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  1. Research on Cell Apoptosis Induced by Curcumin Used for High Content Screening on Microfluidics,WangXueLi/Tsinghua University,0/35
  2. Microbial Transformation of Curcumin to Its Derivatives,ZhangWeiYu/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/19
  3. Radiosensitization by Curcumin on Human Laryngeal Cancer Cell Line Hep-2,CaoYanYang/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/8
  4. The Effects of Curcumin on the Proliferation, Apoptosis and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Pancreatic Cancer Cells,PangHuiFang/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/10
  5. Effects of Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxycurcumin on Expression of Survivin, Livin Proteins in Human Hepatoma Cell Line HepG2,LiuXueMing/Hebei Medical University,0/3
  6. Effects of Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxycurcumin on Expression of MMP-2, MMP-9Proteins in Human Hepatoma Cell Line HepG2,XuYuFeng/Hebei Medical University,0/5
  7. Experimental Study on Protective Effect and Mechanism of Hydrazinocurcumin on Hepatocarcinoma,ZhaoJiAn/Hebei Medical University,0/10
  8. Effects of Gefitinib Combined with Curcumin on Proliferation and Apoptosis in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell A549,ZhangZuo/Hebei North University,0/9
  9. Effect of Orail and STIM1on the Apoptosis of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells Treated by Curcumin,LinDanMiao/Southern Medical University,,0/66
  10. Curcumins Reverse Resistance to Cisplatin in Lung Cancer Cell by Mechanism FA/BRCA Pathway,ChenPing/Jiangsu University,0/5
  11. The Mechanism of Curcumin on Improving Metabolic Disorder of Lipid by ABCA1Transmembrane-transport System in AD,ZuoZhiPeng/Chongqing Medical University,0/41
  12. Molecular Mechanism of Curcumin in Treatment of Glioblastoma,WuBingShan/Southern Medical University,,0/107
  13. The Mitochondrial Apoptosis Pathway Pattern and the Protective Effect of Curcumin in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Mice,FengJinZhou/Chongqing Medical University,0/105
  14. Effect of BMP2on Histone Acetylation and the Underlying Mechanisms in H9c2Cells,ZhengMin/Chongqing Medical University,0/101
  15. The Effects of Curcumin on the Proliferation, Apoptosis and Hes-1Gene Expression of Human Ovarian Cancer Skov3Cells in Vitro,DingJiao/Nanchang University Medical College,0/11
  16. Study on the Reversion Resistance of Ovarian Cancer by Curcumin,MaShanShan/Bengbu Medical College,0/7
  17. Effect of Curcumin Combined with Hydroxycamptothecin of Apoptosis on Vitro in Human Bladder Cancer Cell Line BIU-87,HeJiang/Chongqing Medical University,0/23
  18. Up-regulated mIR-124Induced by Curcumin Inhibits Osteosarcoma MG-63Growth Research,TangZhiBin/Nanhua University,0/7
  19. Curcumin Mitigates the Changes of Cognitive Function by Sevoflurane Anesthesia in Aged Rats,ZuoLei/Chongqing Medical University,0/34
  20. Curcumin Inhibits Expression of Palmitate-induced MIF, TNF-α and iNOS in Raw264.7Macrophages,JiBaoLan/Chongqing Medical University,0/46
  21. Mechanism Studies of Plant Polyphenols Protecting against Hypertension and Target Organ Damage Induced by High Salt,PuYunFei/Third Military Medical University,0/25
  22. Curcumin in Heart Failure Rat Function and Mechanism Research,LuoZuo/Nanhua University,0/4
  23. Study of Curcumin to Promote HaCaT Cell Apoptosis and Treatment on Mouse Psoriasis Model,SunJun/Second Military Medical University,0/44
  24. Therapy Targets of Curcumin on Proliferation of HaCaT Cells and Role of Curcumin on TPA Induced Psoriasis Model,ZhaoYi/Second Military Medical University,0/102
  25. Curcumin Inhibits hERG Potassium Channels in Vitro,HuChaoWei/Harbin Medical University,0/16
  26. Effect of Curcumin on Insulin Resistance in Skeletal Muscle of Type2Diabetic Rats and Its Mechanism,NaLiXin/Harbin Medical University,0/428
  27. Studies on Albumin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System of Curcumin,ZhangHua/Chongqing Medical University,0/24
  28. The Effect and Mechanism of Curcumin on Blood Lipids in Hyperlipidemic Rats,TangGuiZuo/Nanhua University,0/51
  29. The Effect of Curcumin for Lung Tissue Apoptosis Related Factors in Pulmona-ry Fibrosis Rats,JinYan/Liaoning Medical,0/9
  30. The Effect of Curcumin on Palmitic Acid Induced Inflammation and Fibrosis Pathway in HepG2Cells,ShaoLinLin/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/36
  31. The Molecular Mechanism of Curcumin on Neuroprotective Effect via Inducing Autophagy in APPswe/PS1Double Transgenic Mice,WangChen/Chongqing Medical University,0/55
  32. Mechanistic Studies on the Anti-liver Fibrosis of Natural Components Curcumin and Tetramethylpyrazine by Targeting Hepatic Stellate Cells,ZhangFeng/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/93
  33. Curcumin Against Hyperoxia-induced Damage in AECⅡs,ShuLi/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/1
  34. Effects of Curcumin on Neuronal Autophagy in the Hippocampus of AD Rats Models,PengYun/Central South University,0/31
  35. The Role of Curcumin in Mice with Dextran Sulphate Sodium-induced Ulcerative Colitis,HeShuangYan/Luzhou Medical College,0/52
  36. Curcumin Inhibits MDA-MB-231Human Breast Cancer Cell Invasion Via Down Regulation of Ngal Expression,LiJing/Chongqing Medical University,0/29
  37. Protective Effect of Mitochondrial Biogenesis Induced by Curcumin in the Cerebral Ischemia Injury of Rats,LiuLi/Chongqing Medical University,0/38
  38. The Effect of Curcumin on Bone Loss in Ovariectomized Rats,FangMeiXia/Hebei Medical University,0/1
  39. Expression of Lung Tissue Nuclear Factor NF-E2Related Factor2and the Intervention Effect of Curcumin under One-lung Ventilation Inducing Lung Injury in Rabbits,SunZongJian/Hebei Medical University,0/0
  40. The New Antitumor Drugs of Curcumin Derivatives and Gambogic Acid Derivatives:Syntheses and the Studies of Antitumor Activity,WuMengQiang/Donghua University,0/26
  41. The Research of Active Ingredient in Curcuma,XiangYanE/Liaoning Normal University,0/28
  42. Synthesis, Optical Properties and Cell Imaging of Curcumin Metal Complexes,WeiDong/Anhui University of Chinese Medicine,0/13
  43. Synthesis and DNA-binding Properties of the Curcumin Derivatives Metal Complexes,JiangBo/Anhui University of Chinese Medicine,0/5
  44. Effect of curcumin on September at AD cerebral glucose metabolism in mice,FengHuiLi/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/3
  45. The Protective Effect of Curcumin on Sperm DNA Damage Caused by Active Oxygen Species,GongQinQin/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/36
  46. Effect of Curcumin、Curcumol on PI3K/AKT Signal Pathway of Human Hepatoma Cells SMMC-7721,ZhangBo/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/42
  47. Clinical Analysis of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and Experimental Study of Curcumin on Protection in Model Rats,RuXue/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/26
  48. Experimental Study of Curcumin Plus Soybean Oligosaccharides in the Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis,JiangFang/Nanchang University Medical College,0/35
  49. Study on the effect of curcumin on the rat model of type 2 diabetes and 3T3-L1 preadipocyte PTP1B pathway,QinPeiJie/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/56
  50. Study on the Activities of three Traditional Chinese Medicines and Their Effective Constituents in Treating NAFLD of Rats,KuangShuangYu/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/4

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