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  1. Study on the Secondary Metabolites Produced by Two Verrucosisporas,WuYunDan/Fujian Medical,0/11
  2. The Study of NK Cells Function in Different Immune Phase of Chronic Hepatitis B,LiuZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/5
  3. Isolation, Structure Elucidation, and Mechanistic Studies of Natural Compounds Against Gastric Cancer from Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs,Azhar Rasul/Northeast Normal University,0/116
  4. Endophytic Fungi from Broussonetia Papyrifera and Their Anti-tumor Secondary Metabolites,ZhangChunYan/Second Military Medical University,0/44
  5. Chemical Constituents from the Leaves of Rehmannia Glutinosa Llbosch,ZhangYanLi/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/168
  6. Influence of Mannatide on the Activity of Cytokine-induced Killer Cells,LiZhiHu/Lanzhou University,0/6
  7. Igf-1Promotes the Development and Cytotoxic Activity of Human Nk Cells,NiFang/University of Science and Technology of China,0/72
  8. Chemical Constituents from Endophytic Fungus S15 of Cephalotaxus Hainanensis Li,HuangJiuLi/Hainan University,0/26
  9. Studies on Chemical Constituents from Solanum Lyratum Thunb. and Pharmacokinetics of Relative Active Ingredients,QiWei/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/85
  10. Studies on Chemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Manihot Esculenta in Hainan,HuLiFei/Hainan University,0/50
  11. Corydalis (Corydalis yanhusuo W.T. Wang) study on the chemical constituents and Bioactivity,HuTianTian/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/111
  12. Study on the Secondary Metabolites from Aquilaria Sinensis and the Microbialtransformation of Its Endophytic Fungi,PengKe/Hainan University,0/77
  13. Isolation and Bioactivity of Natural Products from Three Medicinal Plants,DiXiaXia/Shandong University,0/23
  14. Study on Bioactive Components from the Twigs of Aglaia Odorata Var.Microphyllina,LiuShuai/Hainan University,0/1
  15. Studies on Chemical Constituents of Annona Densicoma Mart,ChengBaoZuo/Jilin Agricultural University,0/46
  16. Studies on Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Activities of the Roots of Polyalthia laui,LiXiaoBao/Hainan Normal University,,0/48
  17. Isolation and Bioactivity of Natural Products from Three Medicinal Plants,WangBo/Shandong University,0/51
  18. Studies on Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Activities of Lannea coromandelica,YunXiaoJuan/Hainan Normal University,,0/85
  19. Studies on the Secondary Metabolites from Two Alkalifast Actinomycetes,WangZhiYing/Ocean University of China,0/92
  20. Studies on Chemical Constituents of Cichorium Intybus L. and Kleinhovia Hospita L.,ZouLi/Zhejiang University,0/79
  21. Studies on Chemical Constituents and Quality Control of Scabiosa Tschilliensis Grunning,WangGuoYing/,0/37
  22. Diversity and Secondary Metabolites of Endophytic Fungi from Taxus Chinensis Var. Mairei and Their Correlations with the Host,WuLingShang/Second Military Medical University,0/342
  23. Syntheses and Biological Activities of Novel Acetophenone Derivatives,MaYaTuan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/206
  24. 1. Studies on the Cytotoxic Constituents from Barks of Erythrophleum Fordii Oliver 2. On-Line Structural Determination of New Trace Cassaine-Type Diterpenoid Amides from Barks of Erythrophleum Fordii Oliver and Constituents from Stem Barks of Lysidice Bre,QuJing/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/192
  25. Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity Study of New Sinapyl Alcohol Derivaties, Neolignans and Its Nitrogen-containing Analogues,ZouHongBin/Zhejiang University,0/205
  26. Isolation and Identification of the Endophytic Actinomycetes from Mangrove and Isolation and Identification of the Bioactive Metabolites of Two Marine Streptomyces,JieXiuChao/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,6/1149
  27. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Polymers Based on Poly(ethylene Oxide),RenYong/Fudan University,1/644
  28. Syntheses, Characterization, and Biological Activities of Transition Metal Complexes with Schiff Bases with Hydrazide,ChouXiaoYang/Lanzhou University,2/554
  29. Study on the Bioactive Metabolites from Endophyte,RuanLiJun/Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry,5/1404
  30. Studies on the Structures and Biological Activities of Chemical Constituents from the Soft Coral Sinularia Dissecta and Marine Sponge Aplysina Aerophoba in South China Sea,JinPengFei/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/437
  31. Studies on Chemical Constituents of Platycodon Grandiflorum,FuWenWei/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,3/835
  32. Studies on the Constituents and Biological Activities of "Ci Long Ya",MaZhiQiang/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,3/273
  33. Study on Mechanism of Antigen Recognition of γδ T Cells and Its Application in Anti-virus Infection Immunity,ZhangHuiZuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/61
  34. Studies on the Antitumor Activity of Some Naturally Occurring Triterpenoids,TianZe/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/631
  35. Studies of Correlation of Serum TNF with HBV Infection and TNF Inhibitory Activity of Chinese Medicinal Herb(CHC),RenYuan/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/45
  36. Recombinatant Human IL-12 Genes Expression in Eukaryotic Cells and Effect on in Vitro IgE Production,LiuMeng/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/26
  37. The Tripterygium monomer T4 experimental study of anti-rat heart transplant immunosuppression mechanism,YangJun/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/100
  38. Two Annonaceae plants the Tokyo uvariadicarboxylic and long leaf Goniothalamus , anti-tumor chemical composition,ChenZuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,1/143
  39. Studies on the Constituents and Bioactivity of Cynanchum Forrestii Studies on the ESI-MS Fragmentation Behavior of Steroidal Glycosides from Cynanchum Forrestii,LiuYue/Peking Union Medical College , China,1/278
  40. Study of Submerged Culture and Effective Composition of Ganoderma Lucidum,MaLiJin/South China University of Technology,1/182
  41. Synthesis of Oleanolic Acid, 18β-glycyrrhetinic Acid and Ursolic Acid Derivatives and Primary Research on Their Cytotoxic Activities,FengJuHong/Zhejiang University,0/799
  42. The new territrem B analogues Synthesis and biological activity of,JiangXiangRui/Zhejiang University,0/78
  43. Studies on the Bioacive Constituents of Ardisia Crenat Sims and Bulbophyllum Ororatissimum Lindl.,LiuZuoLin/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,5/400
  44. Studies on Phyllospongia Dendyi, Dioscorea Futschauensis Uline Ex K. Kunth, and Engelhardtia Serrata Bl.:Chemical Constituents and Their Antitumor Activities,LiuHongWei/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,1/362
  45. The Anti-tumor Effects of Dendritic Cells Co-culturing with CIK Cells,ZhangZuo/Fudan University,0/562
  46. Studies on the Bioacive Constituents of Dioscorea Delotoidea Wall Var. Orbiculata and Tupistra Wattii Hook.F.,ShenPing/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,3/358
  47. Seaweed antitumor bioactive substances of bacterial,XuNianJun/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),7/749
  49. Preclinical studies of human gamma delta T cells in adoptive immunotherapy,ZhangTie/Peking Union Medical College , China,1/227
  50. Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Three Marine Organisms,MaKe/Beijing University,1/571

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