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Yulong dawn alpine Danxia geological background research to learn the landscape

Author: YangHongYu
Tutor: ZhuJieYong;GengHong
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Geological Engineering
Keywords: Liming Yulong Yunnan High Mountain Danxia Geomorphology Formation Mechanism Geography Background Geological Tourist Resource Evaluation
CLC: P942
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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By using the geology, geomorphology and tourism geology geological theory and related disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, computer technology, adopting the idea that combined field investigation and laboratory were combined, we systematically studied and analyzed that the geological background of the Alpine Danxia geological landscape in Yulong, Yunnan province in this paper. We also preliminary summarized scientific, aesthetic and tourism value of the Alpine Danxia geological landscape in Yulong by the method of compared studies. The research content and conclusion is mainly included several aspects as follows:(1) We recognized that the unique tectonic structure of the research area, geological historical process and the paleogeologic location result in hot, dry drift basin and red thick debris sediments and the later tectonic uplift formed the fracture network through the systematic investigation and analysis to layer systems and tectonic deformation system in the LiMing Alpine Danxia geological landscape in Yulong. Red layers and fracture network laid the material basis of the Danxia landscape development and dynamic conditions.(2) Landscape evolution and formation of the typical LiMing Alpine Danxia geological landscape in Yulong are discussed in this paper.The type of the LiMing Alpine Danxia geological landscape is rich. And due to the specific geological and environmental conditions, it shows unique characteristics, its main characteristics as follows:①Metamorphic rocks underlying Chibi, Fangshan of Danxia landform serve as basement coupled with colluvial material and gentle thick slope foot, all this bring out Chibi, Fangshan more towering and extraordinary momentum.②Besides the ChiBidan cliff, LiMing Danxia landform is known as the detailed characteristic and part of the rock layer surface formed neat-lined crack turtle.③Vertical rock bands of different colors formed "color waterfalls" along the surface of wide sandstone steep. Its colors are variety and it is amazing.④The height of LiMing Danxia landform is rang of 2500-3000meters and its formation not only subjected to the water, weathering, gravity and other geological effects, but also superimposed by glaciations. The glacial landscape is obviously appearing.⑤The area is located in the foothills of LaoJunShan mountain, where the vegetation is very thick. Danxia landform set off in the primary forest and its scenery is like a picture.(3) We systemically summarized and discussed the genetic mechanism, geological background and the mode of the evolution of the alpine Danxia geological from the dynamic geological and exogenic geological aspects.LiMing alpine Danxia landform formed in the red conglomerate rock group formation, which deposited in the rift basin producted by the dynamic field of collision extrusion in the early stage of the Himalayan collision of tectonic cycle in the early Cenozoic. It was produced by dry climate, rift basin, fault structure, water flow, glacier and other geological effects complex reworking since Tertiary Eocene. The specific geological tectonic background, lithology, geological texture and the Neotectonics are the important endogenic geological process. While erosion affects, weathering and erosion, the role of gravitational collapse, freeze-thaw glacial erosion and dissolution are important factors among the exogenic geological process.Overview the formation and evolution of LiMing alpine Danxia lanform, the process can divided into four main stages:materials and exudative conditions formation stage, landform development stage, the disappearance stage and the reappearance stage.(4) We make comparison of the LiMing alpine Dianxia landform at abroad and home, then make a value in the aspects of science, aesthetic and tourism.Through a comparison of Danxia landform in the study area and the others at home and abroad, it has characteristic of hung, insurance, the show provided with the highest height and the largest area. Chibidan cliff has large height difference, red gravel rocks of Tertiary directly unconformed with crystalline basement rocks of Proterozoic, which has the fifth type of Danxia landform—thawing snow and ice erosion collapse type. It has plate pattern which is very rare domestic, igneous landforms exist side by side and the vegetation is very thick. The alpine Danxia landform set off in the primary forest and its scenery is like a picture. All this unique characteristics make it a high scientific, aesthetic and tourism value. In general, from the geology, geomorphology and tour geology of multi-dimensional perspective, choosing LiMing alpine Danxia landform as the study object, we systemically make a study of the tectonic background, rock layers, structure deformation, external dynamic mechanism and the mode of evolution and discuss the affection on the development of the landscape by the tectonic, especially the Neotectonics. The role of dynamic factors, external processes and its intensity during the development of Danxia landform is also analyzed comprehensively in the paper. This study will enrich and improve basic theory of Danxia geomorphology.

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