacity of the samples and reagents being needed when they reacted, the simple manipulation process of the equipment, and the fine appropriation, etc. As a promising determination technique, it can be extensively used to determine theμ- or n- level samples. Based on those properties, the purpose of this study is to build a new determination method on the proteins and the CODcr.(1)Based on chemiluminescent reaction of luminol-H2O2-Cr3+ system, which emitting light intensity, detected by the photodiode, caused by the catalyst Cr3+ coming from digested solution was proportional to the chemical oxygen demand(CODcr), a new method of determination of CODcr was built. Under the optimum conditions, it was found that the linear range could be from 2.7mg/L to 600mg/L, with the RSD(CODcr=150mg/L) lower than 5.0%(n=6). Moreover, compared to the standard reflux titrimetric method by determining 22 samples, the data obtained by this method was fairly in good accord with that. This method was easy to automatically operate. It had been applied to determine real samples with satisfactory results.(2)In this paper, the chemiluminescence(CL) property of the luminol-K3Fe(CN)6- proteins systems was studied with the flow-injection CL analysis method. This CL system could be catalyzed by some proteins. Therefore, a new method for determination of the proteins was built. The conditions, which could influence the relative CL intensity, such as the flow rate, the concentration of the reagent solutions, the value of pH and the activator were also optimized. The linear ranges for the determination of ovalbumin (OVA) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) were 1.8×10-10-2.2×10-7mol·L-1(r=0.9964) and 1.5×10-10-3.8×10-7 mol·L-1(r=0.9988),respectively. The detection limits of OVA and BSA were 1.8×10-10mol·L-1 and 1.5×10-10mol·L-1, respectively. The RSD(BSA=7.6×10-8mol·L-1) was 0.88%(n=6). The results of the proteins in human serum samples were very close to those obtained by biuret spectrophotometric method.

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