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  1. Laser direct manufacturing and manufacturing technology Research on CAM,JinXiaoShu/Tianjin Polytechnic University,3/527
  2. CCD-based laser and then manufacture the bath temperature measurement,LeiJianBo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/461
  3. Synthesis and Properties of Polymer Hydrogels with Photoresponsive Deformation,ZhaoYiPing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/593
  4. Preperation, Fabrication and Properties of Acrylonitrile/Comonomer Copolymers Containing MicroPCMs,HanNa/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/395
  5. Preparation and Characterization of Polyester and Polyamide Functionalized Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes,MengQingJie/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/461
  6. Study on Surface Modifying of UHMWPE Fibers and Their Composites,SongJun/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/673
  7. Pure cellulose fiber wicking quick-drying fabric design and development and research,HeTianHong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/485
  8. Weft knitted fabric stab Mechanism,YaoXiaoLin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/235
  9. The Study of Cylinder Tube’s Non-Resin Winding Preforming Technique,YangJinChun/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/167
  10. Preparation and Properties of Intelligent Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) Membranes,WangWenYu/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/563
  11. Super- water repellent , anti - UV function fabric,WeiXia/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/651
  12. Multi- filament-wound composite parts and equipment developed,XieXia/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/450
  13. Based on wavelet analysis objective fabric pilling rating,ZhongZhiLi/Tianjin Polytechnic University,4/216
  14. Prediction and Quality Control on Worsted Wool Yarn’s Elasticity Index,RenXueQin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/154
  15. Study on Theory and Method of Crystallization Kinetics of Polymers,ZhangZhiYing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/1276
  16. Synthesis and Properties of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Agents,ZhouWeiSheng/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/740
  17. Technological innovation system of China's textile industry,ZhaoHong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,4/1212
  18. The Research of Environmental-Friendly Biotic Chemical Method Super Soft Finishing and Fuzzy Expert System Evaluate to Cotton Fabric,WuZanMin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/309
  19. Research on 3D Imitation for Displaying Structure and Pattern of Woven Fabric,ZhengTianYong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/256
  20. The flax enhance the development and research of resin-based composite materials,LiuLiZuo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,4/534
  21. Synthesis and Study of Temperature-Sensitive Waterproof and Breathable Finishing Agent for Textile,QuanHeng/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/634
  22. Explore and Research of Immersion-Resistant and Moisture-Permeable Smart Fabrics,NiuJiaZuo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/314
  23. The Study of Formability of Multi-Layered Biaxial Weft Knitted Fabrics,ZhangYanMing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,7/169
  24. Study on the Poly[2-(N, N-Dimethyl Amino)Ethyl Methacrylate]/Polysulfone Positively Charged Hollow Fiber Composite Nanofiltration Membrane,WangZuo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/389
  25. Study on Copoly (Acrylic Acid-acrylamide) Fibers and Water Absorptive Properties,DingYuanRong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,5/610
  26. Study on Melt Spun and Dissolving-coating Electrically Conductive Fibers,JinXin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/329
  27. Naturally colored cotton moisture absorption and wet comfort properties of knitted,ChenLi/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/432
  28. Study on Grafting of β-cyclodextrin onto Cotton Fabric and Its Deodorizing Function,LiuDuoKui/Tianjin Polytechnic University,5/413
  29. Study on Heating Process of Wide Band Beam by Polygon Mirror in Laser Materials Processing,WangYunShan/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/195
  30. Microwave low temperature plasma polymerization P (AMPS / NIPA) gel and its smart textiles,MaXiaoGuang/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/360
  31. Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Interaction of Laser and Metal Powder Flow in the Laser Remanufacturing,LiHuiShan/Tianjin Polytechnic University,7/406
  32. Study on Biodegradation of Diethylene Glycol Terephthalate (DTP) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Fiber,ZhangJianFei/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/455
  33. Study on Copolymethacrylate Fibers with Three-Dimensional Network Structure and Oil Absorptive Properties,FengYan/Tianjin Polytechnic University,5/464
  34. Study on the Preparation of Polypiperazine Trimesoyl Amide/Polysulfone Nanofiltration Composite Membrane of Ultra Low Operating Pressure and High Permeating Flux,ZhangYuFeng/Tianjin Polytechnic University,7/440
  35. Microwave field in the starch - based solid phase branches Slurry,WuHaiLiang/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/329
  36. Studies on Resin Mixed Fibrous Adsorber,ZhangYuZhong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,3/242
  37. Microstructure Analysis and Effective Elastic Properties’ Prediction of Two-Step Rectangular Three-Dimensional Braided Composites,SunYing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/324
  38. Application and Preparation of Wool’s Keratin Solution,YaoJinBo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,17/476
  39. Study on the Three-dimensional Orthogonal Woven Fabric Structure,GuoXingFeng/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/523
  40. 3D woven thermoplastic composite material microstructure mechanical properties of the composite curing process,DongWeiGuo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,3/336
  41. Study on Microstructure, Mean Stiffness and Compression Properties of 3-D Braided Composites,YangChaoKun/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/399
  42. Studies on Synthesis and Properties of Novel Side-chain-type Sulfonated Polyimides for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Applications,YinYan/Tianjin Polytechnic University,4/502
  43. The Analysis of In-Plane Mechanical Properties of Multilared Biaxal Weft-Knitted Fabric Reinforced Composite,ZhangZhuo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,9/312
  44. Research on Properties & Applications of Modified Soybean Protein Fibres,ZhangXian/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/547
  45. Brackish water desalination using microporous polyvinylidene fluoride distillation film development,ZhangYongBo/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/569
  46. Study on Vivid Imitation of Woven Fabric with 3D Image,WangYueCun/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/271
  47. Study on Preparation of Thiohydroxy Modified Polysulfone Chelating Affinity Membrane Chromatogram and Its Removal Properties for Hg~(2+),WangBing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/260
  48. The Study of Environmental Friendly Method of Wool Surface Modification,ZhuRuoYing/Tianjin Polytechnic University,13/432
  49. Study on Eco-friendly Fire-retardant Cellulose Fiber,ChengBoWen/Tianjin Polytechnic University,6/1022
  50. Chemical methods to improve the performance of flax dyeing,GuoYaLin/Tianjin Polytechnic University,2/313

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