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  1. An Research on Optimization and Upgrading of the Industrial Structure and Green Transformation of New Countryside Construction in Wulingshan Minority Region,HuangYong/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/43
  2. Dance of Tujia Cultural Preservation and Heritage,FuJing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/49
  3. Influence of Fracture Application Method and Jiegu Paste on BMP-7Expression in Rabbit Fracture Healing Process,WangHongQuan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/15
  4. Studies on the Correlation between Rhizosphere Soil,the Growth and the Nutrients of Osmunda Japonica Thunb. in Different Habitats,XiaoZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/17
  5. The Study of Industrial Structure Optimization and Upgrade Evaluation Index System in National Autonomous Areas Taking Enshi City for Example,ChenSheng/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/27
  6. An Empirical Analysis of the Economic Evelopment Path of Enshi,ZhangZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/42
  7. Studies on the Electrochemical Sensor for Methyl Parathion,FengYuXiang/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/63
  8. Study on Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Using the Ru(bipy)32+ Doped SiO2Nanoparticles-urushiol Composite Film Modified Electrode,ChenYan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/44
  9. Research and Implementation on Algorithms for Content-based Image Feature Extraction,TanLePing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/48
  10. The Catholic School and Hwaliling Community,SongHuaiSi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/4
  11. Study on the Autonomous Counties Autonomous Legislative Powers,WuBangSheng/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/44
  12. The Current Status of Chinese Rural Grassroots Democracy Problems and Countermeasures,DuChao/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/477
  13. Research on Training Will of Migrant Workers in Wulin Minority Area,HuKai/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/21
  14. The Research on Cultural Change of DongZhai Immigration,KongXiaoYing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/29
  15. Preliminary Study on the Protection Issues of Minority Woman’s Rights,LiLi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/43
  16. Researchl on Anti-poverty Problems in Minority Rural Area of Hubei Province,YangLe/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/47
  17. Ethnic Composition and Ethnic Group Identity,ZhuYingFeng/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/51
  18. Expression of Ethnicity in the Field,HuangCi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,1/47
  19. Differences and Fit:the Comparison Research of National Identification in Two Village Models,LiGuoLin/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/75
  20. The Study on the Program of the National Culture Entering into Campus of Enshi Autonomous Prefecture,TanHua/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/112
  21. Public Events in Wuling Mountainous Area Emergency Mechanism to Explore,ZhengJianJiong/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/53
  22. The Research on the Spread of Catholicism in Wuling Mountain Area of Hubei Province,HuangMingChang/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/24
  23. Cultural Interpretation of Wind,HanShuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/31
  24. Researching on the Protection Strategy of Intangible Cultural Heritage,LuoQiaoLing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/445
  25. Tuj1a Folksongs from the Perspective of Accepting Aesteetics,SongXiaoZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/43
  26. Ecological Aesthetics of Tujia Literature,ZhangLiLi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/16
  27. Research on Chinese Network-literary Institution,ShaoXuFei/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/54
  28. The Research of Literary Production and Consumption in Micro-era,ZhangMingZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/103
  29. A Study on the Stories of People with Dexterity in Enshi,LiaoLiJuan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/15
  30. The Novels of Liu XingLonq’s Localism,LeYanLing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/14
  31. A Study on the Folk Culture of Chi Zijian’s Novels,ZhangChen/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/73
  32. A Study on Hebei "Troika" Novel-creation and Folk Culture,ZhangQin/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/6
  33. A Study on the Prefaces and the Postscripts of Chinese Ghost Stories,WangZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/17
  34. Research on Yucun Fu Hua,ZhaoYanLin/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/14
  35. Research on Hanshishan’s Literary Thoughts,MaoGuangJun/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/7
  36. Research on the Creation of Contemporary Labor Literature,LanZhenZi/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/11
  37. On the Key Concepts of Wang Meng’s Poetics,LiYuJiao/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/4
  38. The Theory of the Underlying Literature,ZhangJing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/30
  39. The Studies on Screen-adaptation of New Century Military Literature,HeShan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/45
  40. Impact of Mass Media on Shen Congwen’s Native Literature,LiZuo/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/38
  41. "Knowing": the Theory on Aesthetic Creation of Ancient Chinese Poetics,LuoLing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/47
  42. The Mordern Research on Li Zehou’s Emotion Ontology,WuGuanZhen/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/12
  43. The Principle Analysis of Literature Heal,TangQiuYan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/48
  44. The Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Bu Shen Zhuang Gu on Microstructure and Metabolism of the Bone Tissue in Ovariectomized Osteoporosis Rats,FengJia/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/91
  45. Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine "Bu Shen Hua Yu" Formula on Bone Biochemical Metabolism Ovariectomized Osteoporosis Rats,LiuDongMei/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/70
  46. Study on Comprehensive Extractionoflavone and Polysaccharide in Fermented Ampelopsis Grossedentata and Composition Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of Flavone,XiaoHao/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,1/153
  47. The Lights Burning Therapy Fors Ciaticain Tu-jia Medicine of Curative Effect and Theory Discussion,ShiXiaoLing/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/56
  48. Study on Therapeutic Effects and Theoretical Exploration of Tujia Medicine Ganjiuhuo Therapy Treating Scapulohumeral Periatrhritis,WuWenYuan/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/66
  49. Theory and Clinical Research on Pressure Ulcers for Older with the Viewpoint of Yi Qi Huo Xue Method of Treatment,TangZhenZhu/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/13
  50. Research on the Mechanism for Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease from YanHuangFuYanQingTablets Based on the Viewpoints of Heat Dampness Circulation and Relief,ShenZhengLong/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/11

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