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Urbanized Vicissitude and Local Theme Oil Painting Cultural Spirit

Author: KangChunMing
Tutor: ZhangBaoZhou
School: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: Countryside farmer local countryside theme oil painting local theme oil painting urbanization culture spirit
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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A world near modern history is a village urbanization history. Europe passed through a rural and urban opposition until the country’s urbanization process .But the Chinese local society’s modern transformation was first after 1840 the Opium War, and started in the Western strong trend culture forcefully involvement. The Rural and urban opposition continues from the beginning of next, the modernization becomes irreversible tend, the local social nature will lose and atrophy unceasingly. In the art history, specially in the oil painting art development, from the theme to the performance practices has appeared the sign which has reflected this kind of modernity transforms.The Origin of the oil is introduced into China from the West, the near modern urbanization history also starts from the West firstly and then influences China, between the West and China , there are the obvious differences and some kind of similarities .This article take China and the West oil painting art development history as a clue, from the village and the city dual opposition for the characteristic near modern society evolution angle, in the local theme oil painting in the history which in Europe, China develops, seeks the artist the cultural spirit which manifests in the local theme.The full text divides into four parts。The first part of introduction is the paraphrase of the concept explanation, the correlation question research present situation narration and a paper innovation elaboration. The second part as a reference has reflected the Western urbanization vicissitude , the local theme of oil painting art characteristic and the implication thought, this part divided into four sections: (1)In the 16th century, the Western local theme oil painting origins from the Netherlands. Early time capitalism obtains the development, the countryside structure has not been under the intense impact, the humanities spirit universal dissemination, the painter has the eulogy manner to describe the village life.(2) 17, 18 century, the local theme oil painting obtains the development in Holland and France. The industrial revolution causes the capitalism considerable development . The changes in the nature of capitalism in rural areas has launched .As the agriculture transformed towards modernizing, the countryside structure differentiated. In the same time, the gap between rich and poor enlarged, some artists started with the realism technique performance to be the farmers life in the bottom of social . (3) 19th century, the Industrial Revolution urged the capitalist economy fast development, the urbanization and the industrialization enhanced the social productive forces, but was also following many negative influences, The old local world is destroyed heartlessly. At that time, the farmers transferred to the city with poverty. Although some artists had the different ideas of art to explore the different artistic forms, but all expressed to local society’s remembering past times, others who initiatively chose the performance realistic method cried out for the farmers, which led to the realism ideological trend prosperity in the Western art history .This local theme oil painting art presented an impressive sight for a while. (4) 20th century, West Industrial Revolution obtains wins completely, the capitalist society incisive contradiction pressed to live the modern art, but the artists who persisted in the local realism the creation revealed the sad affective tone.The third part of elaboration reflection modern times China local society fission sets at variance the oil painting art characteristic is divided into four parts: (1) pre-liberation, the slow urbanization brought poor poverty-stricken, this time oil painting art reposed artist’s humanitarianism grief with to worry.(2) liberation late arrival Great Cultural Revolution, oil paintings showed the rural reform in the context of socialist construction . the artists invested warmly by the huge politics into in the collectivism words pattern creation. (3) reform and open policy initial period, the Chinese social politics and cultural environment has changed greatly, which leads the root culture and the rise of local wind .This described the countryside character and style , the level, the nature, and the warm local life in original condition is reflected. (4) After 90’s, Chinese urbanization and industrialization swift and violent advancement which has not completed in the modern times, caused the local social structure big fission, the artists displayed the complex point of view facing the fission. At the same time, the modernization brought the countryside reality the huge change both to have like“the ruins”the crisis, the peasant laborer weak trend community, the poor rich disparity enlarging negative reality, and brings like the new countryside change, the farmer main body consciousness enhancement and so on the positive reality. The artistic home use realism method carries on the reflection to these phenomena, reflected society unbalanced and farmer’s pain, concentrates humanitarianism concern and the ponder. On the one hand China’s local society because contains the outstanding traditional culture reasonable place receives artist’s praising with to be reluctant to part with, hoped to the local social value affirmed with the construction, achieves to modern society disease treating and curing.The fourth part is a conclusion, in the local theme oil painting both has the artist to elapse the time remembering past times, and also simultaneously has to the modern society trend of development approval, in the emotion yearns for the countryside rich in poetic and artistic flavor, in the idea must approve the modernized development the necessity, in which backwardness and advances are not so simple as yes or no .Finally to the artist who is engaged in the local theme oil painting creation puts forward some proposals.

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