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  1. Research on the Differential Evolution Algorithm for Nolinear Mixed Integer Programming Problems,WuJun/North University of Nationalities,0/3
  2. Development of Interactive Partial Retrieval Platform in3D CAD Model,BiGuoZuo/North University of Nationalities,0/3
  3. Comparative Study of the Republic China and the Contemporary Era in Stylistic Rhetoric Features of Administrative Document,QinChengCheng/North University of Nationalities,0/2
  4. The Earthquake Research of Pingluo in1739,GongLiuHui/North University of Nationalities,0/0
  5. Exponential Stability of Stochastic Population System,DuQingHui/North University of Nationalities,0/20
  6. Dynamical Behavior and Synchronization Study for a Kind of Discrete-time Systems with Random Parameter,DongDuan/North University of Nationalities,0/1
  7. Research of Several Iterative Algorithms for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems and Application,ZhangJin/North University of Nationalities,0/4
  8. Design of Temperature and Humidity Measurement and Control System Based on ZigBee and Embedded Linux for Precision Instrument Laboratory,YuanJinZheng/North University of Nationalities,0/136
  9. Application and Research of Hyper-Sphere Multi-class Support Vector Machine in Mutton Sheep Disease Diagnosis Expert System,LianHuaHua/North University of Nationalities,0/15
  10. The Research of Particle Swarm Optimization Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems,LeiFanFan/North University of Nationalities,0/89
  11. Research on the Improvement of Harmony Search Algorithm,ChenYingZhen/North University of Nationalities,0/78
  12. Design and Research of College Campus Networks Construction Scheme,YaoKun/North University of Nationalities,0/459
  13. Research on Semantic Business Process Model in Logistics Distribution Field,MengXiaoLi/North University of Nationalities,0/17
  14. Web Display System Construction of National Cultural Heritage Protection,GaoLeLe/North University of Nationalities,0/60
  15. The Research and Design for Automatic Measurement System of Milk Production Based on Image Recognition Technology,LiuGuangMing/North University of Nationalities,0/34
  16. Research on Edge Detection Algorithm Employing Multiple Neighbor Cellular Neural Networks with Optimization Algorithm and Linear Matrix Inequality,WangHongHong/North University of Nationalities,0/25
  17. The Reservoir Disaster Prevention and Rescue System Based on the Android Client’s Tank Design,LiTao/North University of Nationalities,0/63
  18. Research in the Function of Ideological and Political Education in Dealing with College Incident,LiuRuiFang/North University of Nationalities,0/45
  19. Study on the Formation of Values of the Minority University Students in the New Era,GaoJinQiang/North University of Nationalities,0/86
  20. Study on the Cultivation of Citizen’s Awareness for College Students in Ningxia,LiWenJing/North University of Nationalities,0/76
  21. The Research of the Youngster’ Values in Western New Energy Economic Zones,ZhangMin/North University of Nationalities,0/18
  22. Application Quantitative Analysis Methods in Ideological and Political Education,FengXiaoDan/North University of Nationalities,0/62
  23. The Research of Theft Based on Tiansheng Laws,DongZuoYu/North University of Nationalities,0/19
  24. Cultural Interaction and Culture Hybrid,LuGang/North University of Nationalities,0/31
  25. On the Geographic Channels of the Northern Nomads’ Moving Southward,WangXiaoLei/North University of Nationalities,0/134
  26. The Investigation and Research on the Teeming Phenomenon of Ningxia Hui Nationality,ZhangPing/North University of Nationalities,0/39
  27. The Research of Man and Han Compound Words in Manchu Language,WanYanZuoJie/North University of Nationalities,0/43
  28. The Research of Zhenguan Politicians in the British Library Translated by Tangut,WangRongFei/North University of Nationalities,0/48
  29. Study on the Phenomenon of the Verb-object Group Followed by an Object of the News Headlines,ZhangTingLi/North University of Nationalities,0/77
  30. Research the Verbs in the Sports Netnews Headlines,DuanZuoHua/North University of Nationalities,0/74
  31. Geographical Background of Chinese Formal Names Research,WangZuoZuo/North University of Nationalities,0/24
  32. The Research of Exegesis Method in "Maoshizhengyi",ZhouZuoSen/North University of Nationalities,0/71
  33. "Biography" of Shanghai Culture of Flowers,LiZuo/North University of Nationalities,0/65
  34. The Research of "Jin Ping Mei" Concubine Women,ZhaoXiaoYan/North University of Nationalities,0/174
  35. Research on Jinpingmei the Image of Slaves,WuLanQiMuGe/North University of Nationalities,0/305
  36. Study on the Effect of the View of Adversity and Cautious Sayings of Confucianism to Ruan Ji’s Poem of Yong Huai,WangYan/North University of Nationalities,0/105
  37. Research "Bold and Unconstrained Words" in the Northern Song Dynasty Development and Rheological,YangYang/North University of Nationalities,0/95
  38. "The Orphan of Chao" Spreading Research,WangBoYa/North University of Nationalities,0/144
  39. Differential Proteomic Analysis of Callus Derived from Different Explants,ZhangXin/North University of Nationalities,0/15
  40. Research on Inheritance and Influences of Fertilize on Formation and Accumulation of HMW-GS in Spring Wheat,ZhaoHaiXia/North University of Nationalities,0/9
  41. Research and Design of Embedded Control System for Material Impact Testing Equipment,QuKeWen/North University of Nationalities,0/26
  42. The Design and Implementation of Oil Wellhead Pressure and Flow Data Acquisition System,ZhangFan/North University of Nationalities,0/49
  43. Gene Cloning, Expression and Characterization of Thermophilic Xylananse from Humicola Insolens Y1,DuYanLong/North University of Nationalities,0/38
  44. Two-Dimensional Mathematical Model of the Flows and Sedimentation and Its Application to Natural River Natural River,MaZuo/North University of Nationalities,0/55
  45. The Optimal Control Policy for Several Types of Prey-predator System,ZengXiaPing/North University of Nationalities,0/40
  46. Optimality Conditions of Multi-Objective Programming Problems Involving a Class of Generalized Convexity,WangMin/North University of Nationalities,0/4
  47. Branch-and-Bound Algorithms of Nonconvex Programming Problems,WeiFei/North University of Nationalities,0/96
  48. The Approximation Order of Two-Scaled Similarity and Inverse Two-Scaled Similarity Transforms,ZhangGuangChen/North University of Nationalities,0/51
  49. Minimum-energy Wavelet Frames,LiQiuFu/North University of Nationalities,0/19
  50. Some Improvements on Krylov Subspace Methods and Their Applications for Soving N-S Equations,GuanPengYan/North University of Nationalities,0/31

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