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The Research of Dynamic Migration of Virtual Machine

Author: LiYong
Tutor: WuQingBo
School: National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Virtualization Cluster system Dynamic migration Stratified copy xen
CLC: TP393.05
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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With the increasing development of the network and the level of information technology continues to improve, the company's business growth always requires lT infrastructure continues to expand, governments and enterprises often need to add servers to support new applications, which will inevitably lead to many servers can not be fully utilized , resulting in the cost of network management significantly increased, reducing flexibility and reliability. While the main points of the network is resource sharing, the server clear division of labor under the premise, whether can do stable and balanced resource utilization? Can be achieved using a cluster of servers and virtual server software. High availability cluster systems (high availability system) is monitored by the cluster software has a the mutually redundant system of multiple servers. The ability of this system through the cluster software to provide fault monitoring and fault handling, to ensure business continuity. High availability cluster system's main purpose is to reduce planned and unplanned downtime to a minimum; followed reduce restore a failed system, that should restore the system running in the shortest possible time. High availability to ensure that the operation of the computer system of 99.999% of the time. In the cluster system, each node of the load distribution largely affect the availability of the efficiency of the system and the entire cluster environment. Dynamic migration technology for dynamic load balancing system to support the load balancing of the system, to ensure that the system is rational and effective use of resources, and improve overall system performance. In the 80s of the last century, the process of migration to improve the availability of the operating system, the migration of the process, however, has shown a lot of shortcomings. Therefore been proposed to the migration of the entire OS on the virtual machine. Based on virtualization technology OS migration thinking during the original domain is running the OS migration to other domains on the run, and access to the original domain resources capable of continuation, simple late, the OS migration process is the OS state preservation, migration and In the process running on the other domain. Migration in a rarely used state of the system, then the migration of such a system would be a very simple thing. In the actual cluster computing environment, the system will have a large amount of state information, and with the continuous development of the operating system, the number and diversity of the state information in constant growth, therefore, system migration mechanism is relatively complex. Dynamic migration technology is one of the active research topics, is a focus of attention of the cluster research field, many scholars and scientific and technological workers in further study. The main subject of analysis based computing --- cluster environment of cutting-edge technology that has a more difficult and challenging dynamic migration of virtual machine technology, through the collection of relevant technical information, sorting, and in-depth analysis of the impact of the cluster system and virtual Performance of the main factors. Collected a large number of process migration, in-depth analysis of each operating system's process migration mechanism, summarized summarizes the different process migration mechanism to achieve purpose, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each process migration strategy for the smooth progress of our subject, The good knowledge Shop Zhi. Virtualization technology for each product on the basis of the research process migration mechanism, analyzed and summarized, dynamic migration across physical node virtualization technology, analysis and research on the dynamic migration mechanisms in the main virtualization technology. The dynamic migration virtualization technology is a key technology that affect the performance of virtualization technology. The open source virtual machine software Xen, Xen dynamic migration code parsing, sorting out the Xen migration framework, two migration mechanisms in the framework of the flow chart, while analysis of the advantages of the two migration mechanisms. shortcomings. Do a good deal of preparatory work on the basis of design, the Xen virtualization software, a set of high availability optimization algorithm based on dynamic virtual server migration framework and migration. For the framework, given the each module implementation process, the realization of the function, made a comparative analysis of the framework of our design framework and Xen, summed up the advantages and characteristics of our framework. Two of the proposed algorithm, the design of an important data structure of the algorithm, the algorithm implementation process, at the same time according to the needs of the cluster system and virtualization technology, algorithm theory and mathematical analysis. Memory tight compression algorithm balloon driver take full advantage of the virtual machine to migrate domain to implement memory tight compression, reducing the running time and the start time of the target domain migration; the dirty pages judder layered algorithm by migration dirty pages stratified, and design a debounce threshold, a good solution to the issue of the migration of the dirty page, the two algorithms are integrated into the overall framework of the migration. In order to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the framework and algorithm, set up a test environment, a lot of testing. After laboratory tests proved that these two optimization algorithms to some extent reduce the impact of migration on the network service reached a certain optimization purposes. Improve the availability and reliability across physical nodes in the cluster system. The papers completed work \

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