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Experimental Study on the Effect of the Comined Use of Radix Ginseng and Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae on the Fuction of Anti_fatigue in Mice

Author: ZhaoXianLi
Tutor: FangJingKui
School: Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Medical Formulae
Keywords: Ginseng Dried tangerine peel Compatibility Anti-fatigue Experimental study
CLC: R289.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Objective: To observe the ginseng compatibility dried tangerine peel effect on normal and spleen exercise-induced fatigue in mice, and to explore the best compatibility proportion or dose. Methods: ordinary healthy adult male Kunming mice were 160, 40 days of age, body weight 20 ± 2g, laboratory domesticated for 3 days, were randomly divided into 14 groups, ginseng dried tangerine peel compatibility group orthogonal design method , the choice of L 9 (3 4 ) header. The experimental groups: normal control group, the control group spleen, spleen administration group, the ginseng group, Citrus group, see Chen 1-9. Compatibility group of the normal group and the reference Chen normal feeding, free drinking water; the spleen asthenia module diet disloyal modeling: mouse feeding cabbage, free access to water once every 2 days gavage 100% pig fat, 0.5 ml only / times, the modeling time of 9 days. Modeling is complete, the normal control group and model control group, normal saline, normal feeding; the the ginseng group: ginseng decoction suspension gavage; dried tangerine peel group: Citrus the decoction suspension was orally; spleen administration group and parameters Chen compatibility groups: ginseng dried tangerine peel decoction suspension fed each group administered the same volume (both 0.5 ml), day 1. Administered on day 10, respectively, so that the mice in the 28 ° C water depth of 30cm water swimming 30 minutes, the quiet before swimming and bathing after 30 minutes, each mouse orbital venous blood serum was separated, each sample was measured by colorimetry serum lactate content. Each group of mice 1 day of rest, with the former administration of 5 days, the mice in 28 ° C water depth of 30cm water swimming death records mice swimming time; rip up mouse peritoneal removal of the spleen and testis, Clear adipose tissue of the organ, with analytical balance weighing wet weight, calculated for each mouse spleen and testis index (mg/100 g body weight). Results: The experimental mice before swimming was no difference in the level of serum lactate difference; Compared with normal group, 30 minutes after swimming ginseng, dried tangerine peel group, the Senate Chen (0.5:0.5), parameter Chen (0.5:1.0), the Senate Chen (1.0:0.5) serum levels of lactate levels significantly lower (P <0.01 or P <0.05): with dried tangerine peel group and reference Chen (0.5:1.0) significantly prolonged the swimming time of mice (P <0.05), Senate Chen (1.0:0.5) significantly prolonged the swimming time of mice (P <0.01); cf. Chen (0.5:1.5) spleen index increased significantly (P <0.05), parameter Chen (1.0:1.5) and reference Chen (1.5:1.0) were significantly reduced (P <0.05); ginseng group for single, single tangerine peel group and parameter Chen compatibility group testicular index have tended to increase, but no significant difference (P> 0.05), the spleen model group testis index was significantly reduced (P < 0.01), spleen administration testis index was significantly lower (P <0.05).

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