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  1. Research on Feasibility and Mana Gement Control of the Online Payment Project of LS Company in Shandong,ZhangYuLiang/Xinjiang University,0/12
  2. Research on Self-driving Tourist’s Decision-making Behavior,LiYan/Xinjiang University,0/459
  3. The Development Research of Xinjiang Tourist Commodities,YuZhenZhen/Xinjiang University,0/522
  4. Evaluation on Competitiveness of Dessert Tourism in Xinjiang,ChenShuai/Xinjiang University,0/238
  5. Research on the Construction of Digital Kanas Scenic Area and Its Application,ZhangTingWei/Xinjiang University,0/148
  6. Evaluation of the Tourism Distribution Ability of Kuitun,RenZuo/Xinjiang University,0/65
  7. Research on the Development of Sand-therapy Ysntourism in Turpan Based on Industry-convergence,LiuJunMei/Xinjiang University,0/169
  8. Study on Functions Promotion of Destination Marketing System,ZuoMin/Xinjiang University,0/391
  9. Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism,ZhangLiang/Xinjiang University,0/600
  10. The Xinjiang Tourism IWOM Marketing Strategy Study Based on Social Media,ZhangJinFeng/Xinjiang University,0/418
  11. Analysis of Investment Value of Beijing Shenzhou Cloud Dynamic Technology Co.,LTD. Based on SaaS Model,WangJianTing/Xinjiang University,0/18
  12. Research of Marketing Model in Futures Company’s Business Department,WangYueBo/Xinjiang University,0/40
  13. Research into Issues in Insurance Compensation and Performance Management and Staff,CaoZuoZuo/Xinjiang University,0/33
  14. Research on the Competitive Strategy of Shouguang City of Shandong Province Salt Industry Company,FanKuiLin/Xinjiang University,0/9
  15. Land Use Change and Its Effects on the Ecosystem Services Value of Karashahar Basin,DiLaNa·NiJiaTi/Xinjiang University,0/86
  16. The Research on Credit Risk Management of Heze Ural Credit Union,TaoHui/Xinjiang University,0/22
  17. Study of Kashgar Region’s Uyghur Opinion Leaders’s Type and the Function of Cultural Heritage,TuDiGuLi·ABaBaiKeRi/Xinjiang University,0/19
  18. Research on the Technologies of HTK Based Uyghur Continuous Phoneme Recognition,MiRiGuLi·ABuDuReSu/Xinjiang University,0/96
  19. Experimental Acoustic Feature Analysis of Uyghur Plosives,SaiErDaEr·YaLiKun/Xinjiang University,0/44
  20. Uyghur Acoustic Features Analysis and Implementation of Command Word Recognition System,WangHui/Xinjiang University,0/34
  21. Construction of Government Image under the Aid in Xinjiang,MiLiGuLi·ABuDuRuSuLi/Xinjiang University,0/22
  22. The Study of Television Media Coverage of Major Public Events,ChenJiaJia/Xinjiang University,0/12
  23. To Our Country Criminal Law the Beggars Strengthen the Protection of Children's Thinking,WangYaZhou/Xinjiang University,0/113
  24. Inquiry into Online Governance and its Role of Promoting the Chinese Communist Part'ys Governing Capability,YangZuo/Xinjiang University,0/40
  25. Study on conversion techniques and types in the translation between Chinese and Uygur,TuMaErSi·WuSiMan/Xinjiang University,0/50
  26. Studies on Antibacterial Activities, and Antitumor Activities of Pyrazolone Complexes, and Its Apoptotic Mechanism on Tumor Cells,WuZuo/Xinjiang University,0/17
  27. Wind Generator Machine and Key Components Of Dynamic Analysis and Research,ZhangJianJie/Xinjiang University,0/81
  28. Study on Collapse Performance of Concrete Masonry Walls Based on the Display Dynamic Analysis,LiZeLe/Xinjiang University,0/16
  29. Research on Ground Motions Record Input of Structure Time-history Analysis,WangLiJuan/Xinjiang University,0/82
  30. Research on the Evaluation System of Xinjiang Islamic Saint's Tomb Constructions,LiPengFei/Xinjiang University,0/35
  31. Study on Snowmelt Agent Improvement Xinjiang Area,ShiChunYu/Xinjiang University,0/13
  32. The Best Parameters Matching of Bellows Used in Mechanics Seal and the Analysis of Vibration Characteristics,DuShanShan/Xinjiang University,0/9
  33. Analysis on Land Use Change and Ecological Carrying Capacity in Aksu City,ZhangChao/Xinjiang University,0/110
  34. Preparation and Applications in Lithium Ion Battery of CNT@TiO2Composite Nanocables,ZhouHuiJuan/Xinjiang University,0/13
  35. Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Coke Tower under Cyclic Loading,GaoZuo/Xinjiang University,0/16
  36. NiO/γ-Al2O3Catalyst for CO2Reforming of CH4to Synthesis Gas,LiuHongXia/Xinjiang University,0/19
  37. Synthesis and Photochromic Properties of Pyrazolones Containing Thiophene Ring,SunHuBin/Xinjiang University,0/8
  38. Characteristics of Forming Fluids and Metallogenic Prediction in the Depth of Hatu Gold Deposit,DongChaoGe/Xinjiang University,0/143
  39. Geology Characteristics and Ore-bearing Potential of the Jiamate Fe (Cu-Au) Ore-bearing Layered Intrusion in Qinghe,ReYaNiGuLi·JieLiLi/Xinjiang University,0/43
  40. The Magma Source and Evolution Process of the Cu-Ni Sulfide-bearing Intrusions in the Beishan Block, Xinjiang,XiaFang/Xinjiang University,0/83
  41. The Study on Fluid Inclusion of Liangkeshu Pegmatite Iron Deposit in Altay,JiangLiPing/Xinjiang University,0/79
  42. The Inversion and Interpretation the Structural Ore-control of the Valcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide Deposit in Caihuagou Copper Deposit,LiYang/Xinjiang University,0/42
  43. The Geological Anomalies and Metallogenic Prediction of Kezelesayi Copper, Qinghe County, Xinjiang,ZuoShengJin/Xinjiang University,0/53
  44. The North Junggar Qiakuertu Figure Vicinity of Au, Cu, Fe Polymetallic Metallogenic Potential,LiuWei/Xinjiang University,0/45
  45. Research for Combine Methods in Skarn-type Tungsten's Exploration in the Peripheral of Zhongbao Tungsten,LiuBaoJiang/Xinjiang University,0/69
  46. The Study on Mineralization Mechanism of the Baliersi Iron Deposit in the Southern of Altay, Xinjiang,CangMei/Xinjiang University,0/50
  47. The Study of Geological Feature Genesis of Songhu Iron Ore in Nilka County, Xinjiang,AMiNa·WuErLieWu/Xinjiang University,0/83
  48. Caihuagou-type Marine Volcanic Rocks Massive Sulphide Copper Deposit Geological Characteristics-electrical Characteristics Corresponding Relationship,WuHui/Xinjiang University,0/66
  49. A Study and Application on Doubly Stochastic Series Models AR(1)-ARMA(p,q),LiWenYi/Xinjiang University,0/89
  50. Noncommutative Hardy Space Theory of the Von Neumann Group Algebra,AiHeMaiTiNiYaZi·AiHeMaiTiJiang/Xinjiang University,0/18

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