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  1. Liang Shuming's Rural Reconstruction and Controversy,CuiHuiZuo/Nankai University,0/85
  2. The Basic Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers Protection Research,XiaJingLei/Nankai University,0/133
  3. A Study on Participant Pluralization in Ethnic Work from Polycentric Governance Perspective,GuoPeng/Nankai University,0/65
  4. Research on the Preferential Policies for Ethnic Minorities in China,HanGang/Nankai University,0/141
  5. Research on Social Regulation: a Perspective of New Institutionism,LiWei/Nankai University,0/58
  6. Research on the Role of Social Organization in the Public Conflict Governance,ZhaoBoYan/Nankai University,0/179
  7. The Rearch of Reducing Poverty and Redistribution Effects of the Minimum Living Security System for Urban Residents in China,WenZuo/Nankai University,0/74
  8. Research on Construction and Effects of Project System in Social Service,ChenWeiLei/Nankai University,0/132
  9. Shaping for Social Actions of the Folk Philanthropic Foundation on the Structure of Welfare Pluralism,XuBing/Nankai University,0/113
  10. Analysis on the Govenrment's Role in the Process of Rural Urbanization,WangMeng/Nankai University,0/126
  11. Research on the Role of Government in China's Regional Industiral Transfer,ZhengChunYong/Nankai University,0/91
  12. Policy Experimental Point in China,ZhouWang/Nankai University,0/105
  13. Study on the Roles of Government Plays as a Third Party in the Process of Intervening Public Conflict,WeiChangWei/Nankai University,0/71
  14. Objectives, Conditions and Path:Study on the Reform on the"County Directly under the Jurisdiction of Province",WangXueLi/Nankai University,0/141
  15. A Research of the Government Regulation System in Media Industry,GuoHaiYing/Nankai University,0/106
  16. The Research on the Inter-department Coordinaton Mechanism of Chinese Government,ZhangXiang/Nankai University,0/186
  17. Bureaucrat Incentives, Governance and Power Regulation,SuChangLu/Nankai University,0/125
  18. Study on the Public Participatory Budgeting of China,WanPing/Nankai University,0/81
  19. A Research on China's Social Protest from a Local-State Perspective,MaYuan/Nankai University,0/42
  20. Research on the Ideological Function of Popular Culture,WangYingXin/Nankai University,0/176
  21. The Development Research on the Discipline of Ideological and Political Education Since the Reform and Opening Up,WangGuiJu/Nankai University,0/211
  22. International Debt Crisis as the Turning Point of Financial Hegemony of America in the Early20th Century,JiangZhenPeng/Nankai University,0/33
  23. The Study on the Supply of Global Public Goods under the Globalization,YuanYan/Nankai University,0/50
  24. Human Nature, History and Conflicts,YangJiPing/Nankai University,0/42
  25. Study on the Longitudinal Power Relationsof American Federalism,YouTengFei/Nankai University,0/88
  26. Study on the Left Party (Die Linkespartei) of Germany,WeiYouSu/Nankai University,0/22
  27. The Research of Theoretical Perspectives on the Communist Party of Russia,LiShiHui/Nankai University,0/30
  28. The Study on the "Color Revolution" of the Commonwealth of Independent States,LiLan/Nankai University,0/106
  29. Research on Japanese Political Funds in Post-war,QuJing/Nankai University,0/12
  30. "Rich People、Equality of People、Renew People",HanJianFeng/Nankai University,0/30
  31. The Relative Balance Is in Centralization and Decentralization——the Goveming Philosophy Study of Lu Zhi,LuoHong/Nankai University,0/46
  32. Research on Community Service Support Home Care Service,XiuHongFang/Nankai University,0/218
  33. Research of the Problems Exist in the Urban Elder-Care Homes in China,ZhaoZuoZuo/Nankai University,0/169
  34. Marx and Engels's Class Division Theory and Class Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Society,ZhaoXueChang/Nankai University,0/99
  35. Study of Network Political Participation in Contemporary China,ZhengXingGang/Nankai University,0/86
  36. A Research on County Government Capacity and Its Evaluation System,SongJie/Nankai University,0/82
  37. The Opportunities and Challenges of Ideology in China on the Internet Times,GaoJianHua/Nankai University,0/262
  38. On Zhang Wentian and Sinicization of Marxism,LiuZhanKui/Nankai University,0/48
  39. China Model: Experience, Dilemma and Way out,YangXiuPing/Nankai University,0/132
  40. On ZHOU Enlai's Thought and Realization of the Goal of the Four Modemizations,LiuHui/Nankai University,0/38
  41. The Research on the Institutional Transition of the State Council in China in the Perspective of the New Institutionalism (1954-1966),LiuJuan/Nankai University,0/56
  42. The Study on Cultural Theory Innovation of Chinese Communist Party since Reform and Opening up of China,WangWenQiang/Nankai University,0/107
  43. Research on the Relationship between Monarch and Courtiers in Ancient China,YangJinJuan/Nankai University,0/72
  44. Research on Mcintyre's Thought about Community in the Vision of Political Philosophy,LiuZiMei/Nankai University,0/43
  45. A Study on Western Modern Social Contract Theory,HanXiaoJie/Nankai University,0/146
  46. Adaptability Adjustment:the Research of of Institutional Transformation in China from the Perspective of New Institutionalism,LiYan/Nankai University,0/127
  47. Suture Criticism as Political Analysis——Slavoj Zizek Students,LiuZuoTing/Nankai University,0/32
  48. The Study on the Socialism Thought of New Marxists in Russia,DuBaoLing/Nankai University,0/43
  49. Research on Liang Qichao's Thought of Constitutionalism,TangJing/Nankai University,0/57
  50. A Study on YangDu's Political Thought,TongShunYao/Nankai University,0/54

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