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Design and the Realization of Troops Vehicle Scheduling Management System

Author: GaoKeMin
Tutor: LanShuMei
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Vehicle Scheduling Management System B/S Structure Object oriented Visual Studio 2003
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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In the second half of the 20th century, high-tech in particular, the rapid development of information technology, profound changes in socio-economic outlook of the world, is also a profound change in military struggles look forward to, in the military field led to a series of revolutionary change.The new military changes in the social context of large-scale information.US-led Western countries to implement the new revolution in military affairs, both countries use the "information superhighway", the new military changes of society into the information technology.With the flourishing doctrine nation of the American leader, it makes use of a flourishing military network, scale huge database system, and the forerunner’s car carry the GPS fixed position system etc. the high level technique, set up a structure perfect,pick up a people well-found,respond quick management terrace;Ask for help this system terrace, the governor can make use of a calculator, carrying on to the each trolley that the troops belong to all-directions and all-weather solid hour manage an information, carry out a real automation management style, regardless from management a principle still a technique prop up up, all deserve us study and draw lessons from.The new military change is turning a battle a direction a change toward the integral whole in recent years, mainly taking the C4 ISRs as core, setting up science,deliver efficiently and information-basedly and directing a control and moderate of battle system and related cent system.Currently, beautiful,the soft hardware function of the material vehicle management system circulate by the USA and Ruassia is stronger, its system through many researches of in the last yearses and improvement, mostly have the vehicle appearance supervision,GPS fixed position,navigate,direct etc. function, lead in the management system of other troopses.With computer technology, network technology, the rapid development of communication technology in recent years have had a C / S, B / S, such as management information system platform model, distributed object technology, object technology management services, computer serial communication interface, embedded electronics Technology, GPRS General Packet Radio Service, and other new technologies and applications, and in practice has been continued development and improvement. With the force of the rising level of mechanization, a growing number of wheeled vehicles and equipment to the troops at all levels to dramatically increase the rapid reaction force, the rapid mobility and combat capability quickly.Compared with other equipment, non-wheeled combat vehicles in the period with higher attendance and a broader range of uses.And because of this, for wheeled vehicles and equipment management has gradually become a peacetime force equipped with a focus on the management of content and a certain degree of difficulty of the issues to be addressed.The vehicle material’s adjusting degree and management efficiently will influence troops directly to respond an ability quickly.In order to adapt the request of the military conflict preparation, we investigate the characteristics and the regulation that the new situation descends the for use by the military vehicle to adjust a degree actively.On the other hand, the troops car type the category is miscellaneous, the vehicle mission is many, the application is wide, from direct to the guarantee, formerly the square arrive rear, from transport to the battle, the great majority vehicle is placed in"sport" appearance always, single vehicle adjusts one degree management system, basically can’t carry on unifying a dispensation to the vehicle, increasing vehicle to adjust one degree management difficulty.On the other hand, the vehicle management comparison dispersion.The troops vehicle is a battle guarantee material, usually need according to battle the mission go together with to belong to to appointed of troops, the performance specify of mission, sometimes become to set up to make to go together with to belong to, sometimes take out a set to go together with to belong to, sometimes is even carried out a certain mission alone by a trolley, the mission mounts sudden attack sex greatly, unify management difficult, mission completion the efficiency is low, returning to bring troops certain safe suffer.Troop dispatch vehicle management system is a new era for the military vehicle management, scheduling a new platform to achieve a highly efficient, reliable and safe vehicle scheduling management of the force, improve the combat capability of rapid mobility of forces, in order to win high-tech Under the condition of information warfare has provided a strong guarantee to achieve a military-style equipment and three-dimensional integrated command scheduling. Force vehicle scheduling management system, focus on the following aspects of work carried out. Analysis of the forces on the vehicle management system and management style, the design of vehicles forces dispatching, planning, maintenance and personnel management processes used; the use of object-oriented theory and methods, C # development language, as well as Visual Studio 2003 development platform, based on the design of B / S structure The troop dispatch traffic management system as a whole structure; taken FCFS and priority scheduling algorithm, traffic dispatching troops to achieve the best way to send and process; application of GPS positioning the realization of the principle of the vehicle dynamic control, dynamic vehicle to achieve the management, personnel management Vehicle Scheduling and monitoring in order to complete the design of the system as a whole. This text mainly has a few aspects to constitute as follows, chapter 1, domestic and international vehicle management situation analytical, analyze current the domestic and international vehicle manage of concrete circumstance and our army are carry out the margin that the vehicle adjusts one degree management system and put forward development vehicle to adjust one degree management system a necessity.Chapter 2, the system carries out technique introduction, further understanding system development application software and terrace of related knowledge.Chapter 3, the system need is analytical and adjust degree and management circumstance to carry on to the our army existing vehicle analytical research, chapter 4, the vehicle adjusts one degree calculate way, adopt 4 kinds to adjust one degree calculate way, the vehicle which carries out the troops different category adjusts one degree problem, chapter 5, the system designs in detail with technique applied, elaborate system development of detailed contents, chapter 6, conclusion, each chapter is close to link up and put forward from the problem, the need analyze each sub- system designs in detail and basically come to anticipant purpose.the troops vehicle scheduling management system, the vehicle will force management to open a new chapter, but also for the realization of "effective" this goal to provide information superiority and decision-making support, which is the modern technology of the new trend in the development of modern information technology Operational needs; Is the international trend of military development, but also our military equipment support the specific requirements of the building,

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