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Analysis of Social Forms & Genetic Diversity in Different Geographic Populations of Solenopsis Invicta Buren in China

Author: ShaoJingGuo
Tutor: LeiChaoLiang;LuoLiZhi
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
Keywords: Red imported fire ants After the After more than GP - 9 allele Micro - satellite technology Geographic populations Genetic Diversity Cluster analysis Genetic distance
CLC: S433
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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January 17, 2005, China's Ministry of Agriculture solemnly announced the distribution of China's Guangdong has been red imported fire ant Solenopsis invictaBuren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Subsequently, after an investigation found, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, also red fire ants exist, and occurred in an area in excess of 32,000 hectares, and further expand the trend, so the red imported fire ant research rapidly. In order to correctly assess the social type of the red imported fire ants in China and its distribution, the source of intrusion and invasion frequency of the red imported fire ants in China, China's quarantine inspection, monitoring and prevention provide a scientific and effective theoretical basis for this study, the GP-9-specific primers discriminant of the red imported fire ant social type, and six pairs of microsatellite loci to analyze the genetic differences between geographical populations of the red imported fire ants in China, present the following conclusions: the red imported fire ants ant colony exists after single and after. Solenopsis invicta in different social-there is a big difference in the behavior and ecology, social-identification is a key step in a region to develop the right red imported fire ant monitoring technology. In this study, using multiple PCR technology were identified for the first time collected from four provinces in China in 16 counties (cities, districts) 120 red imported fire ant colony social type. Received identification results, the red imported fire ants in China after more than a single after coexistence, but after more than type; After more than a single type ratio of about 4:1 (97:23), but will vary by region.: Guangdong after more than after the lowest proportion of about 3:1 (66:20), Guangxi, after more than a single type ratio of 7:1 (21: 3). Selected six microsatellite loci (sol-6, Sol-11, Sol-20, sol-42, sol-49 and sol-55 points) Guangxi, western Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta, Hunan, Fujian and Taiwan's six geographic populations of 238 red imported fire ant individual PCR amplification, specific amplification products. A total of 45 alleles per locus of 7.5 alleles, at least 4; effective number of alleles for a total of 18.75 less than the actual observed number of alleles, effective number of alleles, which It is a result of uneven distribution of allele frequencies. The selected six microsatellite loci in six geographic populations showed good polymorphism, the majority of sites in different populations in Hardy - Weinberg equilibrium, with a rich genetic diversity. Groups is not in a state of equilibrium, it may be due to the impact of alien species, natural selection, random mating mutate. Average polymorphism information content of the different geographical populations of microsatellite markers in the range of 0 to 0.8011, observed heterozygosity (Ho) in the range of 0 to 1.0000, expected heterozygosity (He) in the 0 to 0.8371. , Observed heterozygosity on average between 0.5740 to 0.7778, the highest population (0.7778), Guangxi Population lowest (0.5740), indicating that the the Fujian population has a greater degree of genetic variation; average expected heterozygosity of 0.6104 to 0.7068 Guangxi minimum (0.6104), of which the population of the Pearl River Delta (0.7068). Show that the genetic variation within each geographic populations of red imported fire ants, genetic diversity. In addition, more expected heterozygosity and heterozygosity value, Fujian and Hunan, the rest around the actual heterozygosity were lower than the average expected heterozygosity. Show that despite the geographic populations of memory in the high level of genetic diversity, but in most areas there is still a certain degree of self-pay rate. Fujian and Hunan population average observed heterozygosity were higher than expected heterozygosity, indicating that the two populations within individual selfing rate is low. Each microsatellite loci the point F ST the range from 0.0595 (sol-20) to 0.1304 (sol-11), an average of 0.0961, the results showed that despite the kinds of memory in a strong genetic variation, but moderate genetic differentiation between species, genetic variation. Judgment result of gene flow (Nm) is similar. Test were calculated Nei's standard genetic distance between the six red imported fire ant populations, and clustering results show that the genetic distance of Guangxi and western Guangdong, clustering as a class, the clustering of the Pearl River Delta and Hunan, Fujian and Taiwan are separate cluster. The population is further refined into 16 geographic populations, according to the class diagram is divided into four. Guangxi, western Guangdong and Fujian clustering, combined with the conclusion of the AMOVA, Guangxi and western Guangdong assertion of the same intrusion source; Pearl River Delta population differentiation into two categories, Zhuhai and Zhongshan clustering, for the same intrusion source; Shenzhen , Huizhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Zhangjiajie, Hunan clustered into one group. It is worth emphasizing that the initial expert judgment Hunan Zhangjiajie red imported fire ant invasion source is likely to Shenzhen from the cluster diagram can be found in Hunan and Shenzhen Poly a small group, from molecular biology proved expert judgment; Taiwan and other parts of the genetic distance far clustered into one group alone. Dendrogram, we found that there is a certain degree of genetic differentiation between our red imported fire ant populations Domestically, our country should be subjected to a number of intrusion, and may be different from the red imported fire ants occurred.

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