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  1. The Preparation of Nanostructures and Research of Perpendicular Exchange Bias,LiWei/Jilin Normal University,0/9
  2. The Research of Phthalic Acid Esters Pollutants in the Environment Sample by Ionic Liquid Aqueous Two-phase Extraction,ZhangLiZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/152
  3. Preparation of Core–Shell Silver-Molecularly Imprinted Microspheres and Application in Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering,DingYan/Jilin Normal University,0/81
  4. Fabrication and Properties of ZnCuVO and ZnCuCeO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor,ChengXin/Jilin Normal University,0/7
  5. Crystal Structures and Properties of Complexes Based on4'-(4''-pyridyl)-2,2':6'2''-terpyridine,WangShanShan/Jilin Normal University,0/95
  6. Synthesis、Characterization and Properties of the Series Coordination Polymers Based on1,10-phenanthroline's Derivates,HeYu/Jilin Normal University,0/51
  7. The Combination Distribution Model and Application,YangKai/Jilin Normal University,0/21
  8. Optimal Distributed Control for Nonlinear N-dimensional Food-chain System with Age Structure,LiZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/13
  9. Study Tian Yuanshu Development and its Influence from the Cultural Perspective,ZhangJianShuang/Jilin Normal University,0/19
  10. The Research for Evaluation of Collective Construction Land Circulation Price,JiangEnCi/Jilin Normal University,0/5
  11. The Research of the Publishing Communication of the Chinese Classics,SunMingHui/Jilin Normal University,0/7
  12. The Optimization and Application Research of Microprocessor Parallel Computing System,LiXiaoJia/Jilin Normal University,0/0
  13. Organic Photoelectirc Devices Based on Re (Ⅰ) Complexes,WangLong/Jilin Normal University,0/30
  14. Fabrication and Properties of CrCu and CrCe Co-doped ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor,FeiLianHua/Jilin Normal University,0/25
  15. The Basketball Court Field Changes with the Development of Technical and Tactical Relationship Research,WangNaiMing/Jilin Normal University,0/7
  16. Mind Map in Classroom of Chinese Practical Inquiry,WangLingLing/Jilin Normal University,1/460
  17. The Rural Pupils’ Reading Environment Problem Analysis,MaXiaoZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/15
  18. Research on Effective Strategy of Questioning in Primary Chinese Classroom,FangRui/Jilin Normal University,0/2
  19. The Comparative Studies of the Urban and Rural Primary Chinese Teachers’ PCK Development,LiHaiZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/181
  20. Construction of Harmonious Society from the Perspective of the Problem of Compulsory Education for Children of Migrant Workers,ZhaoChunLi/Jilin Normal University,0/107
  21. The Relaitonship among Implicit Altruistic,Explicit Altruistic and Interpersonal Trust,YuZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/151
  22. New Vision of Science Education: Socio-scientific Issue Instruction,ZhuYuCheng/Jilin Normal University,0/21
  23. The Research of John Rawls Justice Pirnciples,ZhaoShuangJian/Jilin Normal University,0/400
  24. Marx and Engels’ Social Justice Thought and Its Contemporary Value,ChenJie/Jilin Normal University,0/7
  25. The Study on the Thought of Hume Sympathy,FuYunLei/Jilin Normal University,0/84
  26. A Study on Zhu Xi’s National Outlook,HuangTaiYong/Jilin Normal University,0/89
  27. Mohist View of Mao Tse-tung,LiuXingLiang/Jilin Normal University,0/3
  28. Research on the Trust of Hanfeizi,WangXiaoMing/Jilin Normal University,0/3
  29. The Comparison between Pre-Qin Philosophy and Graeco Philosophy in the Axial Age,LiuChengLin/Jilin Normal University,0/7
  30. From ’Theorism’ to ’Practice Is Higher Than Theory’-on Althusser’s Theory of Ideology,ChenZhenHang/Jilin Normal University,0/91
  31. Study on Materialized Problem of the Spiritual Life of the Contemporary People,HeXue/Jilin Normal University,0/80
  32. The Study of Huang Lao’s Political Thought Research,LiQiang/Jilin Normal University,0/137
  33. The Application of Conceptual Metonymy in College English Reading Teaching,LiMeiRong/Jilin Normal University,0/44
  34. On the Basis and Types of Metaphor Similarity,FanMiaoRan/Jilin Normal University,0/50
  35. Tourism Commentary Language in Social Linguistics Research,WangMeiLan/Jilin Normal University,0/3
  36. Analysis of Russian and Chinese names of national culture,WangNing/Jilin Normal University,0/124
  37. Research on the Plant Words of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary(the5th Edition),LiuYinLing/Jilin Normal University,0/128
  38. A Study on Translation Cognitive Mechanisms from the Perspective of Conceptual Integration Theory,DiLiWei/Jilin Normal University,0/52
  39. A Cognitive Linguistic Study of Branding,YaoZuoFan/Jilin Normal University,0/3
  40. From the communicative intention of gender differences in conversational strategies to achieve - perspective to the Russian movie "Aurora Borealis" dialogue as an example,SunLiNa/Jilin Normal University,0/174
  41. The Research of Traditional Children Songs on the Field of Linguistics,ZhangLei/Jilin Normal University,0/1
  42. The Folk Song of Life,YangShanShan/Jilin Normal University,0/5
  43. On the Northeast Comedy Skit Joking Style,LiuZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/4
  44. A Study on the Comedy from the Northeast Modern Drama Literature in the New Period,ZhangShuo/Jilin Normal University,1/70
  45. Childhood Complex and "chi, Hatred, Dream" the Entanglements of Lu Xun’s Life,WangHongYuan/Jilin Normal University,0/6
  46. A Study of Amy Tan’s Autobiographical Novels from the Perspective of Post-colonial Feminism,ZhouChunLing/Jilin Normal University,0/5
  47. On20th Century American Southern Women’s Fiction Through the Perspective of Cultural Criticism,WangZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/2
  48. A Postcolonial Interpretation of the Continuity and Subversion of Foe on Robinson Crusoe,CaoHe/Jilin Normal University,0/2
  49. ,WangXu/Jilin Normal University,0/1
  50. A Study on Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God and Autobiographical Writing,ZhangHanZuo/Jilin Normal University,0/96

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