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Author: YangLuo
Tutor: LuKangE
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Musicology
Keywords: "Confucian analects" education thought vocal music education vocal music teaching
CLC: J616
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The vocal music teaching has been one for many years is paid attention and the discussion question, in this article, the vocal music "teaching" and "learning" has been discussed once more by "Confucian analects" education thought as the clue.Kong Zi is one has the long-term teaching experience’s educationalist, his education thought has had the significant influence to China’s traditional education, has many in his education thought is he acts according to his own teaching and research experience, it contained many have conformed to the reasonable factor which the teaching rule, was worth us affirming and using for reference. "Confucian analects" take our country pre-Qin Confucianist school of thought classic, recorded concerned Kong Zi to educate the position and the pedagogical activity chapter: in the study manner, he advocated that "knew it to know it, did not know that for did not know", "studies untiringly, teaches with tireless zeal", "forgets to eat, happy forgot sad, will not know old to"; In the study method, he proposed that "review old knowledge knows new ones", "through a will know more", "study, and continuously review"; he stressed that the ponder the importance, proposed "study but not think is wrong ; think but not learn is danger"; He also advocated that "is open-minded", thought that "three person of lines, must have my teacher, selects its friendliness, but from it, its badness changes it". In the education method, Kong Zi implements "teaches with skill and patience" the heuristic education, the request does "not indignant does not open, is not unable to express or explain oneself does not send", adopts "teaches students in accordance with their aptitude" the method according to disciples’ special details and the different characteristic to enlighten them, with the aim of understanding the content which effectively and grasping must study. These experiences and the principle are the China traditional education thought precious inheritance and the important component, simultaneously, Kong Zi also very much takes music, stressed that music has molds a person’s temperament, aspect and so on promotion enlightenment functions. Author through to Kong Zi "Confucian analects" study, specially the related education thought’s record has carried on the summary and the reorganization, thought that these classics elaboration has the important guiding sense similarly to the vocal music teaching.The article obtains from three big aspects, the first chapter has summarized Kong Zi and "Confucian analects", from vocal music teaching’s aspects and so on characteristic analyzed in the vocal music teaching to profit from "Confucian analects" educates the thought the basis and the significance, thought that contacted with Kong Zi’s education thought and the vocal music teaching, while felt the ancient Saint worthy people of former times thought essence, further enhanced the vocal music teaching the quality and the level, had the important practice significance. The second chapter is the article main part, elaborated "Confucian analects" educate the method in the vocal music teaching utilization, thought that the teacher first should "be a teacher by worthy example, the knowing and doing in the teaching to be unified", affects and the education student with own words and deeds manner, causes itself to become student’s example; Next, utilizes the heuristic teaching method "the inspiration guidance, indignant to open is unable to express or explain oneself sends", transfers the student positive imagination and the ponder, helps the student to comprehend teacher’s teaching intention well, achieves the good teaching effect; Third, the assurance "teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, proceeds in an orderly way" the principle, in view of each student’s characteristic, chooses the different course content and the teaching media, taps intrinsic potential which the student multiplies, embarks from the reality, does not aim too high, thus causes the student the goal which achieves from the different angle and the beginning progresses together. Regarding the teachingactivity’s main part------student, the author thought that should "the straight manner, wrong not fear tochange", had the mistake not to be fearful, discovers the wrong reason, corrected the mistake as soon as possible, will continue to go forward; Has "studies untiringly, is open-minded" spirit, by the modest gentle point of view, to others study, causes itself to consummate, to profit finally, enhances own knowledge and the training unceasingly. Must do "study thinks of the union, to study for the purpose of application", in reality the unceasing examination and raises own level. About the teacher and student’s relations, the author thought that should "the equal cooperation, the one learns by teaching", the equal harmonious teachers and students relations be able to receive the good teaching effect, thus makes teachers and students both sides to progress together. The third chapter "teaches the thought happily" in view of Kong Zi, proposed that "by ancient presses now, makes the past serve the present", sharpens student’s esthetic ability, the moral training in the vocal music teaching, trains the qualified vocal music talented person.

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