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  1. Studies into Aesthetic Biology Teaching in High School,LiaoMao/Southwest China Normal,2/162
  2. Research on the Credit Education of Contemporary College Students,LiuYaLan/Southwest China Normal,9/673
  3. Research on Cadres’ Group Construction in New Age,YangAiHua/Southwest China Normal,2/506
  4. On Strengthening the Political Ideology Education in the Employment Guidance for the College Graduates,ZhouPingYuan/Southwest China Normal,11/701
  5. On the Status and Function of the Communist Youth League in the Moral Education of University in New Period,HuangMingJing/Southwest China Normal,1/689
  6. The Study on Influence of New Curricular Reform to Teachers’ Sense of Teaching Efficacy、Teaching Motivation and Occupational Stress,WangMei/Southwest China Normal,18/602
  7. Experimental Study on Developing Students’ Practical Thinking in Grade Seven: Mathematical Open-ended Problem Solving,ChenLiang/Southwest China Normal,3/220
  8. Curriculum Development Problems and Countermeasures teachers,GuoLianFeng/Southwest China Normal,6/688
  9. The Study on the Teaching Problems and the Supervisory and Guiding Tactics of Chongqing Information Engineering College,HeShuDe/Southwest China Normal,0/125
  10. The Study in the US at the Expenditure of War Loss Indemnity of the Year 1900" and the Modernization of Higher Education in China,LiuXiuYing/Southwest China Normal,6/517
  11. The Dissemination of the Western Learning and Its Influence on the Traditional Education During the Late Ming Dynasty and the Early Qing Dynasty in China,TanChao/Southwest China Normal,2/420
  12. The Study of the Interaction between Teachers and Children in Game in Kindergarten,GuoZuoZuo/Southwest China Normal,9/856
  13. The Study of Classroom Teaching Based on Aesthetic,SongYan/Southwest China Normal,3/260
  14. Research on the Reform of Fee and Tax and Expenditure Investment in Compulsive Education of the Countryside,ZhengQingWen/Southwest China Normal,7/315
  15. Research into the Industrial Restructuring and Reform of Secondary Vocational Education of Qianjiang District in Chongqing City,OuYangXia/Southwest China Normal,3/168
  16. Research into the Formation of Features of the Newly-founded Colleges under Local Administration,ZhaoYangQun/Southwest China Normal,13/447
  17. The Study on Efficacy of Educational Research of Secondary-school Teachers in Yanjiang District of Ziyang,LongChengJian/Southwest China Normal,1/160
  18. The Experimental Study of Small-item Exploratory Teaching in Junior Middle School Physical Experiment,YinDuanJin/Southwest China Normal,3/302
  19. An Experimental Research on Guided Inquiry Teaching of High School Physics,DaiJunGuo/Southwest China Normal,0/223
  20. On the Construction of the Educating Model of Morality (EMM) in Integrated Senior High Schools (ISHS),ChengXu/Southwest China Normal,0/187
  21. On the Construction of Campus Culture for Independently Established Higher Vocational Institutes,NieQiang/Southwest China Normal,8/454
  22. A Study on Students’ Ethics Education as Teachers in the Future in Normal Schools in the New Century,DengRuQing/Southwest China Normal,1/177
  23. On the Trend Towards the Reform of History Teaching in Middle Schools,HeYongHong/Southwest China Normal,1/341
  24. New Direction of the History Teaching Evaluation of Senior High School,FanHeYong/Southwest China Normal,5/506
  25. A Study of Interactive Heuristic Teaching Mode of History in the Middle-School,LiCaiJun/Southwest China Normal,2/351
  26. On History Learning Strategies in Middle School under New Course Concepts,LiJiaZhi/Southwest China Normal,2/314
  27. On the Cultivation of Inquiring Ability in History Teaching in the Middle School,XieZhangFang/Southwest China Normal,4/236
  28. On the Relationship between the Beauty of Language and the Chinese Education,WangDaAn/Southwest China Normal,0/89
  29. On Dialogue Instruction in Chinese Teaching,GuoJuPing/Southwest China Normal,3/354
  30. On the Children’s Literature Philosophy Acquirement for the Teachers of Chinese in the 21~(st) Century,ZhengZuoYan/Southwest China Normal,1/431
  31. The Present Situation and Outlet of the Teaching of Writings in Classical Chinese in Middle School Chinese Teaching,ChenZiQian/Southwest China Normal,6/537
  32. The Relationship between Chinese Teaching and the Sense of Life Culturing,FuLiPing/Southwest China Normal,5/255
  33. Promoting Learner Autonomy in Senior High School,JingYun/Southwest China Normal,1/507
  34. Multimedia Net Technology and Its Influence on English Reading Teaching,LiZuo/Southwest China Normal,3/795
  35. The Current Situation of New-curriculum School-based Teacher Training and the Study of Internal Regulatory Regime,GouPing/Southwest China Normal,4/380
  36. Research on Small-class Teaching in US.,ZhongZuo/Southwest China Normal,8/671
  37. A Study on Indian IT Vocational Education,FuZuo/Southwest China Normal,4/497
  38. Surveys and Studies on Current Situations of Technical & Vocational Education in Xingwen County, Sichuan Province, China,WangTao/Southwest China Normal,0/113
  39. A Study on the Construction of Poor Students’ Work-study Program System in Colleges,ZhangYanPing/Southwest China Normal,8/820
  40. Status Quo of University Student’s Consumption Culture and Guiding Research of University Moral Education,WanJin/Southwest China Normal,13/930
  41. An Investigating Study of the High School Student’s Flaunting Consumption,CheLei/Southwest China Normal,5/886
  42. A Study of Ideological and Political Education of the Impoverished & Particularly Needy College Students in Institutions of Higher Education,DengHuChuan/Southwest China Normal,6/305
  43. On the Present Situation of College Students’ Honesty and Credit and Educational Countermeasures,QuLinLin/Southwest China Normal,2/616
  44. A Study and Developmental Countermeasures of Current Situation in Ideological and Political Teaching in Middle School,ZouShaoQing/Southwest China Normal,16/886
  45. The Research on Environment Construction of Moral Education in Colleges and Universities,JinYongJun/Southwest China Normal,6/254
  46. Chinese Teaching in Middle Schools & Education in Environment,ZengZuoHong/Southwest China Normal,5/179
  47. The Research on the Teaching Strategy of High School History Exploring Teaching,LiMengRan/Southwest China Normal,1/318
  48. Design of the Education of Career Planning of Secondary Vocational School Students,YaoGuiPing/Southwest China Normal,17/841
  49. A Study on Compilation and Experimental Results about Statistics and Probability in Pilot Mathematics Textbooks for Elementary Schools,LiuFuLin/Southwest China Normal,7/637
  50. Research on Complication and Accommodation about Solving-problem of Pilot Mathematics Textbook for Elementary Schools,YangYuZuo/Southwest China Normal,7/329

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