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Online Test System

Author: ZhangYaHui
Tutor: FuHong
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: .net Online testing Scheduling test papers Automatic score
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Develop fast along with computer technology and the enlargement of its application field, especially the development of computer network and Internet, based on application system and the information management system of computer network and database technology having gotten make giant strides development. In domestic, various companies go to information management system regardless of the use of big and small, profession classifications and metropolis different degrees of its scale, such as: The system of Finaning Management ect.At this stage, Schools and the various examinations of the most traditional way of examination in this way, at least to organize a test to go through five steps, that is, the artificial volume, examination candidates, the manual marking, assessment and analysis of the papers. It is clear that with the ever-increasing types of tests and examinations requested by the rising workload of teachers, there will be increasing, and their work would be a very tedious and error-prone great things can be said that the traditional way of examination Can not adapt to the needs of modern examinations. Network of Education on behalf of the development of an education reform has become a feature of modern education and the development of education in the formation of a new driving force. With the Internet / Intranet and the rapid development of a wide range of universal, based on its long-distance education on the modern educational technology for the future development direction of one of the exam as a test of a long-distance education system has also become an important research areas. Modern Distance Education as a new teaching methods have begun to enter our lives, is the traditional mode of education to bring about new changes and the development of education in the formation of a new driving force.In education, the institutions are also active in information technology to keep up with the pace of the continuous use of a variety of information management systems to improve efficiency. Digital examination system to achieve paperless examinations, teachers only need to enter a variety of questions, posed questions, candidates are allowed to enter the examination system, and in a timely manner out of the examination results for the query. Digital on-line examination system may be different programming languages such as C #, vb.net, and so on. It is worth mentioning that server-side ASP technology, it can support a set of easy access to the Web server database system Object Model ADO (ActiveX Data Object). The development of network test application must be involved in two parts, namely, the future of development tools and back-office databases. This article has based on more than ASP.net + HTML + ACCESS development tools and environment, combined with the specific design of the writing tasks.Internet technology allows examination of the technical means and the carrier have taken place in revolutionary change, Internet openness, distribution and characteristics of the Internet-based computing power makes a great breakthrough in the test of time and space. Internet-based examination system, it is becoming one of the hot spots of research. Compared with the traditional mode of examination, the examination on-line with unparalleled superiority, it will be the traditional course of the examination papers, printed approval, to send the collection, payment of the registration, evaluation archive all aspects to narrow the 1-2 links, almost Screening of all activities of the artificial direct examination of the possibility of intervention, not only can save a lot of time, manpower, material and financial resources, but also significantly improve the test scores of objectivity and impartiality. On-line examination system is the subject of the background of today’s information-based education and the trend of China’s Higher Education Information System; aim is to make full use of existing school computer software and hardware resources and network resources to achieve paperless examination in order to avoid the traditional hand-examination Deficiencies. Compared with the traditional test mode, on-line examination of the infiltration of more technical aspects of the way to achieve security, the method also has set higher technical requirements. Through the Internet / Intranet to achieve on-line examination of modern educational technology is a concrete realization of a very important practical significance. Can teach separating test test works, as well as the work of the fully automated management, effective use of the campus network hardware and software resources to achieve maximum effectiveness, and better schools for teaching, research, management services, implementation of large-scale examination To achieve an objective test, notarization, and automated test paper, marking can reduce the intensity of the work of teachers. The teacher asked the traditional exam papers engraved, printed papers, examinations, the invigilator to collect papers, to assess papers, comments and analysis of test papers. This is a long and complex process has been more and more adapted to the needs of modern teaching. Network Test System is an extension of the traditional test, which can use Unlimited vast network of space, where the students examination, together with the Web database technology, greatly simplifies the traditional examination process.The main papers on a relatively simple functional online examination system operation processes and some key technology background. The main information system users by the users themselves registered entry examinations of the candidates of science, right after checking into candidates interface, the main candidates are candidates interface basic information, modify passwords, begin required, check results, such as the formation of additional access key to the realization of the candidates allowed managers control on the one hand, questions generated for the control, on the other hand to ensure the control and the possibility of serious examination answers. managers into managers interface manager interface primarily generated papers, check papers, examination control, check results and data bank maintenance modules in this interface, the completion of the examination of the maintenance, examination and when tasks, the automatic generation of questions, additional control, answer questions reference control, and other functions, more complete realization of the online examination functions.The use of network and database technology, combined with the current hardware prices drop and broadband networks enabling the building of strong, we are based on the Browser / Web design model to test the system more appropriate, we use server-side system and the Microsoft Access database up-to-date. Net platform and asp.net technology to constitute a test of the application system; client browser used to complete the entire process of examination and at the same time can be remote system maintenance and management. Development of the system has gone through systems analysis, system design stage two.Aiming at the problems mentioned above, starting with designing a standardized Web-Based Exam System, combing the related E-learning standardization home andaboard, the paper probes the technologies of test questions resources description andstandardization and proposes the standard model of Web-Based Exam System.

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