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Quantum Nonlocality of Continuous-variable Entangled States

Author: ZhangHan
Tutor: KuangLeMan
School: Hunan Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Continuous variables Quantum nonlocality Bell-CHSH inequality Cabello Theorem
CLC: O413
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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The quantum nonlocality sexual people feel wonderful feature of the quantum theory. And the classical theory, quantum theory (non-relativistic quantum mechanics to relativistic quantum field theory) with a local description of the method, but in essence, quantum theory is still in the local description of the space under the guise of nonlocal theory . Nonlocality wonderful nature is to show up more and more, and is experiencing a growing number of experimental test. The study of quantum non-locality of the fundamental problems of quantum theory and quantum information theory is meaningful. The paper is divided into six chapters. The first chapter provides a brief to study quantum nonlocality history and some important results. The second chapter describes the basic theory of nonlocal quantum; including the EPR paradox and quantum mechanics completeness; Bell Inequality and destruction; extended CHSH inequality and its greatest damage. The highlight is the Bell inequality theorem. Chapter entangled coherent state quantum nonlocality; entangled coherent state is one of the entangled state of continuous variables can be prepared in a few experiments. Depth understanding of research it can not only continuous variable entangled state the nature of the non-classical, as well as explore the nonlocal nature of photons between the multiple associated. This chapter first introduces the calculation entangled coherent state quantum nonlocality two common methods. Then propose a new approach, that is, based on the parity coherent states constitute Ying spin operator can make the Bell-CHSH inequality breaches value reaches its upper limit 2 1/2 , while in the experiment having the possibility of realization. After found entangled coherent state in theory to obtain the optimal non-local Bell operator. Chapter IV study a two-mode less the k photons compression vacuum state of quantum non-locality; minus k photons two-mode squeezed vacuum state is entangled states of continuous variables can be prepared in another experiment. It is non-Gaussian quantum state can be used for the nonlocality experimental test. This chapter focuses on the use of the Ying spin operator acting on a two-mode minus k photon Bell-CHSH inequality Squeezed Vacuum States, found that less photons means you can enhance the state of non-locality. Then further study the impact of decoherence on the state of the Bell-CHSH inequality. The fifth chapter describes the Bell inequality quantum nonlocality theorem; first four chapters are introduced with a Bell-type inequality theorem. The Cabello given this chapter GHZ along inequalities, Hardy and Cabello theorem to do an overview, and then propose a new continuous variables

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