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  1. The Research on the Difference between Attitude and Behavior of Eco-tourist and It’s Green Marketing Strategies,YuanXinHua/Central South Forestry University,10/1691
  2. The Research on Water Resource Sustainable Development in Upper Reaches of Li River,YangYongDe/Central South Forestry University,4/623
  3. Biomass Production, Nutrien Cycling and Energy Flow of a Silvopastoral System,FanWei/Central South Forestry University,3/360
  4. Study on Cultivation Theory, Techniques and Application of High Quality and Free-Pollutant of Red Fuji Apple Production,LiBaoGuo/Central South Forestry University,2/489
  5. Biologic Diversity and Physiologic Characteristics in Castanea Mollissima Bl.,ChenJianHua/Central South Forestry University,2/380
  6. Characteristics of Apple Tree Transpiration and Models for Prediction and Diagnosis of Water Stress,MengPing/Central South Forestry University,6/404
  7. Study of Ecological Service and Assessment of Urban Forest in Guangzhou,GuoQingHe/Central South Forestry University,23/810
  8. Study on Provenance Trial and Silviculture of Fokienia Hodginsii,LinFeng/Central South Forestry University,1/138
  9. Forest Resources Asset Evaluation Expert System,LvYong/Central South Forestry University,18/691
  10. Extraction & Isolation of Bio-activated Constituents in Bamboo Leaves and Its Antifungi Activities,LuZhiKe/Central South Forestry University,9/1109
  11. Carbon Storage and Balance in Chinese Fir Plantation Ecosystem,FangXi/Central South Forestry University,22/632
  12. The Research on Environmental Carrying Capacity for Ecotuorism,LiFengSheng/Central South Forestry University,14/2885
  13. The Research on Landscape Ecology of Green Space System of ChangZhuTan,PengZhongHua/Central South Forestry University,20/1215
  14. Study on the Frames of Modern Forest System for the Town and Country Integration in the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Area,ZuoJiYun/Central South Forestry University,8/416
  15. Evaluation on Ecotourism Zone and Model Construction,ChengDaoPin/Central South Forestry University,9/2159
  16. Study on Forest Fire Dynamic Monitoring in Guangzhou City,ZhangGui/Central South Forestry University,23/475
  17. Agro-ecological safety evaluation system,ZhouShangYou/Central South Forestry University,42/1152
  18. Establishment of Ests Database from Camellia Oleifera A. Seeds and Identification of Key Genes of Oil Synthetase,ShiMingWang/Central South Forestry University,17/939
  19. The Qiandao Lake Regional Ecological Risk Assessment,WenJun/Central South Forestry University,21/1877
  20. Study on Biological Character and Micro-Reproduction Technology on Zelkova Schneideriana Hand. Mazz,JinXiaoLing/Central South Forestry University,10/336
  21. Gutta-Percha-Content Character, Its Variance and Selection of Superior Clone Associated with Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv,DuHongYan/Central South Forestry University,8/273
  22. Isolation and Identification of Self-Incompatible Genes of Chinese Pyrus Bretschneideri,WuYunTaNa/Central South Forestry University,21/381
  23. Study on the Genetic Variation and Selection of Cinnamomum Camphora,YaoXiaoHua/Central South Forestry University,3/235
  24. The RAPD Analysis of Changshan-huyou and the Research on the Varying Regularities of Its Fruit Quality Together with the Processing Technology and Utilization of Its Fruit,ZhongShanMin/Central South Forestry University,2/206
  25. Study on Digitalization and Exploitation of Eco-Tourism Resources in the South Dongting Lake Wetland,WangBaoZhong/Central South Forestry University,12/1383
  26. Regeneration and Microarray Examination of Functional Genomic Expression of Transgenic Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) for Low-content Lignin,ChenYongZhong/Central South Forestry University,0/142
  27. Tissue Culture, Molecular Identification by Rapd Markers and Construction of cDNA Library in Camellia Oleifera Clones,ZhangZhiJun/Central South Forestry University,10/639
  28. Studies on Germplasm Characters and Breeding of Phyllostachys Edulis cv.Pachyloen,GuoQiRong/Central South Forestry University,8/213
  29. Ecological Functions and Processes in Successive Replanting Stand and Natural Regrowth Following Fallow on Clear-cutting Forestland of Chinese Fir Plantations Ecosystem,XiangWenHua/Central South Forestry University,3/405
  30. The Ecophysiological and Productivity of Cinnamomum Camphora,ZuoWenDe/Central South Forestry University,9/329
  31. The Study on Protoplasts Fusion between Saururus Chinensis and Houttuynia Cordata,JiangNianQiong/Central South Forestry University,1/317
  32. A Long Term Affect of low SO2(0.857mg/m3) Concentration on the Photosynthetic Energy Transition in Vernicia f,LiaoFeiYong/Central South Forestry University,1/168
  33. Study on Superior Species Selecting and Breeding Technique of Eucalyptus for Commercial Forest of Pulpwood,MoXiaoYong/Central South Forestry University,8/397
  34. Studies on the Isolation, Pure Culture and DNA Identification of Mycelia of Lactarius Deliciosus,ZhouGuoYing/Central South Forestry University,2/475
  35. Tree Growth and Nutrient Balance and Site Productivity Maintenance in Ecological System of Eucalyptus Plantation,YiZhiJun/Central South Forestry University,0/638
  36. Study on Drying and Whole Processing in American Ginseng(Panax Quinquefolium Linn.),DingZhiEn/Central South Forestry University,2/314
  37. On Ecophysiological Adaptation of Dioscorea Zingiberensis to Light Intensities and Its Mechanism,LiZuoMing/Central South Forestry University,8/245
  38. A Systemtic Study on Application of Effective Micro Organism(EM) in the Field of Water Treatment,WangPing/Central South Forestry University,14/1382
  39. The Plant Resources and New Taxa and Cultivars of Yulania Spach,FuDaLi/Central South Forestry University,11/345
  40. Study on Introduction Culture and Genetic Diversity of Eucalyptus Grandis,LiZhiHui/Central South Forestry University,5/271
  41. Study on Logistics Distribution Modernization of Chain-Running Supermarkets,ChenZhiShui/Central South Forestry University,1/1927
  42. Maolan Nature Reserve Sanchahe development of eco-tourism,LiuJunAng/Central South Forestry University,4/269
  43. Internet-based timber industry information network service system research and achieve,ZhuHong/Central South Forestry University,2/114
  44. Research on the Development of Chinese Furniture in 20th Century,ZhouZuo/Central South Forestry University,8/586
  45. Zhangjiajie Tourism Shopping Market Development,HuangYan/Central South Forestry University,11/861
  46. The Zhuzhou life brand engineering management team,ZhuWeiLong/Central South Forestry University,0/110
  47. Analysis and adjustment of industrial structure , Guilin Strategies,WangYanMei/Central South Forestry University,2/294
  48. Guangzhou urban forestry construction framework,LongZhuangZhi/Central South Forestry University,3/337
  49. The development of SMEs in China E - commerce Strategies,ZouZuo/Central South Forestry University,5/1746
  50. Analysis and strategic studies of the development of China Hotel Industry Group,XuWenSheng/Central South Forestry University,0/631

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