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The Effect of Migration Regulation on Forest Canopy Leaching to Heavy Metal Pollution in Liquidambar Formosana Plantation

Author: WenJuan
Tutor: WenShiZhi
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Liquidambar plantation Throughfall Stemflow Canopy interception Heavy metal mass concentration Heavy metal input
CLC: S718.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Liquidambar is one of the major forest tree species in the forest areas of southern China, verdant leaves spring and summer, autumn red, is a beautiful landscape tree species. Liquidambar plantation in Changsha City skyline Ridge forest, the observation period of one year, more systematic study of the of Liquidambar artificial canopy layer eluviation mass concentration of heavy metals and their input operated Liquidambar and maintain forest productivity, provide a theoretical basis for reasonable operation and scientific management of forest resources. The results show that, in the year, the total rainfall is 1550.1 mm, net precipitation in the forest for 80.18% of the total precipitation, interception canopy years accounted for 19.82%. The penetration of water into the forest within the total precipitation of 77.38%, only 2.80% of water into the forest stemflow. Penetrate water, stemflow and precipitation good positive linear correlation, canopy interception and precipitation also related, but not as good as the first two. Different seasons, outside the forest precipitation changed greatly, summer precipitation maximum, minimum winter; penetrate the water rate is highest in winter and lowest in summer; main stream rate was highest in autumn, winter minimum, canopy interception rate was the highest in summer and lowest in winter. Penetration of water, dry flow and canopy interception with increasing precipitation increased penetration averages and the average of the main stream of rate increases with increasing precipitation, canopy interception rate of the average of the precipitation The increase showed a decreasing trend. Outside the forest precipitation through the changes in the pH of the water and stemflow. pH value in addition to winter decline is obvious, the other three quarters of change is not obvious, the average pH of various water bodies are arranged in order from low to high according winter, autumn, spring, summer. Each body of water in the redistribution of precipitation pH value increases with increasing precipitation, but the increase was small. The quality of the water elements outside the forest precipitation and penetrate the highest concentration of Zn, the lowest Cu and Pb, stemflow highest in the Mn, Pb minimum. Outside the forest precipitation mass concentration of various heavy metals in order: Zn gt; Fe gt; Mn gt; of Cu gt; Pb. Cu, Mn elements in throughfall and stemflow in an upward trend, with the largest increase in Mn; Fe, Zn, Pb, elements in throughfall and stemflow in a downward trend, the decrease of Zn element. Elemental mass concentration of each month luffing, the overall performance of the low for the rainy season and the dry season high. Heavy Metal element mass concentration with precipitation increased significantly reduced. Little change of various heavy metals in mass concentrations season, autumn and winter is slightly higher, spring, summer and autumn is slightly lower. Pb not detected in winter precipitation. Fe, Zn, Mn concentration of rainfall outside the forest, there is a significant difference (p lt; 0.05) penetrate between the water and stemflow, Cu and Pb mass concentration differences are not significant. Outside the forest precipitation, throughfall, stemflow total annual input of heavy metals were 30.580kg · hm-2, 6.013 kg · hm-2, 0.194 kg · hm-2, in different months in the forest inside and outside the precipitation input of heavy metals, the overall performance is high during the rainy season, dry season low. Various heavy metals in input increases with increasing precipitation. Seasons input volume performance of each water as Cu, Fe highest in spring, Zn, Pb highest summer, the highest, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Mn is autumn are lowest in winter, Pb Fall lowest. Pb not detected in the winter. Cu, Mn leaching is positive, Fe, Zn, Pb leaching amount is negative, indicating that precipitation leaching attached Liquidambar surface Cu, Mn elements, while Liquidambar adsorption precipitation contained of Fe, Zn, Pb elements.

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