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The Root of the Ethnic Culture of Corporate Governance Research

Author: HuYaJun
Tutor: SunGuangYan
School: Central South University for Nationalities
Course: Economic Law
Keywords: Corporate Governance Path dependence National culture Individualism Collectivism
CLC: D922.291.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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In the modern market economy, the company plays an important role, As President of the World Bank James D.Wolfensohn, said: \Since the 1930s, Bailey and Means separation of ownership and control, people began to gradually focus on corporate governance issues. Corporate governance issues by multiple factors, including political, economic and national culture, national culture affect corporate governance is the focus of this study. Start system and culture perspective, found by analyzing the relationship between the system and the culture, culture is a culture system has a positive guide; then found through further research, national culture affects corporate governance The behavior of the main selection, and further found that national culture also has a profound impact on corporate governance path dependence. By the above discussion, we arrive at a basic theory, that is, in the relationship between national culture and corporate governance, national culture is the mother of corporate governance, national culture decided to select and change of corporate governance. Theoretically determined the relationship between national culture and corporate governance, from an empirical perspective still further analysis to analyze whether to seek the support of the instance in the real world. I fully compare the world today two major typical model of corporate governance, the reason for the two modes such a large difference, cultural factors are critical. Specific analysis, I found that Britain and the U.S. focus on the protection of personal interests, to pursue the idea of ??individualism, to follow the concept of equality and freedom, has a distant Puritanism traditional, with a strong sense of adventure and pragmatic spirit, decided to focus on its corporate governance protection the interests of investors, ownership structure is highly decentralized type of shareholders to the public, internal governance to outside directors, external governance acquisitions prevalent emphasis on material incentives, focusing on short-term interests; Germany and Japan will focus on the protection of a collective interest, to pursue collective ideology, emphasizing the collective strength, with a strong spirit of unity and cooperation, has a long authoritarian rule and family tradition, reflecting the German and Japanese companies focus on the protection of the interests of stakeholders in corporate governance is highly concentrated ownership structure, shareholders The type of bank and industrial company, internal governance inside directors, the lack of external governance mechanisms, emphasizing stability, mental stimulation mainly focus on the long-term interests. Since national culture determines the choice of corporate governance and have a change from the theoretical and empirical basis, then how to use this conclusion on the need for further in-depth analysis of the correlation between China's national culture and corporate governance to improve our corporate governance. I found through research, China's national cultural focus on the spirit of collectivism, heavy ethical filial piety, respected the harmony between man and nature, emphasizing righteousness of thinking, adhere to the people-oriented concept, determines the shareholding structure of corporate governance in China is highly concentrated, general type countries, banks and legal, corporate governance focus on the long-term interests, but also determines the internal governance of the important role of inside directors, external governance-oriented company, incentives emphasis on material incentives. National culture determines the choice of corporate governance changes, then how to get rid of the negative factors in our national culture of corporate governance, I think we can achieve this, through in-depth study found that national culture national culture of self-change The change can be overcome by the light of property rights in China's traditional culture, the only on theory, lays down the law and good old ideas, so as to improve the corporate governance of our country.

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