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  1. On Land Consolidation and the Transformation in the Rural Economic Construction in Zhuang Region,QiaoJianXin/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/19
  2. Chinese Administrative Litigation Mediation Research,ChenKeXiao/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/36
  3. A Research on the Procedural Connection of Administrative Reconsideration and Administrative Litigation,ZhuHe/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/59
  4. The Resarch on Consumer's Right to Regret,Chen/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/181
  5. Study on the Employment of Migrant Workers Equal,LongHui/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/21
  6. The Speech Research of Jing Xi Yang Hua,MoMiaoLan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/7
  7. Comparative Study of Words and Phrases'Structure between Vietnamese and the Zhuang Language,HuangQiaoLi/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/18
  8. Portrayal about the End of Post-le Dynasty:Characters Analysis in the Reunion of the Kingdom,WuXia/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/13
  9. On Translators' Choice among Responsibilities from the Perspective of Translation Ethics,ZhaoYan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/31
  10. Reacher of Constructing Self-innovation Capability on Key Laboratory of Guangxi Autonomous Region,TangDong/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/55
  11. Research on Tne Problem of Participation in Unemployment Insurance in Guangxi,HuangLingYun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/60
  12. Research on the Problem of Basic Medical Insurance Fund’s Provincial Pooling in Guangxi,YuanJing/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/69
  13. Study on Urban Workers’ Pension System of Benefits Adjustment in Guangxi,JiangHuan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/102
  14. From a Border Village to a Border Town: a Case Study on Pu Chai in Guangxi,HuangYun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/91
  15. Study on Boder Trade in Jingxi County of Guangxi,LuLing/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/196
  16. On Dilemma and Way-Out of Network Real-Name System in China,HeYongDong/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/404
  17. To Study on Tourism Development Policy in Luangprabang Province of Laos,WenLiFang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/120
  18. The Changes of Farming by Guo Shan Yao,LuYe/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/75
  19. The Sustainable Development Research of Rural Tourism in Guangxi in Government Dominant Mode,ZhouYanJun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/209
  20. Reseacrch on Farmers’ participation in New Ruralinsurance in Rural Areas of Guangxi Province,ZhangJunZhou/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/263
  21. A Study on the Problems of Guangxi Rural Human Capital Investment: under the Perspective of Government Responsibility,MaZhenQin/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/93
  22. The Study about the Government Function to the Integration of New Citizens in the Urbanization Process,LuShiXiang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/104
  23. Intension Development with Regard to Equalization of Basic Public Services in Guangxi,ChenMiaoHua/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/111
  24. The Research of Operation and Supervision of Urban’s Basic Facilities,GuanShan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,2/114
  25. Research on Housing Security in Nanning City of Guangxi,LuoZuoZuo/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/117
  26. Research on the Dong Archives and Archival Work before Liberation,ZuoLingDan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/49
  27. The Study of Guangxi Comprehensive Archives on Image,HuangWenJun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/60
  28. Research of the Yellow River Carved Stone Archives,SunJunZi/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/31
  29. Research of Problems and Countermeasures of Abandoning Files,ChenQi/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/61
  30. On the Evidential Quality and Its Safeguard of Electronic Commerce Transaction Records,LiangYuanLiang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/61
  31. Application of Digital Simulation Technique in Archives Works,ZhaoShuo/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/33
  32. The Study of Government Information Disclosure Services in Comprehensive Archives,GuoYuShu/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/46
  33. The Study on the Opening of Government Archive Office in China,ChengMeiChun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/27
  34. Construction of Archival Information Based on Location Advantages Nanning,WuXiaoHua/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/52
  35. An Explorative Analysis of the Integration Mode of Integration Management on Archive Website Information Resources,LiJingYuan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,2/171
  36. The Study of China-Asean Multilingual Archives Information Database Design,WangXueChang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/66
  37. Research on Development of Guangxi Information Consulting Industry,WangKan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/73
  38. Comparative study of modern China bibliophile books interview collection activities,XiangXiaoQing/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/100
  39. Government Information Disclosure Services of Public Libraries in China,ZouYong/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/79
  40. A Study of the Functions of Library Automation System,LinJinXia/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/162
  41. Marketing Strategy Research of the University Library,ChenYaJie/Guangxi University for Nationalities,5/296
  42. Exploratory Research of Li Guidun’s,ShenZuo/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/60
  43. University Library Network Information Service Research,HuaJiaXu/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/305
  44. The Development Analyais of Guangxi Normal University Press,LuJunLin/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/174
  45. The Research of Traditional Publishing House’s Survival and Development in the Digital Environment,LiJie/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/201
  46. Study on Teaching-assistant Periodicals Published in Guangxi,ZhouHouChen/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/32
  47. A Study on the Selected-topic’ planning of Bestseller Base on the2011Openbook Bestseller List,YangChengFang/Guangxi University for Nationalities,1/375
  48. The Evolution of Literary Associated with the Transmutation of Media,HuXiuLi/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/63
  49. Preparation of the Solid-phase Extraction and the Potentiometic Sensor Baesd on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer,GuoXiaoJun/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/101
  50. Improving and Research Based on Optimization Approach Using Fishing Strategy,HeDeNiu/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/65

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