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  1. A Research on the Problem of Capitalization in the Process Development Agriculture in Chongqing,GengLi/Southwest China Normal,0/103
  2. A Research on the Strategy and Countermeasure of Urbanization of Jiangjin,HuangJie/Southwest China Normal,5/209
  3. Study on the Relationship between Economic Development and Urbanization Process,LvZuo/Southwest China Normal,5/556
  4. A Research on the Selection of Urbanization Way and Countermeasure of Nanxi County,FangWenBin/Southwest China Normal,0/81
  5. Study on Development of Characteristic Agriculture in YiBin,LiuXingWan/Southwest China Normal,5/421
  6. Study on Readjustment of Agricultural Structure of Wushan County in Chongqing Municipality,WangQingGang/Southwest China Normal,3/136
  7. Researches on Urban Land Readjustment,XiaoGang/Southwest China Normal,5/457
  8. Study of the Adjustment of Economic Structure in Wansheng District,TaoShiXiang/Southwest China Normal,0/131
  9. A Study of the Duet in "The Marriage of Figaro,ChenYing/Southwest China Normal,7/512
  10. Exploring the Construction of Rational Method of Doubt,FuCunQing/Southwest China Normal,0/131
  11. National Spirit in Piano Music of the Romantics,TangZuo/Southwest China Normal,3/535
  12. An Analyzing on the Playing Style of Mozart’s Piano Music,FanYi/Southwest China Normal,2/795
  13. Deep Feelings and Life Shock,GaoFuXiao/Southwest China Normal,1/379
  14. The Effect of Cognitive Style and Mode of Presentation on the Scientific Learning in Multimedia Environment,ChenZuo/Southwest China Normal,25/756
  15. A Prototype Approach Towards Prepositional Semantic Networks,TanJianQin/Southwest China Normal,2/212
  16. Invisibility, Domesticity and Egalitarianism in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,YangZuo/Southwest China Normal,1/319
  17. A Cognitive Study of the Spatialization of Time Metaphors in Chinese,ChengJun/Southwest China Normal,1/402
  18. Rediscovering the Tradition,LuoWenZuo/Southwest China Normal,3/213
  19. The Influence of Bazin on Chinese Movies,ShaoRuBo/Southwest China Normal,1/350
  20. On the Economic Development of the Miao Area of Guizhou in the Earlier Qing Dynasty,RenJunShang/Southwest China Normal,0/285
  21. A Questionnaire of Life Events Change for Middle School Students,DiMin/Southwest China Normal,14/468
  22. The Time Memory Traits of College Students with Network Addiction under Being Online,YinHuaZhan/Southwest China Normal,2/314
  23. An Exploratory Investigation on Interaction of the Attachment Style in Romantic Relationship,GuYu/Southwest China Normal,15/876
  24. Research of the Drug Craving of Those Abstained from Drugs During Their Treatment,LuoYong/Southwest China Normal,11/170
  25. A Cognitive Study on the Temporal Cognition of the "Near Future" in 5-to 8-Year-Olds,ChenYing/Southwest China Normal,1/143
  26. A Pilot Study on University Students’ Honesty,GuiYaLi/Southwest China Normal,24/628
  27. On the Artistic Style of Language in Zhu Ziqing’s Proses,JiangDeJun/Southwest China Normal,0/624
  28. An Investigation on Teachers’ Questioning in English Classes of Junior Middle Schools,Zhou/Southwest China Normal,8/1002
  29. Inter-osculation and Coincidence between Economic Man and Moral Man,FanZhaoQuan/Southwest China Normal,0/330
  30. A Study of Logic in the Meaning of "Ultimate Concern,YinJingWang/Southwest China Normal,0/63
  31. Experimental Studies on the New Model of Inferencs: the Recognition Heuristic,LiuMin/Southwest China Normal,3/150
  32. Development of Task-based Language Teaching and Learning,LiXueMei/Southwest China Normal,6/824
  33. Cold, Loneliness and Nihility,YangXiaoRui/Southwest China Normal,0/241
  34. The Poetic Philosophy in Humorous Tears,ZhangLiXin/Southwest China Normal,0/252
  35. A Psychological Study on Adolescent Parent-child Communication,ZhangFeng/Southwest China Normal,21/1598
  36. The Research of Undergraduates’ Learning Adaptability: It’s Structure, Developmental Characteristics and Enfluential Factors,XuXiaoJun/Southwest China Normal,48/2088
  37. A Study on the Social Responsibility Structure and Its Developmental Characteristics of Middle School Students,LiXue/Southwest China Normal,30/518
  38. The Role of Linguistic Labels in 6-9-year-old Children’s Specific Inductive Inference,LuTianLing/Southwest China Normal,1/126
  39. A Study on Undergraduates’ Stress Disorder and Coping Strategies After Serious Society Life Events-Taking SARS for Example,SunYuan/Southwest China Normal,1/535
  40. The Research on Undergraduates’ Narcissistic Personality and Its Relationships with Psychological Well-being,HuangZuo/Southwest China Normal,4/712
  41. The Tentative Comparative Study of the Associative Compound Characters in Inscriptions on Bones or Tortoise Shells and Naxi Dongba Scripts,FanChangXi/Southwest China Normal,12/313
  42. An Experimental Study on Disjunctive Reasoning under Uncertainty of the College Students,HuangRenZhi/Southwest China Normal,1/109
  43. The Relation between Children’s Ability to Alternative Naming and Understand False Belief,WangNaiZuo/Southwest China Normal,2/111
  44. Treading and Watching in Prose of 1990s Exploring the Evolution of Clerisy Pneuma from 2 Imago: Landscape and Sashay,ChengJin/Southwest China Normal,0/193
  45. The Deriving and Surmount of the Suffering,YanGuangDe/Southwest China Normal,2/455
  46. Expound to Narrative Art of Su Tong’s Fictions,ZhengWenHao/Southwest China Normal,2/534
  47. Luling and Beibei,NiHaiYan/Southwest China Normal,4/154
  48. The Chinese War Production Board and the U.S.,WangYong/Southwest China Normal,2/95
  49. Post-war Japanese National Views on Private School,LiuHuaYing/Southwest China Normal,0/121
  50. A Discussion on the Material Bestowment in the Tang Dynasty,PengKangHua/Southwest China Normal,13/350

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