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  1. Researching of Implementation of High Level Secure Trusted Operationg System,HuJun/Institute of Electronics,2/815
  2. Research the Detection of SARS-CoV with SPR Biosystem,WangYuJie/Institute of Electronics,0/375
  3. Research on X-band High Power Multi-beam Klystron,SunPeng/Institute of Electronics,0/117
  4. Theoretical Study and Numerical Simulation of the Gyrotron Traveling Wave Amplifier,JiaoZhongQing/Institute of Electronics,4/151
  5. FDTD Computation of Scattering by Buried Objects,ZhangXiaoYan/Institute of Electronics,1/376
  6. Research of Wireless Sensor Networks for the Type of Known Coordinator Database Networks,FangZhen/Institute of Electronics,0/405
  7. Research on Signal Processing and Imaging of Ultra-Wideband Radar,ChenJie/Institute of Electronics,10/854
  8. Study on Raw Signal Simulation of Synthetic Aperture Radar,WangXinMin/Institute of Electronics,1/621
  9. Study on Multibaseline Tomography Synthetic Aperture Radar,LiuXiangLe/Institute of Electronics,1/358
  10. Study on Digital Receiver in SAR Based on Software Defined Radio,DongZuo/Institute of Electronics,4/781
  11. The Study of Ground Moving Target Indication with Synthetic Aperture Radar,ZhaoYingHui/Institute of Electronics,2/437
  12. Research of Classification and Automatic Target Recognition Using SAR Imagery,NiXinQiang/Institute of Electronics,3/1316
  13. Study on Systems of Airborne Squint Mode and Forward Looking Mode Synthetic Aperture Radar,ChenZuo/Institute of Electronics,6/606
  14. Study on Spaceborne Interferometric SAR Signal Processing,ShenYan/Institute of Electronics,3/605
  15. Applications of ID-Based Cryptography to Mobile Ad Hoc Network,ChenHuiZuo/Institute of Electronics,2/264
  16. Research on Airborne SAR Geolocation Accuracy,MiaoHui/Institute of Electronics,1/620
  17. Research on Airborne SAR Real-time Processing Technology and FMCW-SAR Imaging Theory,ZhangDaZuo/Institute of Electronics,3/450
  18. The Techniques for Space-Borne Scan Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar System and Signal Processing,ZhaoZhiWei/Institute of Electronics,2/426
  19. The Unsupervised Classification Based on the Cloude-Pottier Decomposition for Fully Polarimetric SAR Data of Chinese Academy of Sciences,CaoFang/Institute of Electronics,3/483
  20. Research of the Jitter’s Effect on the Detection and Tracking of Point Targets,CaoZuo/Institute of Electronics,1/354
  21. Research of Video Stabilization Technique Based on Dynamic Displacement Field Model,LiuYan/Institute of Electronics,1/225
  22. Synchronization Aspects and Imaging Algorithms of Bistatic SAR,ZhangShengKang/Institute of Electronics,2/606
  23. Research on Distributed Satellites SAR High Resolution Imaging Algorithms,ZuoYanJun/Institute of Electronics,3/491
  24. The Study of Motion Compensation for Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar,ZhengXiaoShuang/Institute of Electronics,2/686
  25. Research on Objective Evaluation of Pronunciation Quality in an Interactive Language Learning System,LiChaoLei/Institute of Electronics,5/326
  26. Research on Colorization of Monochrome Images and Videos,LiZhiYong/Institute of Electronics,3/255
  27. Design and Fabrication of the Micropump and the Microvalve Based on MEMS Technology,GengZhaoXin/Institute of Electronics,4/895
  28. Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Based Biosensor Immunoassays for Drug Residues,LiHui/Institute of Electronics,3/608
  29. A Study on Object Tracking in Image Sequences,LuXiaoPeng/Institute of Electronics,10/1616
  30. Theoretical Study on Multifrequency Dynamics of Pulsed CO2 Lasers,DingChangLin/Institute of Electronics,1/128
  31. Research of Intergrated Biosensor Chip Based on Field-effect Transistors,SunHongGuang/Institute of Electronics,1/176
  32. Micro Amperometric Immunosensor Based on MEMS,BianChao/Institute of Electronics,0/254
  33. Research into ISFET Microsensor Readout Circuitry for Biochemical SOC Based on Standard CMOS Technology,WeiJinBao/Institute of Electronics,0/236
  34. Research of Real Time Image Processing Algorithm for Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar,ZhangXin/Institute of Electronics,4/699
  35. Study on Some Key Problems of Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna Technologies,XiaoJiang/Institute of Electronics,3/853
  36. Topics in Super-resolution Image Reconstruction,YuanJianHua/Institute of Electronics,18/1056
  37. Research on Colorization of Monochrome Images and Videos,ZuoShengHua/Institute of Electronics,11/314
  38. Digital Video to repair a number of key technologies,ZuoAnJun/Institute of Electronics,12/441
  39. Imaging Techniques of Ground/Sea Moving Targets for High Resolution Airborne SAR,TangLiBo/Institute of Electronics,3/858
  40. Research and Implementation on the Real-time Signal Processing of Airborne SAR/GMTI,LiuChang/Institute of Electronics,3/582
  41. The Study of Data Compression Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar at Low Bit Rates,PanZhiGang/Institute of Electronics,10/392
  42. High Resolution SAR Imaging Algorithms and Real-time Processing Technique,TangYu/Institute of Electronics,12/1042
  43. Fabrication and Study of the RF MEMS Switches,SunJianHai/Institute of Electronics,6/958
  44. The Fabrication of Detection System Based on the Integrated Fiber Capillary Electrophoresis Chip,SuBo/Institute of Electronics,3/294
  45. Self-priming micropump developed based on MEMS technology,WangHaiNing/Institute of Electronics,4/573
  46. Research on Higher Order Transverse Magnetic Mode of Microwave Cylindrical Coaxial Cavity and Its Out-coupling,DongYuHe/Institute of Electronics,5/306
  47. Research on RF Characteristics and Nonlinear Beam-Wave Interaction in Helix TWTs,XiaoLiu/Institute of Electronics,3/227
  48. W - band gyrotron traveling wave tube amplifier,LaiGuoJun/Institute of Electronics,7/287
  49. Effect of Laser Parameters on Momentum Coupling Coefficient of Laser Propulsion,ZhengYiJun/Institute of Electronics,4/161
  50. Study of a Ku-band Input Coupler for Harmonic-Multiplying Gyro-Amplifier,ZhuMin/Institute of Electronics,1/141

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