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  1. A Study on the Benchmark Price Calculate of the Land Ticket in Chongqing,SuKangChuan/Southwestern University,3/217
  2. Study on Optimizing Rural Residential Land Layout in New Countrside Construction,TangJuan/Southwestern University,2/452
  3. Research on the problems and Countermeasures of land expropriation compensation in the urban area of Chongqing City,TangHuaLun/Southwestern University,0/96
  4. Study on land expropriation compensation system in Chongqing City,Wu/Southwestern University,0/112
  5. Study on the Control of Non-public Expropriation of Rural Land,ZhouHongWen/Southwestern University,0/189
  6. Study on Factor Affecting General Land Use Planning Compilation,LiBing/Southwestern University,0/171
  7. The Action Mechanism of the Transformation of Farmers’ Livelihood to Evolution of the Rurual Residential Land and Its Adjustment Measures,DaiPeiZuo/Southwestern University,0/195
  8. Study on Rural Collective Construction Land Standard Price of Land Transfer,FengXiaoHong/Southwestern University,0/182
  9. Research on the Economic Value Change of Arable Land Before and After Implementing Land Consolidation,YinShuai/Southwestern University,0/173
  10. Scale Effect Analysis of Land Circulation,LiZuo/Southwestern University,0/197
  11. Agricultural Land Saving and Intensive Use Research,ZhouShuang/Southwestern University,0/329
  12. AHP-based Evaluation of Land Comprehensive Improvement and Solution Research,WuXinYu/Southwestern University,0/328
  13. The Analysis and Policy Recommendations of Land-lost Farmers under the Background of Balancing Urban and Rural,CaoXiaoTeng/Southwestern University,0/398
  14. Study on the Reconsolidation Potential of Rural Residential Land in the Combination Zone Between Urban and Rural Area,YangZuoZuo/Southwestern University,2/180
  15. Research on the Effect of Land Transfer on the Farmer’s Income under the Background Balancing Urban and Rural in Chongqing,GongXiaoHong/Southwestern University,0/597
  16. Potentiality Analysis of Rural Land RearrangementBased on Different Characteristic Mode in Chongqing,YangWei/Southwestern University,0/453
  17. A Research on Behaviors of Farmers’Households’ Returning Their Lands in the Background of the Households Registration System Reform,WangZhaoLin/Southwestern University,0/625
  18. The Evaluation of Sustainable Land Consolidation for Chongqing,SunZuoXia/Southwestern University,0/812
  19. Research on the Model Building of Rural Settlement Spatial Layout Optimization,ZhangXu/Southwestern University,1/580
  20. Study on the Operation and Innovation System of Rural Construction Land Consolidation,ZhuYuBi/Southwestern University,5/993
  21. The Evaluation of the Clinton Administration’s New Economy,BaiYu/Southwestern University,0/14
  22. Research on the Relationship between Urban and Rural Coordinated Development from the Perspective of Urban and Rural Harmonious in Hebei Province,WuJingTao/Southwestern University,1/93
  23. Study of Measures for the Integration of Dazhou into the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone,LiMingHong/Southwestern University,0/14
  24. Study of the Influence on the Economic Growth from Changes in the Industrial Structure in Three Gorges Reservoir,JianJie/Southwestern University,0/15
  25. Research on the Effects of Highway Construction on the Regional Economy in Laiwu,MengLingYan/Southwestern University,0/19
  26. Research on the Issues and Countermeasures for Economic Transformation of Jiaozuo,LiuSiYang/Southwestern University,0/42
  27. Research on Cultivation Strategy of Chongqing strategic emerging industry,ZuoShiLi/Southwestern University,0/57
  28. Study on the Impact of Financial Agglomeration to Regional Economic Growth in China,HuYue/Southwestern University,0/80
  29. The financial support of Chongqing city county economic growth in the study in Bishan county and Wuxi County as an example,XuHao/Southwestern University,0/3
  30. Research on the problems and Countermeasures of coordinated development of urban and rural economy in Chongqing City,LiuDan/Southwestern University,0/59
  31. Study on the Economic Effect of Rural Financial Development in the West of China,ChenDian/Southwestern University,0/55
  32. Modernizational Dimension of the Western Development of China,BaiFang/Southwestern University,0/88
  33. Research on the Leading Industry Selection of the Sub-economic Center,DengShuai/Southwestern University,0/112
  34. The County Subject Function Regionalization and Development Regulation Research,GanCheng/Southwestern University,0/113
  35. Study on the Evaluation of the Investment Environment in Chongqing,SongJiang/Southwestern University,0/130
  36. The Study of Currency and Countermeasures on Undertaking Industrial Transfer in Guiyang City,ZuoYinJie/Southwestern University,0/209
  37. The Study of Co-evolution of Undertaking Industrial Transformation and Technical Innovation in Western Region,HuangLinXiu/Southwestern University,1/465
  38. Industry Cluster and the Formation of Growth Pole,LiBiHong/Southwestern University,1/1153
  39. The Empirical Research of Influence Factor of Guangxi Residents’ Daily Food Consumption,ChenZuo/Southwestern University,0/34
  40. Research on Financial Resource Allocation and Consumption Difference between Urban and Rural Areas,MengZhaoLiang/Southwestern University,0/52
  41. A Study on the Harmonious Development of Economic and Finance under the Background of the Financial Economy,GuoZuoNing/Southwestern University,0/36
  42. The Impact of the Income Gap Between Urban and Rural Residents on Consumption Demand in Yunnan Province,ChenLiYun/Southwestern University,0/52
  43. The Scale and Structure of Financial Support on Agriculture and Urban-rural Residents’ Income Gap,TianHongYu/Southwestern University,0/58
  44. Countermeasures to Narrow the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Residents in Chongqing,HuJunJian/Southwestern University,0/96
  45. Study on the problem of income distribution in state-owned enterprises,LuoZuo/Southwestern University,0/215
  46. Relationship between Financial Development and Optimization of Industrial Structure in China:an Empirical Study,WuWeiHong/Southwestern University,0/56
  47. Empirical Research on the Influence of Industrial Structure of Our Country’s Credit Resources Allocation,LiuLiQiu/Southwestern University,0/51
  48. Study on the Impact of Fiscal and Financial Policy for the Upgrading of the Industrial Structure in China,GuXiaoZuo/Southwestern University,0/112
  49. From the perspective of knowledge city - the path of transition of resource type city taking Daqing city as an example,RenJunLin/Southwestern University,0/109
  50. Research on Chinese City Brand Construction Based on Knowledge City,LiKeZuo/Southwestern University,0/131

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