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  1. Study of Moisture Content Influence on the Dielectric Properties of Oil-pressboard Insulation under Compound Voltage,LiuHaiLi/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/5
  2. Interface Optimization and Dielectric Properties of Lead-free Barium Calcium Zirconate Titanate Piezoelectric Films,XuJingChao/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/5
  3. Preparation of ACu3Ti4O12 by sol gel method (A=Ca, Na0.5Bi0.5) electrical properties of powders and ceramics,LiYanYan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/90
  4. A Study on the Lead-free Barium Strontium Titanate Based Relaxor Ferroelectric,ZhuangHouRong/Central South University,0/18
  5. Study on the effect of different sintering method for the synthesis of barium titanate on the electrical properties of hydrothermal method,WangYan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/61
  6. Dielectric Properties of Polyimide Film Materials with High Dielectric Condstant,GaoLiang/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/20
  7. The Relationship between Dielectric Properties and Nanoparticle Dispersion of Nano-Silica/Epoxy Composites,GaoMingZe/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/15
  8. The Simulation Analysis on AC Dielectric Properties of Linear/Non-linear Composite Insulation,ShiZuoWen/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/4
  9. The Preparation and Performance Testing of the Triple-layer Co-extrusion Polyolefin Material Composite Membrane,YangYang/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/11
  10. The Effect of New Type Photoinitiator on Dielectric Properties of Ultraviolet Crosslinked Polyethylene,FuYuWei/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/13
  11. Study of Drying Characteristics of Powder from China Date during Microwave Heating,LiuJuanJuan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/28
  12. Influence of Drying Temperature on Dielectric Properties and Dehydration Characteristic of Electric Field Pretreated Fruits and Vegetables,ZhengXinXin/Shanxi Agricultural University,0/54
  13. Study on the Correlation of Dielectric Properties and Quality Change during Storage of Lingwu Long-Jujube,ZhouShiPing/Ningxia University,0/0
  14. Study on Microwave Heating Characteristics of Seasoned Freshwater Fish Fillet,YangZhenChao/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/22
  15. Research on Biophysical Methods for Monitoring Duck Egg Inner Quality during Salting Process,CaoXuDong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/60
  16. The Influence of Protein Content in Raw Milk on Dielectric Properties,JiaYunPeng/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/44
  17. Zinc Oxide dust dielectric properties measurement and dechlorination process research,MaAiYuan/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/7
  18. Preparation and Mechanism of BaTiO3Ceramics Coating for Remanufactured Parts,LuXiaoLiang/Hebei University of Technology,0/3
  19. Investigation of Low Temperature Sintering and Temperature Zone Extension of PZT Thick Films,YaoFei/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/7
  20. Fabrication and Characterization of Polyimide/Potassium Sodium Niobate Composite Films,ZhangPanPan/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/9
  21. Polarization and Dielectric Properties of Pi/nano-TiO2Composite Films,FengYu/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/27
  22. Synthesis of Barium Titanate Nanotubes and Dielectric Properties Research of Barium Titanate Nano-structure,LiaoZuoXing/Hainan University,0/1
  23. Study on the Application of Spodumene Crystallizable Glass for LTCC Composites,HeLvTing/Tianjin University,0/1
  24. Study on Dielectric and Photoluminescence Properties of Rubber/Mesoporous Silica Composites,XuShengJie/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/19
  25. Study on Preparation and Properties of Polymer Filled with BaTiO3/PaNi Composites,LiYaQun/Ocean University of China,0/91
  26. Research on the Influence of Interface on Dielectric Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites,SuiShan/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/11
  27. Preparation of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3Ceramics and Their Dielectric Properties,ZhengYaJing/Dalian University of Technology,0/2
  28. The Influence of SiO2and AlN on the Properties of BN Matrix Comosites,YanZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/30
  29. The BFO Base Dmagnetoelectric Ceramic Materials of Doping Modification Research,HuangZhengZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/3
  30. The Investigation of Properties and Preparation Process of Barium Titanate Base Lead-free Electrostriction Ceramics,XiaoFei/Tianjin University,0/7
  31. Investigation on Zno-Nb2O5-based Microwave Dielectric Ceramics with Moderate Permitivity,RenXiang/Tianjin University,0/4
  32. Research on Shrinkage Control Mechanism and Low-Temperature Sintering of BaAl2Si2O8Substrate for High Frequency,AngRan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/9
  33. Studying on CaTiO3-LnAlO3(Ln=Nd、La) Microwave Dielectric Ceramics of High-Q Value and Medium Permittivity,YeFangPing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/13
  34. Research on the Preparation and Microwave Dielectric Properties of the Li2ZnTi3O8Ceramics,ZhouBin/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/18
  35. The Preparation and Modification of Copper Calcium Titanate with High Dieletric Constant by Coprecipitation Method,ZhaoYanHui/Ocean University of China,0/86
  36. Farbraction and Properties of Ba3(VO42-based Low-permittivity and Low-temperature Fired Microwave Dielectric Composite,LvYang/Hefei University of Technology,0/34
  37. Crystal Structures and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Hexagonal Perovskite Ceramics,TianCaiLan/Tsinghua University,0/19
  38. Preparation and Study of(Mg1-xZnx)TiO3Microwave Dielectric Ceramics,DiChengCheng/Wuhan University of Technology,0/8
  39. Study on Defect Chemistry of New-type High-k Barium Titanate Ceramics Multi-doped with La, Ce, Nd, Eu, and Fe,HanDanDan/Northeast Normal University,0/89
  40. Study on Dielectric-temperature Stability of BaTiO3based Ceramic Materials and Transition to High-k Materials,ZhangLi/Northeast Normal University,0/74
  41. Preparation and Dielectric Properties of CaTiO3-NdAlO3Microwave Ceramics,ZhouQin/Hunan University,0/32
  42. Study on Low Temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Zr0.3(Zn1/3Nb2/3)0.7TiO4Ceramics,FanPengYuan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  43. Synthesis and Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgO-GeO2and ZnO-Al2O3-Ga2O3Dielectric Ceramics,ChenCaiXia/South China University of Technology,0/16
  44. Preparation and Dielectric Properties of Low Dielectric Constant MLCC Materials Magnesium Melilite (Ca2MgSi2O7,ZhaoXinHui/Zhejiang University,0/1
  45. Study on Preparation and Dielectric Properties of Cordierite-based Glass Ceramics with Tailings,LiBing/Liaoning University of Science and Technology,0/26
  46. Study on Structure and Properties of Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2System Glasses Doped with Rare Earth Oxides,JiaXu/Jinan University,0/16
  47. Synthesis and Properties of Single and Double Element Doped Barium Titanate Obtained by Hydrothermal (or Solvothermal) Method,ZhangWenXing/Ocean University of China,0/84
  48. Study on the Preparation and Properties of Silver, Copper or Bismuth Containing Graphene Composites,ShenBo/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/5
  49. Preparation and Dielectric Properties of Polyurethane Urea Composite Materials,ZhangRuiJuan/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/44
  50. Energy-storage Performance of Modified Zr-richgraded PZT Thin Films,LiuLian/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/20

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