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  1. The Northern Yangtze Dahan mountain gabbro body petrology, geochemistry and zircon geochronology,ZhangYuKun/Northwestern University,0/0
  2. Meso-Neoproterozoic Magmatic Events in the Shennongjia Region:Implications for the Amalgamation Evolution of the South China Craton,QiuXiaoFei/China University of Geosciences,0/199
  3. Research on the Electrical Structure of Crust and Mantle of Western Margin of the Yangtze Plate and It’s Tectonic Implications,ZuoQingYan/Chengdu University of Technology,0/126
  4. Sedimentary Characteristics of the Cambrian Clastic Rocks in Southern Part of South China and Their Geotectonic Implications,YangZi/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/64
  5. The Geochemistry and Geochronology Comprehensive Study of Precambrian-Cambrian Strata in Hunan and Guangxi Province,WangPengMing/Nanjing University,0/134
  6. The Crustal Material Adjustment by the Tectono-dynamics in Middle-low Yangtze River Reaches Minerogenetic Belt,DongShuWen/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/149
  7. The Neoproterozoic Tectono-Thermal Events in the Eastern Qinling Orogen, and Their Geo-Tectonic Significances,ChenZhiHong/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,4/397
  8. Regional Minerogenetic Series, Tectono-Minerogenic Cycles and Evolution in the Qinling Orogen,WangPingAn/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,1/836
  9. Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the upper Proterozoic-Mesozoic Clastic Rocks in the Mid-Upper Yangtze Region,ZuoZhenBing/China University of Geosciences,5/1005
  10. The Evolution of the Mid-Proterozoic-Triassic Sedimentary Basin and the Element Geochemical Background of Strata in SW Margin of the Yangtze Block,XiaoJiaFei/Institute of Geochemistry,0/738
  11. Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of Neoproterozoic Mafic-ultramafic Rocks in Western Margin of the Yangtze Craton--Exampled by the Gaojiacun Complex and Lengshuiqing No.101 Complex,ZhuWeiGuang/Institute of Geochemistry,4/324
  12. The Enriching-mechanism of Selenium of Cambrian and Permian Silicalite Formation in the Peripheral Margins of Yangtze Block,FengCaiXia/Institute of Geochemistry,1/262
  13. Metallogenesis of Pb-Zn Deposits and Enrichment Regularity of Dispersed Elements Cd, Ga, and Ge in SW Yangtze Block,FuShaoHong/Chengdu University of Technology,14/450
  14. Paleomagnetic study of the upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous carbonates near JiangYou, Sichuan,South China Block,LiXueSen/Northwestern University,6/158
  15. Geochemistry of the Yangtze Continental Nucleus and Its Anatectic Granitoids,ZhangShaoBing/University of Science and Technology of China,3/666
  16. Research on the Tectonic Relation between the South Yellow Sea Basin and Its Adjacent Area and Distribution Characteristic and Tectonic Evolution of the Mesozoic-Paleozoic Marine Strata,YangJinYu/Zhejiang University,2/246
  17. Basin Evolution and Geodynamics of Northwestern upper Yangtze Block during Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic,ShenZhongYan/Zhejiang University,3/173
  18. The Mesozoic Structural Deformation and Evolution Around the Yangtze Block,ChenHong/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/439
  19. Composition, Structural Characteristics and Evolution of Back-Longmenshan Orogen (North Section) in the Northwest Margin of Yangtze Block,LiZuoChen/Chang'an University,0/175
  20. Geochemical Characteristics of Trace Element of Permian-Triassic Boundary Strata in Western Margin of Yangtze Block,ZuoZuo/Chengdu University of Technology,1/398
  21. Tectono-stratigraphic Features of the Yanbian Group and Their Geotectonic Implications,SunYuJian/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/90
  22. Remagnetization in the Early Triassic Strata over the Cathaysian Block,DingJingHai/Zhejiang University,0/83
  23. Early Triassic Paleomagnetism of Cathysian Block and Its Tectonic Implications,YeChangHe/Zhejiang University,1/137
  24. SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Geochronological, Geochemical and Nd-Hf-O Isotopic Evidences for Early Neoproterozoic Sibaoan Magmatic Arc along the Southeastern Margin of Yangtze Block,YeMeiFang/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,0/300
  25. The northern margin of the Yangtze Block granite SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating and geochemical characteristics of,GengYingYing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),1/255
  26. The Gangnam - Xuefeng structure with the southwestern margin of the structural characteristics of,FanJunLei/Northwestern University,0/245
  27. SHRIMP Dating and Geotectonic Features of Maotang Group in West Henan and Their Constraints on the Breakup of Yangtze Block,LiuZhengHua/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/18
  28. The Stratigraphic Sequence and Tectono-paleogeography of Yanbian Group in Western Part of South China Block,ZhangCong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/36
  29. Features and Causes of Indosinian Structures in the Xuefengshan Tectonic System,WangTao/Ocean University of China,0/97

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