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  1. Research on the Regeneration of Hexagonal Mesoporous Silica after Its Adsorption of Para-chloronitrobenzene Using Ultrasound/Ozone,GuanRuoZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/6
  2. Reductive Transformation of Chloronitrobenzenes in the Cathode of a Dual-chamber Microbial Electrochemical-Enhance Anearobic System,GuoShuang/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/8
  3. Enhanced Reductive Transformation of Chloronitrobenzene by the Bioelectrode Anaerobic Microorganism Coupled System,QiZuoQin/Zhejiang University,0/108
  4. The Remediation of para-chloronitrobenzene Contaminated Groundwater by Zero-valent Iron,LeChen/South China University of Technology,0/126
  5. Preparation of Noble Metal Nanoparticles and Their Catalytic Properties,LiuYanYan/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/63
  6. Study on the Controlled Synthesis of Ruthenium Nanocrystals under Microwave and Their Catalytic Properties,GuoLeiLei/Central South University for Nationalities,0/55
  7. Preparation of Noble Metal-based Catalysts by Reverse Microemulsion and Study on Its Hydrogenation Activity,DongHaiZuo/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/80
  8. Study on Synthesis and Application of2-Propenylindole,WangZuoXia/Dalian University of Technology,0/14
  9. Catalytic Hydrogenation of Chloronitrobenzene over Noble Metal Colloids,HanWenZhong/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/38
  10. Selective Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds and Cinnamaldehyde in Green Solvents,XueJiao/Changchun University of,0/67
  11. Preparation of Supported Catalysts and Their Catalytic Properties,MoXinXin/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/82
  12. Selective Hydrogenation of Chloronitrobenzene and the Study of Kinetics,WenFeng/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/104
  13. Study of Assembled Pt/C Catalyst for the Catalystic Performance,ZhangKaiChao/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/192
  14. Fabrication, Characterization and Catalytic Hydrogenation Properties of Novel Metal/carbon Composites,XingLi/Dalian University of Technology,0/687
  15. Study on Selective Hydrogenation of Chloronitrobenzene to Prepare Chloroaniline,SunZuo/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,4/463
  16. Selective Hydrogenation of Chloronitrobenzene or Cinnamaldehyde over Supported Platinum Catalysts,HanXiaoXiang/Zhejiang University,3/470
  17. Mesoporous molecular sieve preparation , characterization and application,GaiLiGang/Shandong University,5/1089
  18. Studies on the Degradation of 4-Chloronitrobenzene in Pseudomonas Putida ZWL73,ZhenDa/Wuhan Institute of Virology,0/221
  20. Investigation of Catalyzed Ozonation of p-Chloronitrobenzene in Water by Transitional Metal Hydroxides,XuZhenZhen/Harbin Institute of Technology,2/475
  21. Study on the Biodegradation of Two Nitro-Containing Compounds in the Water,ZuoYue/Harbin Institute of Technology,1/273
  22. Preparation of Novel Nickel-based Catalyst for p-Chloronitrobenzene Hydrogenation,QiaoYongSheng/Taiyuan University of Technology,3/293
  23. Research on Synthesis of Titania Nanostructures and Their Photocatalytic Degradations of 4-chloronitrobenzene,YeMiaoMiao/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/354
  24. Selective Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitro-compounds over Supported Ru、Ir and Pd Catalysts,XuQiong/Sichuan University,0/219
  25. 4 - ( 2,2,2 - trifluoroethoxy ) aniline Process,ChenHaiYing/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/97
  26. Study on Microbial Molecular Ecology in an Integrated ZVI-Aerobic Biodegradation System for Chloronitrobenzene,YangYanNi/Zhejiang University,0/157
  27. Gene Cloning, Mutant Screening and Chemotaxis of Organic Pollutant Degrading Strains,ZhaoFei/Wuhan Institute of Virology,1/273
  28. Synthesis of Celiprolol Hydrochloride,MaoZuoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/171
  29. Preparation of Platinum Supported on Activated Carbon and Synthesis of P-chloroaniline,ChenMoYu/Nanjing University of Technology,3/408
  30. 2 - ( 2,2,2 - trifluoroethoxy ) aniline Process,HeYing/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,2/80
  31. Preparation of new amorphous alloy and its study of the catalytic hydrogenation of nitro compounds,ZhaoQingFei/Shanghai Normal University,2/137
  32. A Study on Ozone Post-treatment of Chloronitrobenzene Manufacture Wastewater from Changshan Chemical Plant,XuHengZuo/Zhejiang University,3/365
  33. A Sequential ZVI-fixed Bed Reductive Transformation and Aerobic Biodegradation Treatment for Chloronitrobenzenes,FengJiQin/Zhejiang University,1/96
  34. Studies on Degradative Pathway of 3-hydroxybenzoate in Pseudomonas Putida ZWL73,XiaoChangSheng/Wuhan Institute of Virology,1/92
  35. Research on Application of Amorphous Alloy Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanotubes in Catalytic Hydrogenation of Chloronitrobenzene,FangYongBin/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/150
  36. Study on Reductive Transformation of Chloronitrobenzenes by Zero-valent Iron and QSAR,ZhengZuo/Zhejiang University,4/189
  37. N- poly ethylene-4 - (diphenylphosphino) benzene sulfonamide and its ( gold a ) complexes in aromatic nitro compounds CO Reduction Reactions,XiaoQiMin/Dalian University of Technology,0/53
  38. Preparation of Polymer-Stabilized Metal Nanoclusters and Their Catalytic Properties for Hydrogenation of O-Chloronitrobenzene,GaoFeiPeng/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,1/115
  39. The Synthesis of Nano-structure Amorphous Alloys and Its Catalytic Activity,WangZuo/Shanghai Normal University,1/153
  40. Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes Supported Pt-based Catalysts and Their Performance in o-Chloronitrobenzene Hydrogenation,JiaYongTao/Dalian University of Technology,1/182
  41. Liquid Phase Hydrogenation of O-Chloronitrobenzene Over Supported Amorphous Alloy Catalysts,ZengPingLi/Zhejiang University of Technology,2/169
  42. Study on the New Synthetic Technology of 2-(4-aminophenylsulfonyl)ethyl Hydrogen Sulfate,WuZhongZhong/Chengdu University of Technology,0/106
  43. Study on the Catalytic System of Palladium Prepared from Microemulsions and Its Catalytic Behaviors,WangLeGang/Dalian University of Technology,0/111
  44. Bioremediation of Groundwater Contaminated by Chlornitrobenzene,ChaQingYun/South China University of Technology,0/94
  45. Preparation of Bimetallic Colloids of Plati Num Group and Their Catalytic Properties,WangChao/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/119
  46. Preparation of Noble Metal Colloids and Their Catalytic Properties for Hydrogenation of Ortho-chloronitrobenzene,ZhangZuo/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/85
  47. Degradation of Trace p-Chloronitrobenzene in Water by Catalytic Ozonation,ZhengShanShan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/78
  48. Study on Removal of Para-Chloronitrobenzene in Water by FeOOH/H2O2 System,ZhuJiaYi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/192
  49. Rh / C catalyst preparation , characterization , and catalytic hydrogenation of,WangFu/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/69
  50. Study on the Controlled Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles and Their Catalytic Properties,YuanFangFang/Central South University for Nationalities,0/149

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