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  1. Study on Genetic Diversity and Molecular ID Establishment of Tree Peony by CDDP Marker,LiYingYing/Shandong Agricultural University,0/40
  2. Extraction and Main Constituent Analysis of Flavonoids in Japanese Persimmon,DuanRong/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/82
  3. Study on Physiological Biochemical Characteristics of the Introduced Tea Cultivars Zhongcha108Zhongcha302and Zhongcha102in Sichuan Tea-area,GuoYaDan/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/47
  4. Study on Drought Resistance Identification Parameters System of Maize Cultivars under Completely Mulched Alternating Narrow and Wide Ridges with Furrow Planting in Rain-fed Area,XuWenQiang/Gansu Agricultural University,0/29
  5. Analysis on the Yeild, Quality Traits and Nitrogen Accumulation of Different Genotypic Mid-season Hybrid Rice under Optimal Cast,LiuZhuoLin/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/4
  6. Genetic Analysis and Mapping of QTLs for Resistance to Two Species of Cereal Cyst Nematode in Wheat Cultivars,ZongYingYing/Henan Agricultural University,0/16
  7. Study on the Cultivar Resources Investigation of Flowering Cherry (Cerasus) in China and Analysis of Particle Specises and Cultivars Using SSR Markers,ZhangQiong/Nanjing Forestry University,0/120
  8. The Study on Microscopic Image Processing Method of Wheat,PanYi/Henan University of Technology,0/82
  9. The Root Growth Characteristics of Camillia Oleifera Seedlings,KangLe/Southwestern University,0/124
  10. Studies on the Cultivar Classification and System Construction of Wintersweet,WangZuoBo/Nanjing Forestry University,0/1
  11. Study on Classification of Plant Species of Magnolia in Guanzhong Area, Shaanxi Province,FangDaFeng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/1
  12. Phylogenetic Relationship Analysis Based on RAPD among Partial Species and Cultivars of Paeonia L.,WangHuiPeng/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/49
  13. Analysis of Azalea Cultivar Diversity and Establishment of Cultivar Classification System,ZhouZuo/Zhejiang University,0/167
  14. Study on the Ornamental Evaluation of Fourteen Cerasus Serrulata Cultivars and the Application in Landscape,LiuXiaoLi/Zhejiang Forestry University,3/326
  15. Studies on Cultivar Selection and Large-scale Cultivation Technology of Chinese Traditional Potted Chrysanthemum,ZhangYaQiong/Beijing Forestry University,0/70
  16. Scanning Index and Evaluation Method of Herbaceous Peony Cultivars Under Protected Cultivation Condition,GaoJianZhou/Beijing Forestry University,0/75
  17. Effects of1-MCP on Physiology and Quality after Harvest of Mango Fruits,GaoHaoJie/Hainan University,1/162
  18. The Investigation of Pummelo Germplasms and the Origin Analysis of Majiayou in Guangfeng,Jiangxi Province,CaoLiXin/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/54
  19. Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Chinese Jujube Analysed by SSR Markers,YinXiao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/2
  20. Study on Introduction of Figs and Their Corresponding Cultivation Techniques in Putian City of Fujian Province,WangXian/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/19
  21. Flower and Fruit Development and Adaptablity Evaluation of8Cultivars of Blueberry in Qingdao of Shandong,LiuWanPing/Beijing Forestry University,1/288
  22. Key Techiques in the Exrension of Elite Cultivars of Chinese Hawthorn in Yanshan Region of Hebei Province,ZuoZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/0
  23. Study on Breeding and Resistance of New Early Maturing Pear Clones ’02-1’,ChenGangMing/Anhui Agricultural University,0/7
  24. Evaluation Studies on Cultivars of Sand Pear (Pyrus Pyrifolia Nakai) in Hubei Province,PengWenLi/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/33
  25. Studies on the Techniques of Green Asparagus Cultivation for Changshu,YeLuLiang/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/23
  26. Studies on Germplasm Innovation and Industrialization of Broccoli Cv. Shenly No.2,SuEnPing/Zhejiang University,0/9
  27. Studies on Growth and Developing Characters and Photosynthetic Characters of Several Peach Cultivars Cultured in Protected Conditions,ZuoLinHai/Shandong Agricultural University,0/41
  28. Influence of Picked-leaf Maturity on Curing Quality of Flue-cured Tobacco Cultivar Honghuadajinyuan,ZhangLiYing/Henan Agricultural University,0/58
  29. Study on the Characteristic Formation and Key Cultivation Techniques of Qing Tian Flavor Flue-cured Tobacco,LiuHaoBao/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/177
  30. Study on Growth, Physiological Characteristics and Isozymes in Different Cultivars of Medicinal Chrysanthemum morifolium,ZhangJingJing/Henan Agricultural University,0/54
  31. Study on the Cultivation Techniques of Sweet Sorghum in the Saline Soil of Yellow River Delta,WuHaiDong/Shandong Normal University,0/71
  32. Fingerprint Identification and SSR Based Genetic Diversity Analysis of Cultivars in National Winter Rapeseed Official Trials,WangMeiXian/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/1
  33. Studies on Population Structure of High-Yield Cotton and Its Nitrogen Regulation,TianShaoRen/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/22
  34. The Differences Research on High Temperature Resistance and Drought Resistance of Different Ryegrass Cultivars,XieHongWei/Hunan Agricultural University,0/40
  35. The Differences of Agronomic Traits and the Relationship with High Temperature Resistance in Different Cultivars of Ryegrass,LiYang/Hunan Agricultural University,0/80
  36. Characterization of A New Super Sweet Corn, Jinyutian No.1, and Sowing Interval for Its F1Seed Production and Effect of Propogation of Selfing Line in Glasshouse in Winter,XuLiKui/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/9
  37. Study on Photosynthate Production and Physiological Properties of Different Genotypes of Maize Varieties,ZhuYunZhe/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/72
  38. Studies on the Key Cultivation Factors Affecting Yield and Grain Quality of Malting Barley,HuangYeChang/Zhejiang University,0/19
  39. Differences of Water Use Characters and Their Mechanisms for Representative Winter Wheat Cultivars Released in Different Decades in Central Henan Province,HuangLing/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/3
  40. Evolution in Genetic Diversity and Photosynthetic Characteristics of Wheat Cultivars Widely Planted in Shandong Province,PengQin/Shandong Agricultural University,0/44
  41. Investigation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Roots of21Wheat Cultivars,MaoLin/Lanzhou University,1/101
  42. Studies on Production Technology of High Yield and High Efficiency for Wen305, a Cultivar of Early Maturity in Indica Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) in Southern Zhejiang Province,ZhouJiZhong/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/10
  43. Etiology and Control of Walnut(Juglans Regia) Leaf Spot Caused by Phoma Herbicola,XiongWan/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/7
  44. Identification, Distribution, Genetic Diversity and PCR Rapid Detection of Botryosphaeria Spp. Causing Peach Tree Gummosis in China,Wang/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/136
  45. Etiology of Chinese Water Chestnut Stem Blight Caused by Phoma Bellidis and Properties of Phytotoxin of Pathogen,LvRuZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/54
  46. Maize Cultivars Resistances to Maize Rough Dwarf Disease and the Assessment of Yield Loss Caused by the Disease in Anhui Province,DongMeng/Anhui Agricultural University,0/8
  47. Study on the Species and Pathotypes of Three Cereal Cyst Nematode Populations from Henan Province and the Resistance of Wheat Cultivars,YuanHongXia/Henan Agricultural University,0/26
  48. Impact Factor of Resistance Identification to SLB and the Biological Characteristics of Pathogenic Fungi,YangLiMin/Anhui Agricultural University,0/32
  49. Research on Cultivar Identification and DNA Fingerprinting of Crops Based on Molecular Markers,ZhuYanFang/Zhejiang University,0/103
  50. Research on Information Integration and Visualization of Crop Cultivar Molecular Design,ZhangYun/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/3

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