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  1. Study on Corporate Performance Effects and the China Well-known Trademark Identifying Based on Property Attribute,HuYuRong/Three Gorges University,0/30
  2. Study on Improving Cellular Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in the Engineering Optimization,LuChao/Three Gorges University,0/27
  3. Research on Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curves and the Applications,XuanXiaoJing/Three Gorges University,0/35
  4. Research on Iris Recognition Algorithms under Non-ideal Situation,SongChunXian/Three Gorges University,0/24
  5. The WSN Adaptive Positioning Technology for Indoor Environment,HeJing/Three Gorges University,0/27
  6. On the Survival and Development of the Rural Junior School Teachers in Wuling Area,WangShuHan/Three Gorges University,0/41
  7. Research on Multiple Subjects Involved in the Supply of Social Management System,LuJinSong/Three Gorges University,0/52
  8. Historical Investigation on the Leadership System and Working Mechanism about Anti-corruption of CPC after the Reform and Open Policy,LiFaXin/Three Gorges University,0/125
  9. Students Movement during the War of Liberation of the National Unification Rational Examination,RuanXiaoYing/Three Gorges University,0/24
  10. A Study of the Influence of Lin Shu's Translating Motivations on His Translation,ShiXinHua/Three Gorges University,0/15
  11. A Report on Translation of Technical Service Contract of Hainan Resort,HeXiangYan/Three Gorges University,0/10
  12. On the Translation Strategies of ENCWN from the Prospective of Skopos Theory,TangHongWei/Three Gorges University,0/33
  13. The Reserarch on Shiquan Dialect of Shannxi Province,CaoHuiPing/Three Gorges University,0/56
  14. The Study of Familization Neologisms Based on Prototypical Category Theory,WangYingYing/Three Gorges University,0/43
  15. Indeterminacy, Anti-tradition, Absurdity,ZhouBeiNi/Three Gorges University,0/62
  16. Protective Effect of Endocannabinoid2-AG against LPS Induced Neurotoxicity in Primary Cultured Neurons from Rat Caudate Nucleus and Its Mechanism,PengFang/Three Gorges University,0/15
  17. The Effect of Cinobufotalin on H22 Hepatoma Cell Induce Immune Cell to Synthesis and Release β-end in Intro,ZhanLing/Three Gorges University,0/17
  18. The Key Role of E-Cadherin in EGFR-TKI for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Drug-resistant,XingRongChun/Three Gorges University,0/8
  19. Overespression of Spermidine Synthase Inhibits Growth and Migration of Human Caski Cervical Tumor Cells,ZhangJun/Three Gorges University,0/12
  20. Protective Effects of RP105Gene Transfer on Myocardial Ischemia-reperfusion Injury via TLR4Pathway and the Mechanism Research in Rats,LiZuoXin/Three Gorges University,0/16
  21. Experimental Studies of Human Cell-penetrating Peptide HCPP10Penetrates the Blood Brain Barrier,WangTao/Three Gorges University,0/16
  22. The Isolation and Functional Identification of MAwuAP31/2in Magnolia Wufengensis,JingDanLong/Three Gorges University,0/20
  23. Modification on LiFePO4and Li2FeSiO4Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries,PengGang/Three Gorges University,0/55
  24. Based on the dq0Coordinate System of Electric Power System Fault Modeling Research,ChenXiaoWei/Three Gorges University,0/39
  25. The Study of HVDC Transmission System Using Modular Multilever Converter Based on Real-time Simulation of RT-LAB,WangQian/Three Gorges University,0/78
  26. The Research for Parallel Computing of Transient Stability Based on Symplectic Gauss Algorithm,HuJiaZuo/Three Gorges University,0/20
  27. The Research on Optimization Planning of Distribution Network,WangFengYue/Three Gorges University,0/47
  28. On Distinguishing the Types of Power System Low Frequency Oscillation,XiaoZhenYu/Three Gorges University,0/56
  29. Transient Analysis of Induction Motor Based on Time-stepping Finite Element Method Coupled with the Circuit Equations,SunMengYun/Three Gorges University,0/81
  30. The Water Retention Properties of Silt under Consolidation Stress and Temperature Effects,HuXinJiang/Three Gorges University,0/30
  31. Research on the Construction and Operation Management about Dynamic Alliance of Large-scale Construction Project,FangQing/Three Gorges University,0/41
  32. The Study of Dynamic Behaviour of Concrete by Cycle Loading and Unlonding,ZhouHongTao/Three Gorges University,0/50
  33. Analysis of Entire Corrosion-crack Process in Reinforced Concrete Column under Chlorine-loading Environment,WangYiMin/Three Gorges University,0/40
  34. Random Function&Spectral Representation Model of Strong Ground Motion and Its Application,FangXing/Three Gorges University,0/29
  35. Structural Damage Detection Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm,LiCheng/Three Gorges University,0/39
  36. Research on Simulation of RCC Dam Construction Based on Fault Response of Production System,ZhouHuaWei/Three Gorges University,0/33
  37. Research on Proficiency Testing for Hydropower Enterprises on Generator Maintenance Quota,WangYiHui/Three Gorges University,0/13
  38. Studies on Formation Mechanism of Slope Cataclastic Rock and Slope Rock Mass Quality Classification in Rumei Hydropower Station,LiJianRong/Three Gorges University,0/43
  39. Macroscopic Mechanical Parameters Research Based on Zoning Classification Method and Its Engineering Application,LuoShiWei/Three Gorges University,0/25
  40. Research on the Topology Optimization Using the Adaptive EFG Method,HuJinRun/Three Gorges University,0/29
  41. Phosphorus Characteristics of Sediments in Xiangxi Bay of the Three Gorges Reservoir,NiuFengXia/Three Gorges University,0/79
  42. Research on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loss Characteristics in Sloping Arable Land in Xiangxi Bay,ChenLing/Three Gorges University,0/107
  43. On the Stress Response of Adhesively Bonded Joint under the Izod Impact Test,LiuKai/Three Gorges University,0/24
  44. Syntheses, Structures and Properties of Aromatic Dicarboxylic Crystalline Materials,MouYiQiang/Three Gorges University,0/31
  45. Study on the Preparation and the Photocatalytic Properties in Degrading Organic Pollutant of BiOX (X=Cl, Br, I),WangLingLi/Three Gorges University,0/308
  46. Research on Mechanical Properties of Damage Sandstone under "Air Dry-Immersion" Circulation Function,ZhuMin/Three Gorges University,0/20
  47. Study on Deformation Mechanism and Stability Evaluation of Chair-shape Bedding Rockslides Associated with Reservoirs,GuanHongFei/Three Gorges University,0/82
  48. Variations in Visceral Organ Morphology and Adaptations to Habitat Alteration of Main Rodents in Shennongjia,ChenWenWen/Three Gorges University,0/17
  49. Study on Effect of Dam Operation on the Natural Reproduction and Repair Measures of the Acipenser Sinensis,PengXiuHua/Three Gorges University,0/82
  50. Succession of Phytoplankton Assemblages in Xiangxi Bay of Three Gorges Reservoir,YaoXuZuo/Three Gorges University,0/94

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