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  1. Effect of Resistant Starch on Intestinal Physiological Environment and Gastrointestinal Function in Rats/mice,ZuoYu/Southwestern University,0/192
  2. Study on the Nutrition and Functional Properties of the Polypeptide of the Walnut Juglans Comes Dali,Yunnan,XuLei/Southwestern University,0/15
  3. Comparative study on the cutting performance of TiN, TiAIN coated tool,RanChunHua/Southwestern University,0/143
  4. Applications of AuNPs, Fe3O4Nanoparticles and Fe3O4@Au Nanorose in Biosensing and Cell Imaging Major:Analytical Chemistry; PhD Graduate:LI Chun Mei Directed by Professor LI Yuan Fang and HUANG Cheng Zhi,LiChunMei/Southwestern University,0/94
  5. H2 in Fe3O4 (Ⅲ) adsorption and dissociation of surface,ZhangHao/Southwestern University,0/43
  6. Preparation and Analytical Applications of Fluorescent Probes for Recognition of Pyrophosphate and Nucleosides Triphosphate,ZhaoXiJuan/Southwestern University,0/140
  7. Analytical Applications of the Polymer Functionalized Silver Nanoparticles,ChenChaoZuo/Southwestern University,0/134
  8. Study on the Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Dots and the Applications in Pharmaceutical Analysis,LiuHui/Southwestern University,0/174
  9. Fluorescent DNA and Silver Nanoclusters Sensors for Sensing Metal Ions and Small Organic Moleculars,ZhangJianRong/Southwestern University,0/83
  10. Fabrication of Nanocomposites and Their Applications in Bioanalysis,LiXueLian/Southwestern University,0/1474
  11. A Study on the New Method for the Determination of Thrombin, Cadmium(Ⅱ)and4-Nitrophenol by Chemically Modified Electrodes,JiaoXiaoXia/Southwestern University,0/21
  12. Construction and Application of DNA-Based Electrochemical Sensors,ZhangZuoYuan/Southwestern University,0/37
  13. Process Analysis of External Fields Intensified Photocatalysis and Gas-liquid Reaction for the Treatment of Pollutants in Wastewaters,ChengZhiLiang/Southwestern University,0/31
  14. Studies on the Mechanism of Luminol Chemiluminescence Catalyzed by Inorganic Carbon and Selenide Nanoparticles,WangDongMei/Southwestern University,0/18
  15. Karst mountain vadose cave drip water chemistry and water on nitrate hole research as an example,ZhouWenLiang/Southwestern University,0/43
  16. Researching on the Response of Trace Elements of Soil Infiltrating Water to the Surface Environment and Its Application in the Study of Modern Speleothem,LiJunYun/Southwestern University,0/13
  17. The Plant Species Diversity and Soil Characteristics of Several Typical Forests in Subtropical,SongPengYang/Southwestern University,0/14
  18. Study on the Identification of Hemocyte Specific Marker BmintegrinaPS3and the Regulation of Bm Ush in Hematopoiesis,TanJuan/Southwestern University,0/56
  19. Identification of Proteins Interacting with Silkworm Transcription Factor BR-C Using Yeast Two-Hybrid System,WangYongHu/Southwestern University,0/113
  20. Vertebrate diversity in the Chishui Alsophila Nature Reserve,YinXianMing/Southwestern University,0/10
  21. The Evolutionary and Functional Analysis of Nosema-specific Collinearity Region,LuoJie/Southwestern University,0/50
  22. Study on Key Genes3β-HSD and StAR of the Steroidgenesis in Nile Tilapia,YuXiangGuo/Southwestern University,0/88
  23. Random Attractors of Sine-Gordon Equations with Additive Noise,ZhaoYueLi/Southwestern University,0/11
  24. Random Attractors of Wave Equations with Multiplicative Noise,HeJunKe/Southwestern University,0/8
  25. Rates of Convergence of Limit Distributions of Order Statistics under Power Normalization,WangChao/Southwestern University,0/16
  26. Random Attractors of Semilinear Parabolic Equation with Multiplicative Noise,WangRui/Southwestern University,0/22
  27. Random Attractors for a Wave Equations with Sublinear Multiplicative Noise,SangZongZuo/Southwestern University,0/27
  28. Von Mises Conditions for P-max Stable Laws,YangNa/Southwestern University,0/17
  29. Limit Distribution of Maxima of Strongly Dependent Gaussian Vector Sequences under Complete and Incomplete Samples,ZhangGeng/Southwestern University,0/16
  30. Study on the current situation, problems and Countermeasures of Chongqing science and Technology Museum,SunJingYuan/Southwestern University,0/3
  31. Study on the Management System of the Science Institute of West China,WangDengKun/Southwestern University,0/6
  32. The problems and Countermeasures of the Chinese academician system,ZhouYuNa/Southwestern University,2/289
  33. The Effect of Need for Cognition and Framing Effect on College Students’ Purchase Decisions:an Empirical Research,ChengYanRong/Southwestern University,0/70
  34. Study on Economic Responsibility Audit Evaluation of the Township Leading Cadres,LuoYanFen/Southwestern University,0/610
  35. Study on the internal governance of the accounting firms,ZuoZongLi/Southwestern University,0/10
  36. The Research on the Insurance Industry of Chongqing during the Period of Anti-Japanese War(1937-1945),QuLiWei/Southwestern University,0/40
  37. Research on the Behavior Characteristic and Affecting Factors Faced on the Catastrophe Risk,TangMei/Southwestern University,0/26
  38. Research on the Operating Efficiency of Policy-oriented Agriculture Insurance,XuLiPing/Southwestern University,0/422
  39. The Valuation Research of Ping an Insurance Corporation of China,ZhaoYing/Southwestern University,2/473
  40. Study on the Construction of Upper Yangtze River Financial Center of Chongqing,HaoZuo/Southwestern University,0/58
  41. Research on the Rural Financial Exclusion in China under the Background of Inclusive Finance,ChenSi/Southwestern University,0/219
  42. Study on the Evaluation and Optimization of Rural Financial Ecological System,ChenJingZhi/Southwestern University,0/88
  43. An empirical study of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures and stock index relationship,WangLi/Southwestern University,0/51
  44. A Study on Market Efficiency of Market Maker Mechanism,JiangYuan/Southwestern University,0/417
  45. Research on the Problem That the Government Investment Crowd Out the Private Investment in China,DuHao/Southwestern University,0/106
  46. Credit Risk Control in Bank of Chongqing,ZhangLanYue/Southwestern University,2/546
  47. The Empirical Research of the Financial Development’s Influe-nce on the Performance of Commercial Bank in China,ChengQiuMing/Southwestern University,0/39
  48. Research on the Efficiency of State-owned Banks,JinZuo/Southwestern University,0/57
  49. Study on the Impact of China’s Banking Operation Eff-icency of the Entry of Foreign Banks,ChenLiu/Southwestern University,0/82
  50. The Regional Differences of China’s Rural Financial Development,LuFei/Southwestern University,0/652

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