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Psychological analysis of the artistic language

Author: DiYingZeng
Tutor: LuoXiaoSuo
School: Yunnan Normal University
Course: Chinese Philology
Keywords: The language of art Language production Psychological analysis Language symbols Elephant Signifier and signified The relationship between language and thought Imagination and association Like thinking Generating process
CLC: I045
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Generation of artistic language is closely related to human mental activity, emotion, imagination, association, feeling, perception, thinking psychological phenomenon plays a very important role in the generation process of the artistic language. Are all artistic symbols convey human emotion, the language of art as a special performance of language symbols passed must be the feelings of the people. Language as a symbolic way of transmission of human emotions, the language of art based on the \\Language as a specific form of language and system structure. The language is like a symbol of a representation of the language. In the generation process of the artistic language, a kind of \\When the speaker main emotional spillover, emotional projection in foreign objects by means of language symbols, giving emotional experience emotional words get rid of the linear constraints of language symbols, words from concept to appearance, intellect and the chain back The intuition of the original state of the body at this time \Variability rhetoric intended to shift on, turn goods, is the result of empathy. Lenovo is remembered by the things that the other things mental process. Lenovo reflect the relationship between things, divided into close association, similar to the Lenovo association by contrast, the relationship between Lenovo and other four categories. Imagine the transformation of the old appearance is based on perception, to create a new image of the psychological process. Imagination, association configuration. In the generation process of the artistic language, imagination, association of language processing encoding process, characterized by the form of the language is a language like. The association of different ways, different language coding and processing, will produce different language expression. Imagine the the language coding process is so emotional, symbolic, the extraction and processing of the main body of the word, is to restore the concept of a language like. The main way through decomposition, transformation, reorganization, deformation, typical extraction to create a new language like, within the meaning of the new language as referred to in the old language as completely different. The artistic language generation, and is the main result of creative imagination. The feeling of the human brain is the understanding of the individual attributes of things. Perception is the objective things direct role in sensory mind awareness of things as a whole. Perceptual sensation and perception are things act on the human sense organs, save them without processed original experience possible, which is infinitely rich human emotions. Generation of artistic language is not a simple replication of the sensation and perception of people emotional participation, imagine the Lenovo role, the main aesthetic mentality of care, art, language generation tend to be feeling, perception variability of the results. Subtle changes when people use words to describe the curtain human sensory perception, language symbol means and within the meaning of the relationship changed the words concepts into the image - and in order to keep the symbol encoding the information obtained at the language level and sensory perception consistency, word intrinsic must be specific emotional, rather than an abstract concept. Visualize the concept of words, semantic breakthrough Chung restrictions within the concept of the original words, new meanings, ambiguity, additional righteous. Combined shift on the variability rhetoric, exaggerated phenomenon of synaesthesia and other languages, the artistic language, sensation (including synaesthesia synesthesia), the role of perception (illusion). The very close relationship between language and thought, thinking of the artistic language has its own characteristics: the fundamental purpose of the language of art thinking in Italy and not just in words, \already. The Argox process is a configuration process, the speaker body through the re-creation of language symbols, words transformed into an intuitive sense \an emotional media objective, formalized process; \The thought process of the art language, the first is a special kind of thinking in images: heart like thinking, gas self as \clarity of heart like thinking in the subconscious, the words become Imagery Thinking Secondly, thinking of the artistic language is an intuitive thinking. the third artistic language of thinking is a holistic way of thinking. this article according psychology, relevant theories of linguistics, semiotics, aesthetics, art, psychology and other disciplines, the psychological basis of artistic language do the system analysis and combing phenomenon in the analysis of the language of art expression units - words like empathy, imagination and association role, perception variation, way of thinking and characteristics of the artistic language, there is no lack of innovation and independence, see Art linguistics theoretical elucidation and supplement.

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