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  1. Sequence Analysis of the Upstream Regulation Sequences of GJB2Based on GJB2235DelC Heterozygous Deaf Patients,XuDan/Nanjing Medical University,0/4
  2. The Relationship between Phenotype and Genotype for Late-onset Progressive Hearing Loss,HuangAiPing/Hebei Medical University,0/3
  3. Association between GJB2Gene Polymorphism and Patients with Psoriasis,LiuQuePing/Central South University,0/31
  4. Virulence Genes of Two Chinese Han Hereditary Deafness Pedigrees,YanXuKun/Fudan University,0/89
  5. Sequence Analysis of the Upstream Regulation Sequences of GJB2Based on GJB2235delC Heterozygous Deaf Patients,XuDan/Nanjing Medical University,0/9
  6. Clinical Research on Newborn Hearing Concurrent Genetic Screening in106,513Neonates and New Technology Development,HanBing/The people's Liberation Army Medical Institute Chinese,0/87
  7. Analyze the Situation of Newborn Hearing and Deafness Gene Screening in Tianjin,LiuShuang/Tianjin Medical University,0/7
  8. Common Deafness Gene Characteristics Research of Patients with Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss in Tibetan, Tu Nationality and Mongolian in the Northwest of China,YangXiaoLong/Lanzhou University,0/18
  9. Genetic Testing and Mutation Analysis for the Cochlear Implantation Children and Their Normal Auditory Phenotype Parents,ShiMing/Kunming Medical University,0/31
  10. Deafness Gene Analysis of129Patients with Non-syndromic Deafness in Taiyuan,ZhangQiangWei/Shanxi Medical,0/37
  11. Study on the Etiological Factors,Molecular Pathogenesis and Racial Diversity of Hearing Loss in Profound Hearing Loss Children,LaiRuoSha/Central South University,0/124
  12. Auditory Screening Concurrent Deafness Predisposing Genes Screening in10,043Neonates in Gansu Province,ZhangZheWen/Lanzhou University,0/73
  13. Genetic Analysis of Bartter Syndrome and Development of Deafness Microarray,WuHong/Central South University,0/7
  14. Clinical Practice of Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss,WangGuoJian/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,4/562
  15. The Study of Deafness Molecular Diagnosis Technology in Clinical Application,HanMingZuo/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,2/154
  16. The Mutations of Heredity Deafness Gene GJB2, PDS and Mitochondrial DNA 1555A>G and the Development of a New Technique Detecting the Mutations,XuXiaoBing/Fudan University,0/217
  17. Study on Molecular Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Severe to Profound Hearing Loss in China,YuanYongYi/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,7/365
  18. Mutation Screening and Whole Spectrum Mutation Map Drawing of GJB2 Gene among Non-syndromic Hearing Impairment Patients,YuFei/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,12/211
  19. The Studies of Epidemiological Characteristics and Impact Factors of the Commone Genes in Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss in China,JiYuBin/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,1/196
  20. The Auditory Characters for Newborns & Infants and the Deaf Gene Mutations and Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in Shandong Province,LinZuo/Shandong University,1/138
  21. HRCT Analysis of Inner Ear Malformation and Deafness Gene Mutations in Chinese Pedigrees with SNHL,MaXiuFang/Shandong University,0/167
  22. Molecular Genetic Analysis of Chinese Hearing Loss Population,HuHao/Central South University,0/189
  23. Molecular Genetic Analysis of Waardenburg Syndrome and Non-syndromic Hearing Loss,ChenHongSheng/Central South University,0/125
  24. Study and Application of New Diagnostic Techniques on Genetic Deafness Genes and Molecular Genetic Study on a Family with Nonsyndromic Deafness,MenMeiChao/Central South University,0/87
  25. Study on Prevention and Intervention for Hereditary Hearing Loss Based on Genetic Testing,HanMingZuo/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/109
  26. Study on Inner Ear Malformation for Its Classification and Relationship with SLC26A4 and GJB2 in Patient with Sensorineural Hearing Loss,SunBaoChun/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/41
  27. Research of Mitochondrial DNA and GJB2 Genovariation in Military Noise-induced Hearing Loss,ZhangYan/Kunming Medical College,0/43
  28. Establishment and Application of Mutation Screening System Based on DHPLC for Hereditary Deafness,WuWeiFeng/Central South University,1/115
  29. The Study of the Deafness Gene GJB2 Mutation in a Hereditary Nonsyndromic Deaf Families,ZhuLing/Kunming Medical College,0/52
  30. Mutations in the GJB2 Gene in Henan Patients with Prelingual Non-syndromic Hearing Impairment,LiuYang/Zhengzhou University,0/76
  31. Molecular Epidemiology Investigation of Common Deafness Genes in Chinese Northwest,XuBaiCheng/Lanzhou University,0/140
  32. Genetic Counseling and Prenatal Diagnosis for Hearing Loss Based on Genetic Testing,HanBing/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,1/277
  33. The Study of GJB2 Mutation in Yi Ethnic People with Hereditary Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss of Yunnan Province,MengZuo/Kunming Medical College,0/48
  34. An Etiological Study on Hearing Loss of 209 Deaf Students in Jilin Province and Mutation Analysis of GJB2 Gene in the Congenital Deafness Cases,JinHui/Jilin University,0/44
  35. Molecular Genetic Analyses of Two Chinese Families with Nonsyndromic Hearing Impairment,ZhuQiHui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/32
  36. Gansu Province deaf students of clinical epidemiology and molecular epidemiological studies,LiuXiaoZuo/Lanzhou University,0/77
  37. The Clinical Practice on the Concurrent Newborn Hearing and Gene Screening,LiJianQiang/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/101
  38. The Molecular Epidemiology Discussion of Newborn Deafness Pathogenic Screening,ZhangDongHong/China Medical University,1/78
  39. Hereditary non- syndromic deafness gene diagnosis system optimization and application,ZhaoJuan/Central South University,0/85
  40. Molecular Epidemiology Investigation of Common Deafness Genes in Deafness Patients of Different Ethnic Origins in Northwest China,ManRongJun/Lanzhou University,0/91
  41. The Molecular Aetiology Study in Non-syndromic Hearing Impairment,HuiPeiLin/Lanzhou University,0/88
  42. The Enforcement and Discussion of Strategy of Newborn Deafness Pathogenic Screening in Shenyang, Liaoning Province of China,QiuHaiTao/China Medical University,0/50
  43. Analysis of the Relatoin between Gene Mutation and Clinical Phenotype for Autosomal Recessive Families,XuZhiYong/Jinan University,0/70
  44. Analysis of Chinese Common GJB2 Mutation and Study of Subcellular Localization of Mutant Protein,ZhangYuanDing/Jilin University,0/52
  45. Correlation of SNP rs3751385 in the GJB2 Gene with Some Clinical Features of Psoriasis Vulgaris in Chinese Han Population,JiangXin/Anhui Medical University,,0/19
  46. A Relative Study on the Patients with Non-syndromic Hereditary Hearing Loss of GJB2 Gene Mutations and Kidney Deficiency and Blood Stasis in Uyghur and Han in Xinjiang,XuHongXia/Xinjiang Medical University,0/6
  47. The Screening of GJB2 Gene Mutation in Chinese Sporadic Sensorineural Hearing Loss Patients,ChenZuoLing/Fudan University,1/75
  48. The Establishment for Detecting GJB2 and mtDNA A1555G and the Relation between Genotype and Phenotype,YangXiaoLin/Fudan University,0/96
  49. Mutation Maps Drawing and Analysis of Common Deafness Genes among Non-syndromic Hearing Loss in Northwest China,ZhuYiMing/Lanzhou University,0/50
  50. The Contribution of GJB2 235delC Mutations to 252 Cases of Nonsyndromic Hearing Impairment (NSHI) Patients in Parts of Shandong Province,ZhaoJie/Shandong University,0/27

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