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  1. Study on the Preparation and Properties of Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide Films,LiuChaoYing/China Building Materials Academy,0/131
  2. Study on Preparation and Nuclear Physics Performance of Thermal Neutron Detection Glass Scintillator,ZhuYongChang/China Building Materials Academy,0/137
  3. Study on Cement Solidification Technology of Simulated Intermediate and Low Level Radioactive Boron-containing Wastes in Nuclear Power Plant,WuMingHui/China Building Materials Academy,0/161
  4. Study on evaluation method for heat insulation performance of cool metal roof plate,LiuShunLi/China Building Materials Academy,0/62
  5. Mechanical Behavior Study on Hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall under Wind Load,WangNa/China Building Materials Academy,0/165
  6. Research on Performance of High Belite Cement Hydraulic Structures Concrete,WangKeLiang/China Building Materials Academy,0/95
  7. Research on Cycle Load Experiment of High-speed Train Side Windows,WangLiChuang/China Building Materials Academy,1/35
  8. Properties and Affecting Factors of Carbonated Steel Slag Brick,ShiDi/China Building Materials Academy,0/50
  9. Study on Properties and Utilization as Cement Admixture of CFBC (Circulated Fiuidized Bed Combustion) Ashes,ZhuWenShang/China Building Materials Academy,0/120
  10. Studies on Encapsulation and Properties of PCM for Short-time Insulation,WuWei/China Building Materials Academy,0/52
  11. Research of Integrated Absorbing and Relfection Mechanism in the Electromagnetic Shielding Composite Material,XuMing/China Building Materials Academy,0/231
  12. Research on Concrete Half-Adiabatic Test and Finite Element Calculation,JiaFuJie/China Building Materials Academy,1/110
  13. Effect of Impurities on the Structure and Properties of Flue-gas Desulfurization Gypsum,WangHongXia/China Building Materials Academy,0/131
  14. Research on Deterioration and Preventive Measures of Thaumasite Form of Sulfate Attack (TSA) in Cement-based Mateirals,LiChangCheng/China Building Materials Academy,1/170
  15. Study on the Permeability of Chloride Ions in Concrete under Stress and Wetting-drying Cycles Factors,SunJiCheng/China Building Materials Academy,0/244
  16. Research on the Deterioration Process and Mechanism of Reinforced Concrete on the Basis of Non-destructive Monitoring,WangZhenDi/China Building Materials Academy,3/94
  17. Research on the Structure, Properties and Microstructure of Foamed Concrete,ZhangLeiLei/China Building Materials Academy,1/890
  18. Study on Composite Magnesia-alumina Spinel Castable with Crust-resistance,YangShengZuo/China Building Materials Academy,0/91
  19. Study on Room Temperature Freezing Casting of Porous Carbon Preform and Properties of the Reaction Sintered Body,HuChuanQi/China Building Materials Academy,0/47
  20. Study on Preparation of Porous Ceramics Made from TBA/H2O Based Slurries by Freeze-Casting Process,TangZuo/China Building Materials Academy,0/76
  21. Preparation and Properties of Porous BN/Si3N4Composite Ceramics,DongZuo/China Building Materials Academy,0/194
  22. Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Cement Materials and Low Energy-consumed Crashing Mechanism,WangXiuFang/China Building Materials Academy,0/96
  23. Effect of Ion Substitution on the Metastable Structure and Property of Alite,RenXueHong/China Building Materials Academy,1/79
  24. Analysis on Testing Method of Heavy Metals in Cement Clinker and Cement,LiuYaoJun/China Building Materials Academy,0/102
  25. Study on Early Age Cement Hydration Process and Microstructure Using Resistivity Measurement,LiRui/China Building Materials Academy,1/143
  26. The Morphology and Diffusion Mechanism of Sulfur in Float Glass Process,MengZheng/China Building Materials Academy,0/35
  27. Study on the LAGP Conducting Glass-ceramic,HeKun/China Building Materials Academy,1/67
  28. Research on the Microstructure, Conductivity and Application of LAGTP Glass Ceramics,HeKun/China Building Materials Academy,0/116
  29. Making Nano-porous SiO2Insulation Materials Via Filter-Pressing of Foamed Slurry,ShiXing/China Building Materials Academy,0/89
  30. Study of AR-ITO Thin Films Deposited on Hemispherical Glass Substrate,QiuYang/China Building Materials Academy,0/50
  31. Fabrication on Ceramics with Graded Pores by Centrifugal-gelcasting Technique,QiJianQiang/China Building Materials Academy,1/277
  32. Research on the Thermal Expansion Performance of Cement-Based Materials,LiQingHai/China Building Materials Academy,5/480
  33. Study on the Kinetics of the Forming Process of High Alite Content Cement Clinker,QinShouWan/China Building Materials Academy,2/297
  34. Effect of Sintering Condition on High Cementing Property Cement Clinker and Alite Crystal Structure,ZhuXiaoYan/China Building Materials Academy,1/320
  35. Cement - wood stem fiber composite sound-absorbing material composition , performance and sound absorption model,YuHaiYan/China Building Materials Academy,4/576
  36. Studies on Inorganic Coating Material with the Function of Controlling Humidity Purifying Indoor Air and Antibacterial Action,ZhangLianSong/China Building Materials Academy,2/536
  37. Freeze Casting of Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide,WangHua/China Building Materials Academy,1/405
  38. The Behavior Research of Heavy Metal in Cement Clinker Burning and Cement Hydration Process,LanMingZhang/China Building Materials Academy,4/679
  39. Reaction Degree of Fly Ash and Blast Furnace Slag in Cement Pastes,DongGang/China Building Materials Academy,8/1210
  40. Evaluation Technology for Surface and Interface Properties of Glasses and Laminated Glass,QiuYan/China Building Materials Academy,1/322
  41. Preparation of Zirconia Fiber and It’s Products and a Study on Sintering of Zirconia Fiber,HeShunAi/China Building Materials Academy,2/522
  42. Study of Treatment and Application of Solar Glass,MiaoXiangYang/China Building Materials Academy,6/872
  43. Study on Acoustic Simulation, Design and Performance Optimization of Noise Barrier,ChenJiHao/China Building Materials Academy,2/431
  44. Failure Detection of the Glass Panel and Safety Evaluation of Glass Curtain Wall,LiuXiaoGen/China Building Materials Academy,0/270
  45. Electrochemical Synthesis of Alkaline Earth Molybdates and Their Luminescence,SunYong/China Building Materials Academy,0/78
  46. Properties and Mechanism of Ground Limestone as Concrete Mineral Additive,WenJunQiang/China Building Materials Academy,0/448
  47. Effective Thickness Research of Laminated Glass,PangShiHong/China Building Materials Academy,0/131
  48. Studies on Durability of GRC and It’s Mechanism,CuiYanLing/China Building Materials Academy,0/221
  49. Studies on Dense Coating Preparing by Chemical Vapor Deposition,HuoYanLi/China Building Materials Academy,2/336
  50. Basic Study of Semiconductor Electromagnetic Shielding Films,YuGang/China Building Materials Academy,0/162

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