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  1. E Corporation Industrial Robots Marketing Strategy Research,HuangZhangQuan/East China University of Science and Technology,0/57
  2. The Key Technology Research of Single Ear Stepless Card Hoop in the Automatic Production Line,LiWenLiang/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/1
  3. Control System Design and Implementation of Robotic Manipulators for Pick-and-placing GDL,HeChongDong/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/14
  4. A Geometric Approach to Path-following Motion Control,XuJinHua/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/39
  5. Study on Control System of Prostate Biopsy Robot Based on PMAC,LiuJun/Harbin University of Science and Technology,0/1
  6. Research on Intelligent Control for Rigid and Flexible Space-based Space Robot System,HongZhaoBin/Fuzhou University,0/28
  7. Research of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Control and Simulation Based on Virtual Reality,LiuPeng/Northeastern University,0/15
  8. The Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of Four-legged Walking Robot with Hand-foot-Integrated Function,ZhangXiaoHui/Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry,0/15
  9. The Mechanism of3D Printing and Research on Key Technology of Large Format3D Printing Robot,ChenXinWei/Nankai University,0/37
  10. Study on Sound Source Localization for Mobile Robot Based on Time Delay of Arrival,SunZuo/Hebei University of Technology,0/120
  11. Design of Wafer Handing Robot End-effector and Key Technique Research,LiuHongTao/Northeastern University,0/7
  12. Research and Implementation on Environmental Perception and Obstacle Avoidance Strategy of Humanoid Soccer Robot,WangXiaoTao/Northeastern University,0/9
  13. Research and Development on Rubik’s Cube Robot Display System,WangZhongFeng/Northeastern University,0/4
  14. Research on Visual-based Localization and Tracking Algorithm of Humanoid Soccer Robot,SunQi/Northeastern University,0/10
  15. Research on Design and Experiments of an Inspection Robot for the Power Transmission Line,LingLie/Northeastern University,0/8
  16. Research on Some Problems of Wafer Handling Robot Based on EFEM Module,WangWenZuo/Northeastern University,0/2
  17. Design and Implementation in Mobile Robot Based on ASR,TanYao/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/65
  18. Design and Simulation of Master Manipulator for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery System,CaoYanYan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/71
  19. Structural Parameter Optimization and Control System Design of a Hexapod Robot,LiJinJi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/80
  20. Humanoid Robot Embedded Vision System and Decision-making System,LiuLei/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/24
  21. Research on the Control System and Impedance Control Strategies for a Multi-fingered Dexterous Robot Hand,ChenZhaoPi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/285
  22. Design of Indoor Wheeled Mobile Robot System,LiuQi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/77
  23. Trajectory Tracking Control of Free-flying Space Robot,YuHongYang/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/56
  24. Research on the Dynamic Dimensional Synthesis and Compliance Control of A3-PPSR Precision Parallel Robot,WuFangYong/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/36
  25. Design of a New Exchange Device and Research on its Manipulating Strategy,RenLiXue/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/25
  26. Research on Motion Planningand Control of Swinging Leg of the Hexapod Robot in Unstructured Environment,ChenJie/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/43
  27. Research on Design and Jumping Performance of a New Pneumatic Frog-inspired Robot,ZhangWei/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/70
  28. Research on Bilateral Control Method for Surgical Robots,LiuZiWen/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/13
  29. Research on Structure Optimization of Alunminum-alloy Casting Robot,ZhuJingZhong/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/58
  30. Integrative Design and Performance Analysis of Passive Joint for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery System,FangWanZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/52
  31. The Design of Intelligent Cleaning Robot and Research on Its Path Planning,ZhangChao/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/213
  32. Research on Autonomous Docking and Distributed Coordination Control for Modular Reconfigurable Robot,LiuZuoJun/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/19
  33. Tructural Optimization Design and Research on Posture Control Strategyof Biomimetic Hexapod Robot,LiuHaiQing/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/96
  34. Research on the Manipulator System of Single Port Access Abdominal Surgery Robot,HanDaWei/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/75
  35. Research on Optimization of End-tools Exchange Device of Space Robot and Tools Replacement,LiYinZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/28
  36. Research on Visual Tracking System of Intelligent Robot Based on DaVinci Technology,LiRuiBin/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/33
  37. Research of Surgical Instrument for Robot Minimally Invasive Surgical System,WangYongSheng/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/46
  38. Single-wheel Robot Controller Design and the Lateral Balancing Experiments,DongWenHao/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/38
  39. Research on Tracking Control of Mobile Robot Based on Wheel-soil Interaction Modeling,XiaKeZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/81
  40. Dynamics Simulation for Hexapod Robot Based on Modeling of Foot-terrain Interaction,SongJianHu/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/49
  41. Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics of Carangiform Swimming Based on Flexible Model,HuYaNan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/31
  42. The Robot "Generation Gap" and Evolution Mechanism under the Theory of Self-organization,DaiWenJing/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/11
  43. Study on Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Method for Mobile Robot in Partly Unknown Environment,WangPanPan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/43
  44. Research of Control Strategy for Multi-robot Formation Based on Wirless Sensor Network,GuoFuJuan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/43
  45. Research and Mechanism Design of Lower Limb Power Exoskeletons,JiangJing/Harbin Institute of Technology,1/0
  46. On the Trajectory Planning and Trajectory Tracking Control of Free-floating Space Robot,DaZuo/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/53
  47. Research on Human Action Recognition for Multi-modal Human and Robot Interaction,CaoChuQing/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/176
  48. Kinematics’ Analysis of the Multi-motion Mode Wheel-leg Robot,SongMengJun/Hebei University of Technology,0/221
  49. Research on Trajectory Planning and Landing Stability of Sole Rotatable Hopping Robot,XuPeng/Harbin Engineering University,0/69
  50. Research and Design of Transfer Robot Using Competition,HeLongBao/Nanjing University of Finance and Economics,0/16

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