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  1. Investigation of the Prevalence of Japanese Encephalitis B in Zhaotong Prefecture, Yunnan Province,TaoZuoLin/Dali University,0/16
  2. Status and Influencing Factors of Mental Health among Persons Living in Yunnan Unexpected Sudden Death Areas,ZhangJianQiong/Dali University,0/5
  3. Study on Regional Tourism Cooperation Model of Western Yunnan Ethnic Regions in Vision of the Scientific Development Concept,ZhaoJianJun/Dali University,0/56
  4. New Countryside Construction under the Concept of Low-carbon Economy,LiuZuoZuo/Dali University,0/152
  5. The Research on Low-carbon Economy Development of Erhai Lake Basin,QiaoChangHong/Dali University,0/42
  6. The Research of Moral Education Thought in Dali Ancient Academy,DengYunHui/Dali University,0/68
  7. Survey Research on the Lifetime of College Students’ Association,WangDongLi/Dali University,0/107
  8. Study on Value of Moral Education of Social Practical Activities of Dali University Students,TanLiLi/Dali University,0/177
  9. Research on90’s Generation Students’ Concept of Collectivism in Western Chinese Universities,ChenXu/Dali University,0/64
  10. Ideals Beliefs Survey among the College Students in Frontier National Regions and Corresponding Educational Countermeasures,HeQiuSheng/Dali University,0/113
  11. Survey Research on the Land-lost Farmers’ Employment Problem under the Value of People Oirented,LiBo/Dali University,0/118
  12. The Construction of Socialist Democratic Politics of the Villagers Autonom,WangQiang/Dali University,0/53
  13. The Mutual Promotion Relationship of Rural Tourism and New Rural Construction,LiuZuoZi/Dali University,0/275
  14. On the Research of the City Migrant Workers Benefit Expressing Channel Problems,YangXiong/Dali University,0/60
  15. National Unity Education of Young People in the Regions Inhabited by Ethnic Minorities,LiHongBo/Dali University,1/199
  16. Investigation and Research on the Ideological and Political Work to City Migrant Workers,HeYanXia/Dali University,0/52
  17. Research on Dali Kingdom’s Political Identification to Song Dynasty and Its Modern Significance,LinZuoZuo/Dali University,0/14
  18. The Survey and Research about Ideological and Political Work of the Urban Community,JiangWeiJun/Dali University,0/77
  19. High School Chinese Characteristic Socialism Theory Education,LiuYing/Dali University,0/31
  20. The Cultivate of Cultural Self-confidence under the Socialist Core Value System,XuYao/Dali University,0/53
  21. Study on the Evolution of Development in the Sinicization of Contradiction of Marxism,WanZuo/Dali University,0/142
  22. The Study on Opening Management of Party-Affairs in Rural Grassroots,ZhaoFuXin/Dali University,0/56
  23. Research in the Development of Party Construction Work among College Students,XieXueKui/Dali University,0/184
  24. Research and Study on the Party’s Construction in Dali City Communities,WanYunXia/Dali University,0/200
  25. Analysis on Construction of Anti-corruption Culture in Yunnan Minority Region,LiZuo/Dali University,0/84
  26. Mao Zedong’s Independent Foreign Strategic Thought Research,BianChao/Dali University,0/68
  27. The Investigation of the Traditional Filial Piety of the Bai Nationality and Its Modern Value,ZhangZuo/Dali University,0/89
  28. Influence of Confucianism on the Bai Traditional Morality,ChengLin/Dali University,0/24
  29. Historical Change and the Moral Value of the Memorial Arch,JieYu/Dali University,0/159
  30. Nanzhao Kingdom’s Political Identification to Tang Dynasty and its Modern Inspiration,WanChun/Dali University,0/38
  31. Political Identification and Modern Significance of Tang and Song Dynasty from Nanzhao and Dali State,FengXiaoLi/Dali University,0/93
  32. On Inheriting Ethnic Culture in Socialist Cultural Construction With Chinese Characteirstics,ZengHong/Dali University,0/279
  33. Research on Filial Piety Culture of Bai Folk Stories,YeZuoZuo/Dali University,0/36
  34. Protective Effects of Magnesium Sulfate on the Intestinal Injury Induced by Intestinal Ischemia-reperfusion in Young Rats,JinZuo/Dali University,0/10
  35. Primary Investigation of Effects of Nicotine on Posterolateral Fusion of the Rabbit Spine,LuoShunTian/Dali University,0/2
  36. Research on the On-site Method of in Vitro Assay about the Sensitivity of Plasmodium Falciparum to New Anti-malarial Compound Naphthoquine/Azithromycin,LiYaoXing/Dali University,0/31
  37. Analysis of Relationship between the Retinal and Choroidal Thickness in Myopia,WuYuHong/Dali University,0/67
  38. The Investigation for the Patient Suffer Rfom Ear,Nose and Throat Infection in Pirmary Humoral Immunodeficiency Disease and Correlation Analysis of PLC Gamma2,ChenQi/Dali University,0/45
  39. To Investigate the Relationship between CYP1A1and GSTM1Gene Polymorphisms and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma,ZhangGang/Dali University,0/44
  40. Expression of before and after TACE Treatment of Rabbit VX2Liver Tumor Tissues,WangJunDong/Dali University,0/10
  41. The Expression and Significance of Wnt3a, Beta Catenin and CyclinD1of Colorectal Cancer,QinShuangWei/Dali University,0/46
  42. Significance of OPN and VEGF Expression in Colorectal Carcinoma,LiuJianHua/Dali University,0/45
  43. Expression and Significance of Osteopontin and Leptin in Gastric Carcinoma Organizations,XiaoHaiPeng/Dali University,0/42
  44. Flow Immunomagenetic Beads for Detecting the BCR-ABL Fusion Proteins of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Study on the Methodology,WangChunXia/Dali University,0/10
  45. Correlation between the Pathological Grade of Gliomas and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and ki-67Labeling Index,YangJieMin/Dali University,0/49
  46. Glioma MGMT Promoter Methylation, MGMT Protein and NF-κb Expression and Their Significance,ChengJianJie/Dali University,0/75
  47. Effects of Atorvastatin on Plasma Tnterleukin-1β、Interleukin-6and Tumor Necrosis Factor-α in Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction,LiDanDan/Dali University,0/39
  48. A Clinical Comparative Study on Two Kinds of Operation for Surgical Treatment of Intracranial Arachnoid Cyst in Children,ChenAiFeng/Dali University,0/5
  49. Detection the Antibody of Respiratory Pathogen with Infantile Pneumonia in DaLi Area,ChenZeWen/Dali University,0/82
  50. Survivin and OPN in Different Cervical Pathological System Expression and Related Study of Cervical Lesion,WangYanShu/Dali University,0/25

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