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Measurement and Analysis of Moderate Level of Social Security

Author: ZhangZaiPing
Tutor: ZhangLiJuan
School: Shandong University
Course: International Trade
Keywords: Social Security Moderate level Determine Analysis
CLC: D632.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The level of social security is a measure of a certain period of time a country (region) members of society enjoy the main indicators of the degree and magnitude of the social security. Research level of social security, an objective description of the level of social security, you can find run economic effects of social security and economic laws. The level of social security is the concept of a unity of quantity and quality, quantity point of view, a high level of social security, the low of the points, qualitative, moderate level of social security, not moderate the points, the level of social security objective a \The moderate social security is conducive to promoting economic restructuring, smooth, economic cycle, to ease the pressure of an aging population, safeguard social fairness and promote economic development. High and low level of social security will have a negative impact on its operating mechanism and socio-economic development of the social security system. Therefore, the scientific measurement and define a moderate level of social security, for the establishment and improvement of the social security system has a very important significance. China's social security system in urban and rural sector is divided into the two plates, the content and scope of protection of urban and rural form two extremes, the level of social security varies greatly between urban and rural areas. To this end, the determination of the analysis of the moderate level of social security, research and determination of the urban and rural areas respectively. To this end, we reviewed the existing research results of the previous Social Security moderate level, the shortcomings of the study, on the basis of absorption and inherited a number of experts and scholars research to determine the urban social security moderate level Determination of the model, and in accordance with the status quo of China's current rural social security, on the basis of analysis of each of the items of expenditure of the rural social security, is derived measurement model of a moderate level of social security in rural areas, and then come to the modest overall level of social security Determination of the model. Select Shandong Province as an example, the Shandong Province, the actual level of social security in the decade from 1997 to 2006 were analyzed according to the Social Security moderate level of a test model. Determination of Shandong Province, the moderate level of social security the upper and lower limits on the actual level of were compared with a moderate level of both. By contrast can be seen from 1997 to 2006, the level of social security in Shandong Province has been greatly improved, the total social security expenditure growth (?) .44 Times: the social security overall level of growth from the initial 1.19% to 2.27% , an increase of nearly 1-fold: social security breakdown of expenditures, financial resources invested by Shandong Province, more concentrated in the field of old-age pension insurance level is much higher than other projects. However, compared with a moderate level, the level of social security in Shandong Province, is still very low, not moderate. The 1997-2006 decade, the moderate level of social security in Shandong Province, the upper limit of distribution in the range of 13% -16%, moderate the lower limit of distribution in the range of 10% -13%. This decade, the level of social security in Shandong Province are far from moderate level lower limit, the gap between the maximum difference of 10.52 percentage points, the minimum difference of 8.1 percentage points. The same time, the social security system in Shandong Province, there are also significant urban-rural divide, the urban social security indicators are much higher than in rural areas, the degree of deviation of the actual level with moderate levels of social security in rural areas is also greater than the town, the development of urban and rural social security extremely balance, improve the level of social security in Shandong a long way to go. Finally, to improve the level of social security policy proposals advocated the establishment of a social security system with Chinese characteristics, improve the level of China's social security to adapt to China's social development level of productivity and affordability, from the building of the legal system , at all levels of the system construction, rural social security, social security socialized to be improved.

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