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  1. Research on Controlling Shareholder’s Embezzlement of Funds、Auditor Reputation and Audit Opinion,SongJia/Tianjin University of Finance and Economics,0/9
  2. Research on the Relation among Ultimate Controlling Shareholders, Bidirectional Embezzlement of Funds and the Capital Structure,YangLiLi/Capital University of Economics,0/1
  3. On the Crime of Official Embezzlement,ShengHuaJun/Ocean University of China,0/115
  4. Embezzlement Crime Conviction,YangYuZhe/Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,0/16
  5. Differences between Crime of Post Embezzlement and Crime of Larceny,LaiYanZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/37
  6. Understanding and application of the crime of Misappropriating Public Funds - Hing Fat Company embezzlement case analysis report,WangLun/Southwest University of Political Science,0/37
  7. The Study of the Crime of Misappropriating Public Funds in Our Legislation,XingWeiHua/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,0/75
  8. Nature Determination of the Behavior of Withholding Bribes by State Functionaries,LiuXiangJun/Xiangtan University,0/8
  9. Research on credit card fraud Zhang,GaoTan/Heilongjiang University,0/10
  10. Thinking about Job Occupation Crime Judicial Cognizance Question,ChenLiang/Hunan Normal University,0/28
  11. Thetf Case by a He, Et Al.,XiongHuiLing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/26
  12. The duty crime prevention of the Tang Dynasty from the view of "six stolen goods",FengLei/Heilongjiang University,0/22
  13. Impact on the Effects of Minority Investor Protection by the Ownership Structure of Family Companies,LiuJie/,0/61
  14. Research on the Relation among Ultimate Controlling Shareholders, Fund Embezzlement and Under-investment in Listed Company,LingLi/Zhejiang University of Finance,0/44
  15. Analysis of Shenshengyan’ Theft Case,LiRui/Lanzhou University,0/55
  16. Research on Evaluating the Behavior of Possession of Property Stolen by the Person Who Has Non-criminal Responsibility,YuChao/Shenyang Normal,0/17
  17. The Song Huaimin of Crime of Official Embezzlement Case Analysis Report,LiGen/Guangxi Normal University,0/125
  18. The Comparative Study of the Crime of Embezzlement and Larceny,DuDongAn/Lanzhou University,0/165
  19. Legal Analysis of the Property Controlling in Larceny and Embezzlement from the Case of Liang Li,LiYunPeng/Lanzhou University,0/117
  20. The Analysis of Wang Chenghu Embezzlement Case,HeMingChuan/Lanzhou University,0/48
  21. On the Difference between Theft and Embezzlement,LiZuo/Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,0/139
  22. The Case Analysis of Tian Weijiang Crime of Property Violation,LiQing/Lanzhou University,0/15
  23. A Case Study of Zhao Xin’s Theft,JiangFeng/Lanzhou University,0/23
  24. Cheng Case Analysis of Credit Card Fraud,LuKuanHui/Lanzhou University,0/42
  25. Analysis Some Difficult Questions on Embezzling Public Funds from the Three Cases,WangWeiKun/Lanzhou University,0/28
  26. Defined the Target of Embezzlement Crime,LiXiang/Lanzhou University,0/13
  27. The Research on Embezzlement Crime Object,XuWei/Shandong University,0/26
  28. Embezzle Public Funds and Without the Use of Qualitative,ZuoLiTao/Shenyang Normal,0/41
  29. Conviction and Sentence Analysis on Mr Wang, Li and Lu’s Embezzlement Case,SongChengYu/Southwest University of Political Science,0/28
  30. On Judicial Recognition of Job Occupation Crime,LiQuanYu/Southwest University of Political Science,0/50
  31. The Determination of the Crime of Official Embezzlement,WangCheng/Southwest University of Political Science,0/81
  32. Some Issues on Crime of Fraud and Crime of Duty Encroachment in,SongXingHui/Southwest University of Political Science,0/40
  33. Research on the Problems of Embezzlement,YangYanHui/Southwest University of Political Science,0/29
  34. Embezzlement, Theft, Unjust Enirchment of in Gu Mou Theft,ZhaoJiang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/70
  35. Discussion on Some Legal Questions about the Embezzlement during the MBO Mode of Restructuring State-owned Enterprises,ZhangTian/East China University of Political Science,0/47
  36. The Legal Analysis of the Alleged Theft Case of Chen Yingcai and Others,ZhaoZuo/Lanzhou University,0/40
  37. On the crime of embezzlement of "custody",ZhaoZuo/Nanjing Normal University,0/78
  38. Embezzlement of Public Funds and Credit Funds Boundaries,WenDongYu/Lanzhou University,0/67
  39. Legislative Perfection of Cirmes of Embezzlement,LiuYaNan/Liaoning University,0/82
  40. Research on Difficulty Questions on Crime of Embezzlement,LiuHui/Shenyang Normal,0/90
  41. On Not Setting A Separate Law for Malicious Arrears of Wage,ZhangJiaYu/Nanchang University,0/85
  42. Research Job Occupation Crime and Corruption Lines,LiuNa/Shenyang Normal,0/119
  43. Occupation of Sin, Corruption, the Definition of Theft,TanGuiLong/Southwest University of Political Science,0/176
  44. A Demonstration on the Convertion Between Unjust Enrichment and Crime of Embezzlement,SuMengZuo/East China University of Political Science,0/166
  45. The Study of Illegal Possession in Criminal Law,WangXiaoDan/East China University of Political Science,0/181
  46. The Comparative Analysis of the Crime of Corruption and Embezzlement of Publicfunds,ZhouZhongNing/Lanzhou University,0/169
  47. Analysis on problems of the subject of the crime of Embezzlement,KangHongXin/China University of Political Science,0/361
  48. The elements of the crime of theft,LiuXinYi/China University of Political Science,0/409
  49. On the limits of theft and Embezzlement,ZhouJiFeng/Nanjing Normal University,0/513
  50. Institutional Environment, Corporate Governance and Expropriation,XiaoChengMin/Jilin University,6/1109

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