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Study and Implement of CDC Laboratory Management Information System Based on BPM

Author: TianWeiJia
Tutor: ZhouBin
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: BPM CDC Laboratory J2EE data warehouse
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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With the development of scientific research and production technologycontinuously, the advanced analysis instruments replace the traditional manual analysisgradually. The examination project and date processing load in Center for DiseasePrevention and Control (CDC) laboratory increases massively. Meanwhile, it becomesmore and more strictly for laboratory in the aspects such as sample quantity, analysiscycle, analysis project, data accuracy and report issue. The data processing loadincreases rapidly. In this circumstance, the original data organization and processingpattern can not adapt to modernized analysis instrument and data search and thestatistical request obviously.Computer technology developing progress arise the management method using computer tocomplete laboratory data collection gathering, analysis and processing management method at thehistoric moment, and expands gradually to the bench-scale equipment, consumes the material, theflow, the personnel, the standard and the plan and so on. Under this background, an item - -laboratory information management system (LIMS) which can realize comprehensive digitizedmanagement information system to all laboratory daily business, appears and obtains the fastdevelopment in practical application. Laboratory information management system (LIMS),combining modern management thought based on the computer high speed data processingtechnology, the magnanimous data storage technology, the wide band transmission networking, theself-reacting device analysis technology together, is used in the laboratory information managementand the control. Through LIMS, the laboratory may achieve the automated operation, theinformation based management and the paperless work, which plays an important role in enhancingthe laboratory working efficiency and reducing the movement cost. At the same time, applyingLIMS system passed through the strict quality authentication may guarantee the laboratory qualitysystem running under the strict control, resulting in the laboratory final product namely allexaminations or the management data, the information conforms to the correlation qualityspecification or the standard. This article introduced the laboratory management information systemconstruction development course, discussed the shortcoming of current laboratory managementinformation system (LIMS) software, presented the concept of BPM in the construction oflaboratory management information system, and conducted further research on the key technology---working flowing technology, proposed new solution on CDC laboratory information managementsystem based on the work flowing engine in BPM theory and confirmed the system feasibility using the object-oriented software technology to realize the application example.Unifying Jilin Province CDC laboratory actual situation, using BPM technology,the author has designed the work service flow from sample receiving and dispatchingto the examination report supervisory, and has design and developed based on theinformation–based management system. This article mainly research the applicationand function of lab management information system, the main task of laboratorymanagement information system development, the demand analysis of laboratorymanagement information system, database design and network design, as well as theaspects of sample receiving and dispatching system, sample examination system andreports management system.BPM is a new research area coming from service flowing technical development.It takes the service flow center, using new method, technology and service flowmanagement software to advance the conformity and adjustment between the humanand the human, the human and the system as well as the system and the system,carrying on the comprehensive support and management to the links such as the serviceflow design, the execution, the control, the analysis and the optimization, solving thepresent problems such as solidified service flow, the isolated information and theinferior system extension.In this article, the CDC laboratory information management system based on BPMis to solve the service flow solidification in the laboratory management informationsystem and can change service flow in this system to satisfy the requirement along withconcrete service change from laboratory. Connect each laboratory and correlativesection office in CDC through network and establish software management systemtaking laboratory as center, thus accords to the requirement of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005.In the system, each laboratory information management function and user group willbe integrated and working together to process the huge information daily. The humanusers, as a special body, are still taking certain leading role. Some difficult, complex,special (for example leader approval etc.) as well as some un-formalized question arestill solved by the human. The laboratory individual’s cooperation, provides theenvironment, the tool and the important essential information for humanity’scooperation, and replaces the human to complete some complicated troublesome work.Thus, the human user, using the special function, may achieve the goal of alternate,effective work of the entire laboratory information management each section office and the personnel.The system can realize information sharing, the sample information usedcontinuously inputted once. It can realize the network management. All kind of datacan transmit through network, realizing the paperless work in deed. The central leadercan grasp various section offices and as well as examine personnel’s work loadrespectively promptly, distributing the work reasonably, can collect various sample orvarious section offices’income situation regularly, adjusting the work emphasispromptly. The system can transmit each kind of control information promptly, verifythe information as well as the daily notice and so on, can satisfy the request oflaboratory QA.The system takes analyzing quarantine and examination as a core, including thebasic service flow management of one sample analysis line from sample accept, theduty distribution, the analytical control, the data verifying to result output analysis aswell as the prompt reliable assistance management content to guarantee the service flowproceeding smoothly and the output timely and reliably, and has covered themanagement problem such as equipment commodity, testing plan choice. The LIMSsystem takes jurisdiction management based on the web information system, involvingall above question, and carrying on the management to each user’s jurisdiction. Itincludes the sample acceptance subsystem, the sample examination subsystem, thereport establishment subsystem, the resource management subsystem, the leaderchecking subsystem, the information issue subsystem, the system jurisdictionmanagement subsystem and so on.The LIMS system introduced in the article has put into widespread application inall CDC laboratories in Jilin Province. The overall system runs well, enhancing thesystematization, the scientific style, the standardization of CDC laboratory managementand bringing the good economic efficiency and the social efficiency.

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