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  1. Study on the Rising Effect of Coal Mining Technology Innovation to Core Competence of Underground Coal Mine Enterprises,FanShaoGang/CCRI,0/474
  2. Soil Slope Stability and Reliability Analysis Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm,FengLiJun/CCRI,1/440
  3. Study on Strata Mechanical Structure and Support Adaptability of Shallow Seam,LuZhiFa/CCRI,18/772
  4. Constitutive Model of Joint Rock Mass Damage Due to Mining and Its Application in Engineering of Open-underground Combined Mining,LanHang/CCRI,5/600
  5. Material Development and Research of Osmosis and Diffusion on Chemical Grouting for Extraordinary Cracked Coal and Rockmass,FengZhiQiang/CCRI,11/925
  6. Study on Completed Equipment of Thinner Seam High Efficient Fully Mechanized Mining Face,PuBaoShan/CCRI,6/872
  7. Study on Adaptability of Shield Support in Large Cutting Height Working Face,LiuJunFeng/CCRI,10/927
  8. Study on Large Flow Rate Valve and Quantitative Advancing Velocity of Hydraulic Powered Support,HanWei/CCRI,8/737
  9. Research on Shielding of Low-Resistivity Layer in Prospecting by Transient Electromagnetic Method,ShiXianXin/CCRI,6/819
  10. Study on Coliquefaction of Coal with Waste Plastics and Its Hydrogen Transfer Pathway Using Radioisotope Tracer Technique,WangLi/CCRI,1/288
  11. Coal-based cogeneration systems integration optimization and evaluation methods,XuZhenGang/CCRI,10/592
  12. Study on the Technology of Gob-side Entry Retaining with Longwall Top Coal Caving System and Its Application in Lu’an Mining District,LiJinPing/CCRI,14/1334
  13. Simulation Research on the Surface Moving Rule Due to Mining in Steep and Multiple Coal Seams,LiuShuXian/CCRI,17/786
  14. The Distributions, Modes of Occurrence and Volatility of Trace Elements in Coals of China,BaiXiangFei/CCRI,37/1534
  15. Adsorption of CH4, N2, CO2 Single and Multicomponent Gas on Coal,CuiYongJun/CCRI,5/1315
  16. Study of Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Simulation Numerical Model and Application,ZhangQun/CCRI,14/2210
  17. Study on the Engineering & Mechanical Characteristics of the Deep and Thick Unconsolidated Water Bearing Layers and Its Application in Mining Field,XuYanChun/CCRI,8/442
  18. Plane Contact Type of Structure and Stability Mechanisim in Strata Over Working Site,DiYingDa/CCRI,10/667
  19. Damage-plasticity Coupled Model for Jointed Rock Mass to Subsidence Control and the Technology of Goaf Stowing with Cement Materials,WangJianXue/CCRI,21/889
  20. Characteristics and Conversion Behavior of Dongsheng-Shenfu Coal,LiWenHua/CCRI,8/847
  21. Technology of 3D Dynamic Modelling for Coal Seam and Its Application,JiangZaiBing/CCRI,2/282
  22. The Research on the Drilling Technology and the Gas Discharging Effect of the Large Diameter Directional Borehole in Coal Mine,HaoShiJun/CCRI,4/698
  23. Study on Evolution of Mining-induced Fractures Field and Its Coupling Effect with Gas Seepage under the Conditions of High-strength Underground Mining,PengYongWei/CCRI,6/884
  24. Study on Strata Failure Mechanism and Surface Subsidence Theory in Steeply Inclined Coal Seam Mining,WangMingLi/CCRI,7/636
  25. Dynamic Analysis and Control Methods Study on Hydraulic System of All Hydraulic Head Type Drilling Rigs,TianHongLiang/CCRI,6/649
  26. A Study on Coupling Effect between Rock and Water in Coal Floor and Safety Mining Technology under High Groundwater Pressure,NiuJianLi/CCRI,10/567
  27. Prediction of Inflow in Roof of Working Face by Seepage-stress Coupling Model,ZhangZhuangLu/CCRI,2/505
  28. Research on Key Technology for Personnel Position Management System in Coal Mine,GuoHaiJun/CCRI,9/635
  29. The Relationship between Shear Strength and Water Content of Q3 Loess in North Shaanxi Province and Its Engineering Applying,ChengBin/CCRI,3/194
  30. Researching the Two-dimensional Accurate Motion Device Driven by Fluid,QiuShiHao/CCRI,1/97
  31. Kinematics Analysis and Strength Study for Haulage Mechanism of Drum Shearer,WangZhenQian/CCRI,6/543
  32. Analysis of Surrounding Rock Stability of Soft Rock Tunnel and Study on Its Supports,CaoYuLiang/CCRI,10/870
  33. The Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Thermal-Mechanical Coupled for Disc Brake,FuYang/CCRI,6/351
  34. The Discussion on Rock-breaking Effectivity of the Raise Boring Machine Pick-shaped Inserted Roller Cutter,WuShiJie/CCRI,0/107
  35. Application Research on the Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System under the Freezing Method,ZhaoYuMing/CCRI,1/169
  36. The Water Cycle Behavior Research of Coal Based Large Scale Methanol Synthesis System,FanZuo/CCRI,0/119
  37. Applied Research of Staple Reinforced Natural Rubber Compound in Rubber Sleeve of Packer,WuYing/CCRI,0/87
  38. Study on Measuring Viscosity of Coal Slurry at High Temperature and High Pressures,WuYan/CCRI,5/192
  39. The Basic Study on Shenhua Coal’s Moderate Hydrogenation to Inrease Plasticity,WangDongSheng/CCRI,2/103
  40. Study on Reaction Kinetics of Direct Coal Liquefaction by Using the Autoclave,WangYong/CCRI,7/305
  41. Preliminary Study on Hydro-liquefaction Kinetics of Shenhua Coal Macerals and Coliquefaction of Macerals and Biomass,AiJun/CCRI,1/325
  42. Research on Design and Forming Process of the First Moulds of Matrix PDC Bits,GuoDongQiong/CCRI,3/219
  43. Study on Relationship between Bolt Pre-stresses and Supporting Effect of Roadway,FanMingJian/CCRI,16/947
  44. Study on Coal Permeability and Gas Mirgration Law under High Intensity Mining in Lu an Mining Area,DengZhiGang/CCRI,3/416
  45. Study with Numerical Simulation and Field Actual Measurement on Mining with Backstowing Roadway of Xingdong Mine,LiuPengLiang/CCRI,10/546
  46. Study on the Coal Pillar Stability of Deep and High Seam Strip-Partial Mining and Its Impact on the Village in Gucheng Coal Mine,LiuGui/CCRI,5/423
  47. Research on Control Stragey of Memory-cutting in Electrical Traction Shearer,ZhangFuJian/CCRI,6/377
  48. Study on Rock Pressure Law of Fully Mechanized Mining Coal Face with Mining Heitht of 5.8~6.0m in Sihe Coal Mine,YinXiWen/CCRI,3/554
  49. The Observation to Coal and Rock Mass Structure and Study on Surrounding Rock Stability of Roadway,SuBo/CCRI,3/229
  50. Study on Numerical Test of Water Barrier Pillars for Gently Inclined Coal Seam under Alluvium,HuBaoYu/CCRI,1/146

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