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  1. The Prokaryotic Expression and the Construction of Mammary Gland-specific Vector of Yak Beta-defensin5,FuMei/Southwest University for Nationalities,0/3
  2. Distribution in Different Tissues and Cells of Neuroglobin in Adult Yak,CaoLiang/Gansu Agricultural University,0/6
  3. Observation the Histological Structure of Skin in Different Ageyak(Bosgrunniens),YueJing/Gansu Agricultural University,0/7
  4. Study on the Structure and Arterial Distribution of Yak's Ungula,RenXianDong/Gansu Agricultural University,0/3
  5. Polymorphisms of ANK1Gene and Their Association with Carcass and Meat Quality Traits in Yak,ChenHaiQing/Gansu Agricultural University,0/21
  6. Cloning and Polymorphisms Analysis of CAPN3Gene and Their Associations with Carcass and Meat Quality Traits in Yak,PanHongMei/Gansu Agricultural University,0/18
  7. Genetic Polymorphism Study of Coding Sequences of NGB Gene in Yak,LiShengJie/Gansu Agricultural University,0/18
  8. Mechanism of the Effects of Seasonal Supplementation on Yak Performance,ZhangJianXun/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/63
  9. Morphological Features and Peptidergic Nerve Positioning of Testis Interstitial Tissue in Different Developmental Stages Yak (Bos Grunniens),GuLaiFeng/Gansu Agricultural University,0/8
  10. Comparative Proteomics Studies of Follicular Fluid during the Different Periods of Follicular Development in Tianzhu White Yak and Bactrian Camel,ZhaoGuoShun/Gansu Agricultural University,0/22
  11. The Effects of FSH on Apoptosis of Ovarian Granulose Cells of Tian Zhu White Yak and on Expression of Fas/Fasl mRNA in Vitro,LiGuYue/Gansu Agricultural University,0/10
  12. Study on the Histological Structure and Distributive Changes of Mucosal Immunity-associated Cells in Large Intestine of the Yak,LiDong/Gansu Agricultural University,0/13
  13. Seminiferous Tubule Morphology and Extracellular Matrix Protein Distribution in Yak(Bos Grunniens) Testis,ZhuJunFeng/Gansu Agricultural University,0/9
  14. Pure Cultures and Characterization of Sertoli Cells in Yak,ZhangHua/Gansu Agricultural University,0/5
  15. Characteristics of Thymus Structure in Different Age Yaks,ZhangZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/27
  16. Effect of Different Sources of Starch on Rumen Fermentation, Digestion and Metabolism of Nutrients in Yaks,DuanYingKai/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/42
  17. Cloning, Sequence Analysis and Expression of Yak(Bos mutus)SPAG11, TLRs and NODs Gene in the Male Reproductive Organs,LiJiShang/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/29
  18. Effect of Concentrate Energy Levels on Performance and Apparent Digestibility of Nutrients in One Year Old Yaks by Barn-feeding,QiaoZhi/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/46
  19. Expression, Cloning and Promoter Methylation Status of the Genes Correlated with Meiotic Recombination in the Testis of Cattle and Cattle-Yak,LuoZuo/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/4
  20. Optimization of Yak In-vitro Embryo Production and Analysis of Apoptosis,Liu/Gansu Agricultural University,0/6
  21. Effect of Heat Treatment on the Properties of Casein Form Yak Milk,YangZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/68
  22. The Effect of Cathepsins L, B, H on Yak Meat Quality and Microstructure during Postmortem Ageing,TianJiaChun/Gansu Agricultural University,0/92
  23. Purification and Some Characterization of Cathepsin L from Yak Meat,WangWenZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/36
  24. The Physico-chemical Properties of Yak Casein Micelles,WangPengJie/Gansu Agricultural University,0/44
  25. Studies on the Rule of Quality Forming and Technology Improvement of Airing Yak Beef,GaoZuo/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/99
  26. Research on the Extraction and Purification of Yak Blood Immunoglobulin G and Its Stability,PangChen/Gansu Agricultural University,0/22
  27. Effect of Different Treatments on Seed Germination Characteristics of12Alpine Meadow Species,DuanChunHua/Gansu Agricultural University,0/33
  28. Ding Ruoyong "Mei Shishu flat" research,SunZhuo/Yangzhou University,0/15
  29. The Study on the Apoptosis of Yak Placentomes from Pregnancy, Pre and Post-Parturation and Dex Induced Abortion Cases,FanJiangFeng/Gansu Agricultural University,0/91
  30. The Low Expression of Dmrt7is Associated with Spermatogenic Arrest in Cattle-yak,JinShuai/Lanzhou University,0/4
  31. Study on the Tissue Structure and Mucosal Immunity-associated Cells in Abomasum of the Yak,LuYanGang/Gansu Agricultural University,0/21
  32. The Immunomorphology Characteristic of Small Intestine Mucous Membrane in Yak and Its Anti-infection Ability on Moniezia,QiShanShan/Gansu Agricultural University,0/37
  33. The Diet Composition of Feral Yak in Helan Mountain, China,YaoZhiCheng/Northeast Forestry University,0/56
  34. Isolation, Identification and Epidemiologic Studies of Salmonella from Yak,ZhuXiaoXia/Southwest University for Nationalities,0/175
  35. Effect of Energy Level of Concentrate on the Growth Performance and Nutrient Apparent Digestibility in Barn-feeding Early-weaned Yak Calf,YangJun/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/3
  36. Associations Ot SNP in Candidate Genes with the Horn Trail and CART Gene Polymorphism Analysis in Yaks,LiuJian/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/0
  37. Analysis of Igf2, H19, Snrpn and Dazl Expression Level and Their DNA Methylation Modification between Cattle Yaks and Their Parents,LiuZhenShan/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/79
  38. Seasonal Dynamics of Milk Fatty Acids from Tianzhu White Yaks,WangYuPeng/Lanzhou University,0/53
  39. Ghrelin Gene Cloning and Its Expression Mechanism in’hypothalamus-Pituitary-Stomach’ Axis of the Yak (Bos Grunniens),LiJiaLong/Lanzhou University,1/59
  40. The Relationship between the Analysis of Yak Boule Gene Alternative Splicingan and Its DNA Methylation and Male Sterility of Cattle-yak,XuHongTao/Nanjing Agricultural College,1/28
  41. Cloning and Expression of S100A12Gene in the Reproductive Organs of Yak (Cornu Bovis Grunniens),CuiYaFei/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/8
  42. Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation Analysis of Yak and Cattle-Yak Hybrids,JieYuLiang/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/12
  43. Morphological Study on the Lung of the Yak Fetal,YangZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/15
  44. Expression, Alternative Splicing Variants and Promoter Methylation Status of Dead-Box Family in Yak and Cattle-Yak,ZhouYang/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/16
  45. Effect of Different Molecular Weight of Tannins from Alpine Plants on in Vitro Methane Production in Yaks,NiuYuHuan/Lanzhou University,0/32
  46. Research of Program Artificial Insemination Optimization on Tibet Yak,AXiuLan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/24
  47. Distribution and Structural Characteristics of the Ventricular Purkinje Fibers of Yak (Bos Grunniens),LiChaoXu/Gansu Agricultural University,0/42
  48. Skeletal Muscle Morphology of Datong Yak at Different Development Stages,ZhangQinWen/Qinghai University,0/47
  49. Study on Superovulation of Tibetan Yak,ZhangChengFu/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/47
  50. Cloning, Bioinformatics Analysis and Expression of Fas and FasL Gene in Yak,ChenPeng/Gansu Agricultural University,0/59

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