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  1. Preperation and Characterization of Antibacterial Packaging Film by Extrusion,DiXiuChao/Jiangnan University,0/73
  2. Study on Preparation of Drug-loaded Collagen-modified Polylactide Microspheres and its Performance,LiXiao/Qilu Industrial University,0/66
  3. Synthesis of Lignin Based Thermoplastic,KangYongChao/Donghua University,0/69
  4. The Synthesis of Main Group Metal Complexes Supported by β-ketoiminato Ligands and Their Catalytic Behaviors on the Polymeirzation of PLA,LiuZhen/Jiangnan University,0/7
  5. Study on the Effects of Novel Nucleating Agent on Crystallization Behavior of Polylactide,ZhanChao/Xiangtan University,0/131
  6. The Design and Property Research of a Scaffold for Tendon Tissue Engineering,GuoZheng/Donghua University,0/11
  7. Cold Crystallization and Related Factors of Polylactides with Different Chiral Structure,ZouShuFen/Donghua Polytechnic University,0/95
  8. The Preparation and Property Research of Flexible Absorbable Anti-adhesion Films,WangYunCan/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/13
  9. Preparation and Characterization of Sustained-released Composite Scaffold with the Antituberculosis Drug Inh and Hydroxyapatite,FengQiaoFang/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/30
  10. Preparation and in Vitro Degradation of Bioresorbable Polylactide/Nano β-Tricalcium Phosphate Composites for the Fabrication of Novel Fusion Cage with Double Layer Structure,WangLi/Fudan University,0/38
  11. Phage Displayed Peptide-conjugated Biodegradable Nanoparticles for Brain Drug Delivery,LiZuoZuo/Fudan University,0/658
  12. Study on Preparation and Properties of Wheat Straw Fiber and Its Composites,PanGangWei/Jiangnan University,0/152
  13. Study on Preparation of Open-cell Polylactide Foam Using Supercritical CO2Foaming,HeDing/South China University of Technology,0/184
  14. Experimental and Mechanism Investigation of Polylactide/layered Silicate Nanocomposites,PuMinFeng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/100
  15. Structure and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Degradable Polymer/Kaolin Nanocomposites,ZhangBiao/Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/18
  16. Research on the Performance and Degradation Behavior of Modified Sisal Fiber Reinforced PLA Biocomposites,XuXiaoQiang/South China University of Technology,0/33
  17. Polycaprolactone / poly lactic acid structure and properties of nano composites,LinDongPo/Yangzhou University,0/94
  18. Preparation of PLA/MMT Intercalation Composites and PLA Electrospinning Ultra-Fine Fibers,WangYang/Hunan University,0/87
  19. Study on Preparation and Properties of Biodegradable Polymers Nanocomposites,LiDai/Jilin University,0/494
  20. Preparation and in Vitro/in Vivo Release of the Sustained Release mPEG-PLA Microspheres Loaded with Estradiol,LiJing/Shandong University,0/193
  21. PEG-Polyester-Poly(2-dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate) Triblock Copolymer Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery,YueZuoYe/Tianjin University,1/267
  22. The electrospun fiber PLA / PCL blends,LuZuoZuo/Yangzhou University,0/94
  23. Structure, Characterization of Stereocomplex Poly(Lactic Acid) and It’s Application in the Poly(L-lactic Acid) Modification,ChenYiJie/East China University of Science and Technology,0/191
  24. Effects of Green Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids (ILs) on the Structure and Propetries of PLA,YuZuo/Hefei University of Technology,0/30
  25. The structure and properties of poly butylene succinate two ester / PLLA blends,YuanLiJuan/Yangzhou University,0/41
  26. Preparation and Fire Hazard Research of Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Polylactide,WuLiuYan/Southwest Jiaotong University,0/102
  27. Preparation of Polylactide-Based Nanocomposites and Research on Structure and Properties,LiYu/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/309
  28. Preparation and Properties of Biodegradable Polylactide and Its Copolymers,XuXiaoHong/Anhui University,0/48
  29. Study on the Polymerization of Rac-Lactide and the Catalysts,WuQin/Xi'an University of Technology,0/57
  30. Research on Zn-Schiff-base Catalysts and Their Solvent-free Melt Ring-opening Polymerization of Lactide and Copolymerization with Epoxide,ChenLeiLei/Northwestern University,0/62
  31. Synthesis of Highly Branched Polylactide Copolymers,ZhaoRongXu/Tianjin University,0/57
  32. Synthesis of Cellulose-graft-PLLA Catalyzed by DMAP,XiaoShu/Beijing Forestry University,0/58
  33. Preparation of Heat-resistant ABS and PLA Materials,ZhaoChenYang/Fudan University,0/117
  34. Preparation and Release Behavior of Bioresorbable Micelles from Polylactide-Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Polylactide Block Copolymers,QiXu/Fudan University,0/390
  35. Structure and Properties of Polymer/inorganic-particle Nanocomposites,WangBiao/Jilin University,0/882
  36. Preparation, Characterization and Properties of Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyesters,WeiZhiYong/Dalian University of Technology,1/753
  37. Studies on the Preparation and Degradation of Polylactide and Its Hydrophilic Copolymers,ShiShuXian/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/1257
  38. Study on Design of Peripherial Artery Drugeluting Stent with Sirolimus and Heparin and Its Inhibition of In-stent Restenosis,FengBo/China Medical University,0/169
  39. The Synthesis and Experimental Research of Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Fibroin/polylactide (nHAF/PLA),LiZhanChun/Jilin University,0/214
  40. Construction of Injectable Polylactide Cell Microcarriers/Chitosan Hydrogel Composite Scaffold,HongZuo/Zhejiang University,2/943
  41. The Development of Bioresorbale,High-Strength Poly-L-Lactide(PLLA)Osteosynthesis.--Degradation Properties,Biocopatibility,Experimental Osteotomy Fixation,and Clinical Study,WangLi/First Military Medical University,0/142
  42. Cyclodextrin -modified biodegradable polyesters and drug controlled release system research,GuoYingZhi/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/289
  43. Synthesis and Application of Novel Dyes for Polylactide Fibers,HeLiang/Dalian University of Technology,2/294
  44. Study on Effective Composition Extracting and Microencapsulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine,LiuChengBai/Jilin University,0/472
  45. A Novel Nano Bioglass/PLGA Composite: Preparation and Study on the Repairing of Bone Defect,DongShuJun/Jilin University,1/329
  46. Study on Polylactides and Its Nanocomposites,ZouJun/East China University of Science and Technology,1/455
  47. Study on the Preparation, Properties and Flame Retardant Mechanism of Intumescent Flame Retardant Polylactide,XuanShanYong/University of Science and Technology of China,0/359
  48. Study on Preparation, Structure and Properties of Thermal Plastic Biodegradable Polymers Based on Lignocellulose,JinLiWei/Chinese Academy of Forestry,1/255
  49. Biodegradable Anti-adhesion Composite Membranes with Steady pH Value,ZhuXiaoShuang/Wuhan University of Technology,0/83
  50. Synthesis and properties of polylactide and poly (ethylene glycol) block copolymer,WuXiaoFu/Heilongjiang University,2/364

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