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  1. Sichuan Jurassic the next Shaximiao sandstone reservoir into Tibet and exploration and development proposals,LiuGuiXia/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/486
  2. Sinopec Southwest Branch Development Strategy,ZhangXiaoBin/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/1005
  3. The Studies on Dynamics of Self-synchronization Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker,HuXinFeng/Southwest Petroleum Institute,5/638
  4. Study on Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow Technology in Pipeline,HanZuo/Southwest Petroleum Institute,10/1825
  5. Boundary Element Method in well test analysis,WangDaoFu/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/407
  6. The Studies on Dynamic Filter Pressing of Drilling Fluid and Moving Law of Two-phase Flow of Solid-liquid,YangXianPing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,3/664
  7. Qinghai Sebei Quaternary biogenic gas gas fields the main developed technology research,MaLiNing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/308
  8. Vug carbonate reservoir modeling,YangHuiTing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/1581
  9. Research on the Conditions of Hydrocarbon-generating and the Correlation of Oil and Source Rock from the Jiuxi Depression,ChenJianJun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/333
  10. Pressure water jet theory and application of basic research,XuYiJi/Southwest Petroleum Institute,8/1171
  11. Dongpu depression fractured shale reservoir characteristics and recognition technology,HuaXueLi/Southwest Petroleum Institute,3/518
  12. Redistribution of natural gas and its accumulation in study,FuXiaoWen/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/315
  13. Qaidam Basin in western Himalayan movement and petroleum reservoir research,ChenXinLing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/446
  14. The Comprehensive Study of Reservoir of Feixianguan Formation in Lower Triassic Series, Northeast Sichuan,HuangXianPing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,6/808
  15. Optimization of waxy crude pipeline additives run,ZuoXiHua/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/747
  16. Quaternary biogenic gas in the eastern part of the Qaidam Basin formation mechanism and forming rules,ZhangXiang/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/387
  17. Rod pumping system to optimize the design and numerical simulation of directional wells,LiZhenZhi/Southwest Petroleum Institute,4/1016
  18. Operation Optimization of Long-Distance Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines and Compressor Stations Load Scheduling,WangXiYong/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/1007
  19. Research on Fine Reservoir Description and Numerical Simulation of Steam-injection Development after Water-flooding in Heavy Oil Reservoir,HuoJin/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/993
  20. Productivity Evaluation by Finite Element Method and Underbalance Pressure Determination for Perforated Oil Wells in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs,WuYuanLun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/633
  21. A Study on the Complex Phase Behavior Theory of Multiphase Fluid in Deep Gas Condensate Reservoirs and the New Method to Improve Gas Well Productivity,TangYong/Southwest Petroleum Institute,4/1240
  22. Changqing gas field in non - homogeneous gas reservoir pressure dynamic characteristics and capacity analysis method,TanZhongGuo/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/935
  23. Tight gas reservoir capacity analysis method,ZhangBaiLing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/1254
  24. Daqing Oilfield associating polymer to improve oil displacement efficiency and the mechanism of,LiHuaBin/Southwest Petroleum Institute,6/867
  25. Research on Casing Collapse Resistance,HanJianZeng/Southwest Petroleum Institute,19/843
  26. To repeat fracturing technology research and application,ZengYuChen/Southwest Petroleum Institute,14/926
  27. Associating polymer structure solution oil displacement efficiency research,YangHuaiJun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,8/623
  28. China's natural gas resources development and utilization technology economic research,HeZuo/Southwest Petroleum Institute,3/1094
  29. The Research of Vibration Mechanism and Analysis of Dynamic Response for Tubing String,HuangZuo/Southwest Petroleum Institute,4/622
  30. The Theory and Application Research of Fluid-solid Coupling Percolation in Deformed Media Gas Reservoir,YangFangYong/Southwest Petroleum Institute,6/825
  31. Double medium gas reservoir fluid and solid coupling numerical simulation research,WenChengYang/Southwest Petroleum Institute,3/765
  32. Downhole vortex apparatus design theory and test research,DuJun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/271
  33. Fracturing pack sand control and production technology research,JiaoGuoYing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,7/1216
  34. Dabashan mountain front area the lower Triassic feixianguan group and the control factors of the reservoir research,ChenGengSheng/Southwest Petroleum Institute,5/382
  35. Water drive oilfield development effect evaluation method research,LiXingXun/Southwest Petroleum Institute,15/2518
  36. Scale and Corrosion Inhibition Technique for Wastewater in Oilfield,ZhangGuiCai/Southwest Petroleum Institute,11/1924
  37. Thin layer, high permeability bottom water reservoir optimization control research,WuYunQiang/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/544
  38. Oil and gas in the process of developing the CO_2 corrosion mechanism and protection technology research,LiChunFu/Southwest Petroleum Institute,14/1671
  39. Clastic rock reservoir modeling method,RenBaoSheng/Southwest Petroleum Institute,4/1089
  40. Development of multi - fuel multi-level environmental combustion engine oil,HuangFuChuan/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/326
  41. The salt resistant polymer synthesis and new binary compound system drive oily qualitative research,HouTianJiang/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/587
  42. New type of resistance to salt resistance to temperature foam composite system research and performance evaluation,ZhaoHuaTing/Southwest Petroleum Institute,18/941
  43. Reservoir management mode and digital reservoir design and application,XieDan/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/645
  44. Buried hot oil pipeline running analysis,ZhangShaoJie/Southwest Petroleum Institute,3/886
  45. Low permeability gas reservoir porous media and condensate gas reservoir percolation mechanism research,JiangZuoWei/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/1172
  46. Reservoir parameter model,ZhangGongShe/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/605
  47. Multiwave seismic prospecting technology research and its application in reservoir description,HuangZhongYu/Southwest Petroleum Institute,0/553
  48. Research on Optimal Distribution Production of Gas Well & Reserves and Software System Design,LuLiZe/Southwest Petroleum Institute,1/696
  49. The Study on Development Strategy to Keep Gas Pool Stable Production for Carbonate-rock Gas Reservoir with Water,WuZuoTang/Southwest Petroleum Institute,5/793
  50. The prediction technology research to optimize decision - making and the effect of profile,ZhangYong/Southwest Petroleum Institute,2/855

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