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Peanuts and soil daminozide , BHC , acetochlor and its metabolites determination and Research

Author: YuJunQiang
Tutor: YangGuoSheng
School: Shandong University
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: Peanut Soil Daminozide BHC Acetochlor Metabolites
CLC: S481.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Pesticide residue issues currently affecting the food security problem, has been the world's governments and organizations concerned about, and peanuts are recognized difficult to do in the cereal food samples, the peanuts in pesticide residue detection technology are becoming increasingly important. Peanut matrix interferences due to large amounts of grease, etc., use traditional pesticide residue detection methods can not be detected, it is necessary to peanut detection of pesticide residues. In this thesis for peanuts in the matrix seriously interfere with the detection of pesticide residues, and the establishment of a fast, efficient, economical and practical peanuts pesticide multi-residue method. This thesis is based on the characteristics of the matrix in the peanut, extraction with acetonitrile solvent homogenate extraction, SPE purification methods. The specific content and the results are as follows: 1, from butanehydrazide Determination start, to establish the appropriate detection method. Further determination of pesticide residues in the soil content of daminozide. And daminozide metabolic processes and the product were determined and, thus establishing the appropriate detection method and means. Present method butanehydrazide and its metabolites in the total residual amount of the gas detection methods and extraction, hydrolysis, purification, and other pre-treatment conditions of the test, added 20 ml of sodium hydroxide (50%) is selected to steam distillation 180 ~ 220 ° C hydrolysis 0.5 hours, pH adjustment, sodium chloride purification pretreatment method, using a 30 m long capillary column of weakly polar, the detection of the electron capture detector. Daminozide Add peanuts and soil recovery rate of 84.7 to 98.6%, the lowest detection limit of 0.0045 mg / kg, may be well positioned to meet the measurement requirements, to meet the requirements of the experiment. 2 BHC, acetochlor and their metabolites of the total residual amount of the gas detection methods and extraction, purification, and other pre-treatment conditions of the test, the selected extracted with acetonitrile was added to pH = 7 phosphate buffer solution to improve extraction efficiency, SPE column purification, and other pre-treatment method, using a capillary column 30 meters long weakly polar, the detection of the electron capture detector. Add peanuts and soil recovery rate of 85.3 to 96.8%, the lowest detection limit of 0.0038 mg / kg, can well meet the measurement requirements. 3, Method butanehydrazide its final metabolite detection method of liquid chromatography and extraction, purification, and other pre-treatment conditions of the test, the selected extracted with acetonitrile, saturated sodium chloride, layered PSA and C18 solid phase extraction column purification such pre-treatment method, Symetryshelid RP18 (3.9 * 150mm 5μm) column, acetonitrile / 25 mM aqueous phosphoric acid solution (pH = 3.0) as the mobile phase separation, the detection of the diode array detector. Add the peanut recovery of 78.2% -98.2% (coefficient of variation of 2.42 to 11.34%), the lowest detection limit of 0.02mg/kg; Add soil recovery of 77.2% -93.5% (coefficient of variation 2.97 to 7.56%), the lowest detection limit for 0.004mg/kg, can well meet the measurement requirements.

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