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Experimental Studies on Three-Dimensional Porous Poly-DL-Lactide/Hydroxyaptite composites

Author: ZuoShaoXiong
Tutor: JinAnMin
School: First Military Medical University
Course: Orthopedic Surgery
Keywords: Biocompatible materials PDLLA Hydroxyapatite Bone defects Aperture Degradation Basic fibroblast growth factor
CLC: R318.08
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2001
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The purpose of the three-dimensional foam the PDLLA basic performance for a preliminary study, to filter out the good matrix material; Add to HA particles based on observation of composite materials in vitro degradation characteristics and to evaluate the in vivo osteogenic potential to explore material optimization mechanism for further improve the material structure to provide experimental basis; explore the possibility of the bone induced by bFGF and foam composite, and to evaluate the prospects for orthopedic applications, in order to get a better bone building materials can absorb. Domestic PDLLA, PDLLA / HA particle leaching of salt crystals prepared by the porosity of the high bar foam-like material, the following experiment: 1. Bilateral in 31 New Zealand white rabbits 1cm radial bone to the periosteal bone defect model plant into three kinds aperture PDLLA material (70 ~ 150μm, 150 ~ 300μm and 400-700μm) after different periods of X-ray, histological observation and scanning electron microscopy evaluation of bone defects. 2 of the four kinds of materials of the same pore size range (150 ~ 300μm) in a three-dimensional porous PDLLA and PDLLA / HA (5 wt%), PDLLA / HA (20 wt%) and PDLLA / HA (35 wt%) is placed in distilled water degradation, comparing the group PH value, changes in weight, molecular weight and compressive strength. (3) with the same aperture range (150 ~ 300μm) of three-dimensional porous of PDLLA, of PDLLA / bFGF, of PDLLA / HA (20 wt%)% of PDLLA / HA (20 wt%)% / bFGF materials repair 1cm rabbit radial bone go periosteum defect, different periods of X-ray , histological and scanning electron microscopy of bone defects bone formation conditions, 8,12 Zhouhang Sheng biomechanics test (three-point bending strength) to evaluate the quality of bone formation. Results 1. Particulate leaching salt crystals can be prepared as a white foam biodegradable material, having holes uniformly distributed, and the hole highly cross-linked three-dimensional structure, the pore size can be controlled about 80% porosity. II. X-ray, histology and scanning electron microscopy confirmed **** A material of different pore sizes range osteogenic potential of different X-ray scores aperture 70-150 11m 150-300 11m material into better bone, 12 Zhou Shicheng bone amounted to defect more than 75% of the area of ??400 to 700 P m group and control group, the difference was significant (P <0 knife cited. door week PDLLA / HA door OM%) viscosity-average amount of material Cardiff The rate of weight and biomechanical indicators with other materials group differences were statistically significant (P <0 knife 5), and more from other material in the amount of high, of weightlessness low compressive strength better. The the pure PDLLA degradation of the pH of the liquid {A downward trend was gradually change over time, and PDLLA / HA (20WtO) PH value of slow decline in six weeks ago after 6 weeks tend to be stable, at 12 weeks when the pH value is maintained at original environment is similar to a more stable range. 4. Foam PDLLA / bFGF material than pure PDLLA osteogenesis better (P <0.05), PDLLNHA (20M) with PDLLN0A children FGF two materials into bone ability PDLLAjbFGF and pure PDLLA (P <0 knife 5). Conclusions 1. PDLLA having a good biocompatibility and the absorbent, preferably made of foam-like substance having the bone conduction performance, bone conduction ability to affect the pore size and other factors, the aperture of 70 ~ 300urn the material has good osteogenic capability. II. HA impact PDLLA vitro degradation of different proportions of different composites, PDLLA / HA (20w%) degradation process relative delay, and good mechanical properties and can buffer the acidic metabolites. 3. Of HA (20 wt%) to promote bone conduction capacity of porous PDLLA in the repair of bone defects, and improve the quality of bone formation; the foam PDLL Sichuan HA (20wto,) composite is a clinical application of bone graft material. 4. Three-dimensional porous the PDLLA materials can successfully host bFGF, effectively play its osteoinductive ability, plus the amount of bone generated and can improve the quality of bone formation.

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