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Author: ZhaoJingTao
Tutor: FanYueGuang
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords: Osteoarthritis TCM therapy Kidney and bone health Kidney Cartilage Lesions Histopathology PGE2 E2
CLC: R274.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2001
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Objective: To study kidney and bone health medicine treatment of kidney deficiency osteoarthritis mechanism, to seek kidney and articular cartilage lesions intrinsically linked to further verify Kidney main bone marrow theory, a better guide clinical. : Kidney deficiency caused to healthy Wistar rats and cut off the left medial collateral ligament, before and after cruciate ligament and the medial meniscus and ovariectomized rat OA model for the study were randomly divided into the treatment group, Finland he will receive the treatment group, model control group and normal control group, 2, 4, and 8 weeks after treatment groups were sacrificed the animal line cartilage, synovial fluid and blood histopathology, ultrastructure, blood chemistry, and other multi-level, multi-parameter contrast observed. Results: 1 synovial PGE 2 content: 2 weeks in addition to the normal group were PGE 2 significantly increased rose highest to model group ( P <0.05) compared with the normal group, Fenbid group significantly inhibited PGE 2 formed eight weeks Bushen group, and Fenbid group of PGE 2 decline nearly normal Chinese Medicines and Fenbid no significant difference; 2, E 2 levels: kidney and bone health medicine treatment group was significantly higher than that in the model the group and Fenbid group; 3, the number of blood vessels in the subchondral: model group gradually increased over time, compared with the normal group, a significant difference P <0.05, Chinese medicine group and the normal group compared to the P <0.05,8 W model group compared differences P <0.05; model group joint abnormal chondrocyte death the cartilage surface uneven, cartilage thickness, the light microscope showed nuclear offset electron microscope visible cartilage cell lysis, cell suddenly disappear membrane, cytoplasm blurred, cell nuclear dissolved into pieces; reduce the number of model group homologous cartilage cells. Both obvious Fenbid group chondrocyte cell death, cell proliferation, cell growth and uneven, and compared to the model group, the articular cartilage may have apparent destruction appears abnormal destruction of the cartilage in the intra-articular, and the emergence of a cell dysplasia; 5, electron microscopy revealed chondrocyte cells in kidney and bone health Chinese medicine group dissolved, nuclear membrane dissolution, while the majority of manufacturers the drug thirty in disgust University Counseling Dan / learning enterprise surname parent chondrocytes within cells to maintain the original form, and seen more hypertrophy chondrocytes: 6, SW, the Dove will hinder group articular cartilage thickness compared with the model group's, but no significant difference. Articular cartilage thickness kidney TCM group was significantly higher than the model group, and have significant differences Pwto. 05. The Chinese Medicines homologous cartilage cells compared with the model group, there is a significant difference P <0.05. Electron microscope, the Chinese Medicines chondrocyte proliferation and hypertrophy in clusters, and an increase in intracellular organelles, mitochondria increases, Qiao thickening, rough endoplasmic reticulum expansion. Conclusion: kidney and bone health Chinese medicine can reduce the content of the synovium PG-EZ relieve joint J \u0026, can improve the body's kidney state promotion of intramedullary angiogenesis, maintain normal morphology of chondrocytes touch chondrocyte growth Bo improve articular cartilage metabolism.

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