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Effect of Rumen Protected Methionine and Nicotinic Acid on the Performance and Blood Biochemical Parameters in Lactating Cows

Author: JiaWenBin
Tutor: LiJianGuo
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Keywords: Dairy cow Protected methionine Niacin Production performance Blood biochemical parameters
CLC: S823.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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In this experiment, feeding trial to study rumen methionine, nicotinic acid in early lactation Holstein cows on Chinese production performance and blood biochemical indexes. Select 8 daily milk yield 23.23 ± 2.23 kg, parity 3-5 births, lactation days 24 ± 7 Day Challenge disease-free by the middle of Chinese Holstein cows. The eight cows were randomly divided into four groups, each group 2, group pre-test day milk yield, body weight, parity, number of days of lactation was not significant (P gt; 0.05). Using 2 × 2 factor (protected methionine × niacin) arrangements for 4 × 4 Latin square design in dairy based diets were added: A 0g / d · head protected methionine 0g / d · head niacin; B 0g / d · head protected methionine 6g / d · head niacin; C 25g / d · head protected methionine 0g / d · head niacin; D 25g / d · head protected methionine 6g / d · head niacin. The results showed that: protected methionine, niacin, dietary acid detergent fiber on apparent digestibility (P gt; 0.05), neutral detergent fiber digestibility (P gt; 0.05) had no significant effect. Dietary Methionine on rumen digestibility of crude protein has a significant effect (P lt; 0.01), compared with the untreated groups increased 10.64%; this study found no protected methionine on milk yield of (P gt; 0.05), but significantly increased milk fat (P lt; 0.01) and milk protein (P lt; 0.05) contents were increased by 6.80% and 3.02%. Add niacin group milk yield was 25.69kg / d, compared with the untreated groups increased 5.68% (P lt; 0.05): milk protein content compared with untreated groups increased 1.09% (P lt; 0.05) ; this study found no effect of niacin on milk fat (P gt; 0.05). In this experiment, rumen methionine and niacin on milk solids non-fat were not significantly affected (P gt; 0.05). Add rumen methionine group and untreated groups compared to urea nitrogen and serum free fatty acid content decreased by 12.01% (P lt; 0.01) and 7.67% (P lt; 0.01), serum levels of methionine and cystine were increased by 8.75% (p lt; 0.010) and 50% (p lt; 0.01), serum serine, isoleucine and aspartic acid content were decreased by 9.40% (P lt; 0.01), 12.46% (P lt; 0.01) and 9.22% (P lt; 0.01). Branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids, respectively, decreased by 9.45% (P lt; 0.05) and 7.66% (P lt; 0.05), non-essential amino acids, and total amino acid content decreased by 5.31% (P lt; 0.01) and 6.64% (P lt; 0.01). In this experiment, rumen protected methionine on serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels had no significant effect (P gt; 0.05). Niacin group is not added compared with the glucose content increased by 8.82% (P lt; 0.05), serum free fatty acid content and the total cholesterol decreased by 9.94% (P lt; 0.01) and 4.32% (P lt; 0.01), triglycerides also showed a downward trend, but the difference was not significant (P gt; 0.05), nicotinic acid on blood urea nitrogen and serum amino acids did not affect (P gt; 0.05). The trial found that rumen methionine and nicotinic acid on serum free fatty acids have lower dairy significant interaction (P lt; 0.05). Dietary protected methionine and niacin can increase the economic benefits of farmers, three experimental groups were increased by 2.30 yuan / head · day, 1.27 yuan / head, Sundays and 2.68 yuan / head · day, so the actual production could be considered in early lactation dairy cows while adding protected methionine and niacin.

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