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  1. Lipoxin A4Methyl Ester Ameliorates Cognitive Deficits Through Activating ERK/NRF2and PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway in Vascular Dementia Rats,JinZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/2
  2. Premilinary Research of Expression of β-defensins mRNA and Involved Signaling Pathway in Mammary Epithelial Cells from Holstein Cows,ChengLanLing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/1
  3. Protective Role of PP2on Wortmannin-induced Spatial Memory Impairment in Mice and the Underlying Mechanism,ZuoZhiMin/Central China Normal University,0/0
  4. Pentamethylquercetin Protects Against Cognitive Dysfunction in Diabetes Rats,LiXianHui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/1
  5. The Expression and Clinical Significance of Serum CREB in Non-small-cell Lung Cancer Patients,LiZhi/Jilin University,0/21
  6. The CREB Expression in NSCLC Tissues and Clinical Significance,LiuQingSong/Jilin University,0/39
  7. The Study on Biological Role and Mechanisms of MIP-1α/CCR5Axis in the Epileptogenesis in Immature Rats,ZhuXiaoBo/Shandong University,0/126
  8. Effects of Ropivacaine-induced Seizures on Synaptic Plasticity,Learning and Memory in the Immature Rat,WangLingLing/Southern Medical University,,0/154
  9. Isopropylidene shikimic acid on synaptic plasticity in rats with chronic hypoperfusion,WangJing/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/270
  10. Breed-Specific Stress Coping Characteristics in Pigs during Transport and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Breed Differences in Adrenocortical Function,LiLiuAn/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/231
  11. The Effects of NGF and CGRP on the Expressions of CREB and Tau Phosphorylation in Rats Hippocampuses during Focal Cerebral Ischemia/reperfusion Injury,ZhangZhengHong/China Medical University,0/352
  12. Study on CaMKII and Its Downstream Signal Mechanism in Pb-exposed Hippocampus of Rat,ZhangYouXin/China Medical University,0/254
  13. Contribution of NMDA Receptor in the Rostrol Anterior Cingulate Cortex to Pain-Related Affect,RenWenHua/Fudan University,0/198
  14. ERK-CREB Signal Pathway Contribute to Formation and Maintenance of Neuropathic Pain in Rats,SongXueSong/Jilin University,1/532
  15. High plasma corticosterone is reduced hippocampal BDNF gene expression mechanism,FengZuo/Fudan University,0/124
  16. The Protective Effects of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor in Acute Mentally Stressed Rats and the Intervention of Fluoxetine,LiGongYing/Central South University,1/179
  17. Investigation of β-MHC and c-fos Gene Transcription Regulated by Nuclear CaM Ⅰ/CaMKⅡ-CaMKⅣ Signaling Pathway in Pressure Overload Rat Hearts,ZhouZuo/Third Military Medical University,0/254
  18. Effects of Compound DL0108 on Mitochondria Modulated P-CREB/CRE Signaling Pathway Contribute to Its Neuroprotection Against Cerebral Ischemia in Rats,GuangHongMei/Peking Union Medical College , China,1/273
  19. Study on Structural Remodeling and Ca~(2+)-CaMKⅡ-CREB Signaling Pathway in Atrial Myocardium of Pathway in Atrial Myocardium of Patients with Chronic Atrial Fibrillation,ChenJinJin/Third Military Medical University,0/263
  20. The Study on Alleviating Morphine Tolerance Symptom of Rats and Related Mechanism with CRE-decoy ODN,ZhangGuoZhong/Hebei Medical University,0/89
  21. The Experimental Study on the Analgesic Effect and Mechanisms of Agmatine on the Inflammatory Pain,QinXiaoHui/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/220
  22. Relationship between Chronic Lead Exposure and Hippocampine CaMKⅡ, pCREB, NOS, NO, IEG, Learning and Memory in Mice,WenTao/China Medical University,0/443
  23. An Experimental Research on the Cholinergic Pathogenesis of Vascular Dementia,LiYongSheng/Second Military Medical University,1/459
  24. Neural Mechanisms Underlying Anterior Cingulate Cortex Mediating Pain Aversive Emotion in Rats,GaoYongJing/Fudan University,0/293
  25. The Inhibitory Effect of Melatonin on the Withdrawal Syndrome of Morphine Dependent Rats and Related Molecular Mechanism,GuJianPing/Hebei Medical University,0/194
  26. Studies on Changes in CREB Signal Pathway of the Brain and Stress Hormone Levels of Plasma in Ethanol Dependent Rats,LiZuo/Nanjing Medical University,0/401
  27. Ultrashort Feedback Control of Corticotropin-releasing Hormone Secretion During Traumatic Stress in Rat’s Hypothalamus,ZhangYunDong/Third Military Medical University,2/149
  28. Contribution of ERK/MAPK Cascade in Anterior Cingulate Cortex to Pain-related Aversion in Rat,CaoHong/Fudan University,0/240
  29. Study of the Relationship between Delta Opioid Receptor in Ischemic Injury and Electroacupuncture Anti-ischemic Efficacy in MCAO Rats,TianXueSong/Fudan University,0/304
  30. The Central Mechanism of Homer1b/c Mediates Pain Nociception Induced by Complete Freund’s Adjuvant and Chronic Constriction Injury of the Sciatic Nerve in Rats,YaoYongXing/Fudan University,0/284
  31. Effects of Sevoflurane on the Activation of Rat Spinal Cord Astrocytes and Its Possible Mechanisms,LiaoQingWu/Fudan University,0/143
  32. Molecular Mechanism of the Paradoxical Induction of Cytosolic Phospholipase A by Glucocorticoids in Human Amnion Fibroblasts,GuoChunMing/Fudan University,0/52
  33. The Effect of NF-κB Pathway on the Expression of AQP5 on the Nasal Epithelial Cell of Rats with Allergic Rhinitis and the Study on the Hyper-secretion of Allergic Rhinitis,WangWeiWei/Fujian Medical,3/344
  34. S14G-Humanin antagonize Aβ induced synaptic plasticity and damage in the course of AD and the mechanism of neuroprotection,ZhangWei/Fourth Military Medical University,0/221
  35. Role of CREB Phosphorylation in Neurogenesis in Vivo Activated by Electro-acupuncture Combined with Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation after Focal Cerebral Ischemia,HuangGuoFu/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/212
  36. Effects and Mechanism of CART on Type2 Diabetic Rats’ Hypothalamus and Islet β Cells,HouJun/Third Military Medical University,0/140
  37. The Mechanism of Active Components of Two Chinese Traditional Medicines on Melanogenesis,JiangZeQun/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/261
  38. Studies on the Antidepressant-like Effect and Mechanisms of Flavonoid Extracted from Apocynum Venetum Leaves,ZhengMeiZhu/Jilin University,0/151
  39. Studies on the Molecular Biology of Pathogen Rickettsia-like Organism Interaction with Its Host, Oyster Crassostrea Ariakensis,ZhuBaoJian/Zhejiang University,0/54
  40. Mipu1 CREB -mediated upregulation after myocardial ischemia and its role in adaptation,QuShunLin/Central South University,3/76
  41. The Effect of bFGF on the Expression of CREB in Rat Hippocampus and Parietal Cortex during Focal Cerebral Ischemia/reperfusion,QuChunYu/Jilin University,0/104
  42. Corticotropin-releasing Hormone Stimulating Corticotropin-releasing Hormone mRNA Expression Regulated by PKA Signal Pathway in Rat’s Hypothalamic,ChenLiChao/Third Military Medical University,0/141
  43. Effects of PNS on CaMKⅡ and CREB in Hippocampus of Morphine Withdrawal Rats,NiuZengQiang/Hebei Medical University,0/128
  44. The Effects of Selenium Deficiency Diet on CREB and Nuclear Matrix Proteins in Brain of Developing Rat,GengYiQun/Shantou University,0/69
  45. The Study of Machanism on cAMP Response Element Binding Protein Participates in the Phosphorylated Extracellular Signal Regulate Protein Kinase Mediated Epilepsy Mossy Fiber Sprouting,XuZuCai/Chongqing Medical University,0/92
  46. Effect of L-Carnitine on Alzheimer-like Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Spatial Memory Retention Deficits,JiangXia/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/110
  47. The Change of p-CREB after Surgical Incisicnal Pain in Rat Spinal Cord,CuiYuLong/Central South University,0/47
  48. Contributions of the Ventrolateral Orbital Cortex to Pain-related Negative Emotion in Rats,NiSuZuo/Nantong University,0/127
  49. The Influence of Electroacupuncture Fengfu on the Hippocampus BDNF, TrkB, CREB in Rats Model of Alzhemer’s Disease,LiNa/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/148
  50. Hydrogen sulfide compound mild hypothermia selectively activate CREB synaptic NMDARs its downstream signaling pathways,MiaoXiaoLei/Nanjing University,0/70

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